Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wash and Go

Yesterday was the last day of our 10-day weekend. Yes, dear friends, the last day my kids went to school was Friday, February 5. Whoa, that's a long time. Fortunately, the little darlings were shipped off to school today, thus saving our collective sanity. They did have a 2-hour delay, which made getting E out of bed a bit easier. But tomorrow, it all starts on time (I even have an 8:30 meeting at school).

For my last day of our snow break, I decided that veg-wear was the way to go. And really it's not that exciting. But it's won't you *don't* see that's pretty darn cool.

Starting with what you can see - J Crew long sherpa hoodie - so cozy - I got an L to have plenty of room in it - didn't want it to be confining at all. J Crew tissue boyfriend vneck tee (in M), you know, the standard. And then a pair of Nike yoga pants - M Tall - oh, I love their Talls!! They aren't too tall, they're perfect.

Just standard veg-wear for winter. Vary the sweatshirt, vary the tshirt, wear a shelf bra cami so you can skip the bra. Oh wait, did I just mention the bra?

That's the interesting part of my ensemble today. I have on a new bra that I wanted to share with you...only it's not like I'm just gonna share a picture of that. So the one here at right from online will just have to do.

The Soma Wash and Go Theresa Bra (#550000516, $42). Yes, that's right, Wash & Go. I love the idea of wash & go. I wish I had wash & go hair like my sister and SIL do, but no such luck, too thin for that.

But I can have a wash & go bra. How brilliant is that? I know we all try to be good to our lingerie. But haven't you had a day, especially in the summer, when you were just out doing whatever and you just come home and feel so icky and sweaty and downright unclean? All you have to do is toss this bra in the washer. Per the website it is "specially constructed to withstand the heat and tumble of your washer and dryer--up to 50 times!"

Did you get that? The DRYER. Not just the washer which, using my special bra bags, is where I usually launder my bras and then hang them to dry. But you can put this one in the DRYER. And then actually DRY it there. Wow.

And this is not some flimsy triangle bra. It has molded cups for coverage and underwire. Granted, I don't need a lot of support at 36A, but I do like the way underwire bras look on me. This is also one of their "tshirt bras", meaning it doesn't show through tees. Yay. And since Soma is a subsidiary of Chico's, you know they have great coupons online - don't forget to look it up.

They also have a Wash and Go Tracy bra with fuller cups (the Theresa is the demi style, which I prefer).

Polyvore for yesterday - but really...whay am I bothering with this? Oh that's right, A/R tendencies strike again, can't leave it out.


Pamela said...

Hmmm... Your outfit looks just like what I'm wearing!! I call it my "after school clothes" :) super comfy for lounging around after work. 10 days off school!? Wow- now when is Spring Break!?

post-fab princess said...

Oops - I'm guilty of wash and going my bras whether they are wash and go bras or not! (:

Ms.Mer said...

What you wore is pretty much what I wore all weekend after skiing... yoga pants, white JC tee, and nonno cardi -- and don't forget hot tea and the Olympics. :)

Looks like you enjoyed the last day of your super-duper extended weekend! :)

Kathy said...

Will they cancel your school vacation because of all the snow days? I must feel so, so, so good to have those kids off the school!

I am going to check out the wash and go. You look so put-together and comfy in your lounge clothes.

Summerilla said...

Looks like the same ensemble that I had on during the entire time we were snowed in! Sometimes I wish I could just dress like that for work, which is what I used to wear when I coached all the time.

GingerSnap said...

I just wanted to say that even though you don't have "wash and go hair" that your hair is beautiful :) You are such a stunner Heidi! So who needs wash and wear hair...especially with your new wash and wear bra! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, I love your outfit, honestly, so comfortable!

HeidiG said...

Pamela - they are looking at waivers since we've missed so much. But yeah, a month and a half until Spring Break - oh, the torture!! :)

PFP - I think we all wash - I'm jus so intrigued about the dryer part.

Ms.Mer - yep, classic veg-wear!

Kathy - at this point, I doubt they'll cancel it - esp because we have such a large Jewish and Christian population, where do you take the days off? Near Passover or near Easter? Tough call to make, politically. And the last day of our break is a teacher work day. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Summerilla - yes, the wardrobe is definitely a huge plus in your previous career!!!

GingerSnap - awww, you're so sweet! thank you.

Rosa in DC - thank you!

La Belette Rouge said...

I MUST have that bra. A bra that can withstand the dryer is a bra that must be bought in triplicate.

tinypaperheart said...

that hoodie looks so cozy. :)

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

I love your *veg-wear* and think you look fantastic! Thanks for the information on the wash and go bra...definitely going to check that one out. Have a great day! :P

dinagideon said...

I went to church this AM, and I wore a dress and flats. Came home, took a pic for the blog, and then...yep, you know it, I put on yoga capri pants, a cami, and a shawl collar sweatshirt (bright citron, natch) from J. Crew Winter 2007. As much as I want to be the "Mid-Century Mom" at all times, I am practical...just wasn't feeling the dress for the whole day, no matter how comfy it was!!!

You look darling, btw. LOVE that color ivory near your face, so pretty!

HeidiG said...

La Belette Rouge - I know - I'm so impressed by the dryer part!!

tinypaperheart - oh, the sherpa inside the hoodie is SO cozy. :)

FFM - thank you & you're welcome!

dinagideon - thank you - I do love ivory. I'm headed to church for the 12:00 service - but wearing my current jeans & sweater (JC mens' - can't wait to share this one!)