Friday, February 5, 2010

J Crew TALL Minnies and the Long Beach Cardi

My lovely little UPS package arrived yesterday afternoon and I could not wait to tear into it. It has been a while since I've been *this* excited for a package. And what was in my package???

Well, for starters, as I mentioned in my Wednesday post, my beloved Minnie pants are now available in Tall. ($24646, $89.50) And that means a 29" inseam instead of the usual 26". The Talls are offered in sizes 0 to 14. And the regular and petites start at size 00. (GingerSnap and Rosa in DC - think the petites in 00 might work finally?)

Yes, I know the Minnies are supposed to be cropped, but they were a little too cropped for bare 45-degree weather wear. They were great at 50 degrees with ballet flats and they were awesome in boots. But sometimes, even when it's in the 40's, I get tired of wearing boots all the time and want a change.

These are fantastic - still definitely an intentional crop but with a bit less skin showing. And I can always wash and dry them once to get the length to shrink up a bit if I think they need it. Honestly, I ran into a situation with my current Minnies and needed to machine wash them several times to get Lake-smell out of them and they definitely appear a wee bit shorter (but that probably was due to the dryer).

In any case, now I have 2 pairs of black Minnies and I'm positively thrilled.

But don't even get me started on the next item or I just won't shut up. I have been lusting after this cardigan ever since it came out in January. And imagine my disappointment to see the dreaded phrase " only". So annoying...

I present the J Crew Long Beach Cardigan (#20796, $138). I ordered the navy in M. Right now, it looks like all sizes of the light pewter and XS & XL in navy are backordered until 5/17. (But we all know that JC usually ships early, right?) I got the navy, and as it shows on the website, it's not a solid color - there are some gorgeous color striations in it. Just lovely.

On to It was so comfy that I didn't want to take it off and put on my day's outfit. The sweater is a nice and chunky linen & cotton blend. Just thick enough, but not bulky. I was impressed with the streamlined fit of the cardi. The collar is a great detail - a generous width. Haven't tried buttoning up the collar yet to see if it works, will have to try that.

From the pictures, it certainly seems sheer, but IRL, it doesn't really seem that way. Interesting. I guess it's like when starlets get photographed on the red carpet with all kinds of things showing - the flashbulb makes a lot of things show up.

How am I going to wear this? To begin with, I doubt I'll be pairing it with the black Minnies. Forgive the styling here...they were in the same box. I had the camera out. Trying to keep it easy (on me) here...

In reality - I will wear the cardi with jeans - lots of jeans - boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, white jeans. All of them. Probably my khaki cafe capris. Maybe a shorter pair of khaki shorts for fun. Top-wise, this could be the main event with a tank/cami, or layered over a tee or pretty much any other shirt.

For a cooler-weather spring look, a tissue turtle would totally work with the cardi. And it would be great over the right dress. Not sure I have that dress. If only JC had made the Playa in tan linen like I wanted them to, that would have been perfect. In any case, I'm quite sure I'll be sporting it often this spring and summer.

And I'm sitting here trying to figure out when "not too early for linen/cotton" is. Of course, we are getting our storm of the century with 20"-30" of snow right now, so what on earth am I thinking?

As you can see by the pictures at left, I tried it open, closed, and with the top 2 buttons only done. And they all worked. You belters out there will have fun belting this with a myriad of underlayers.

I'm sure you're wondering about the price, huh? For me, is this full price worthy? In a word...absolutely. Here's the thing...for me, it replaces not 1, but 2 sweaters.

The first is a navy linen/cotton longer hooded henley sweater from Banana Republic that is about 4 years old and most definitely shopworn. Bye bye to that one.

The second is the library shawl cardi which, much as I love it, is showing its age because I've had to get 2 small holes repaired (1 totally my fault, the other only partly my fault and really Lucy's, but seriously, who wears a good sweater around a small puppy???) and even more so because of my weight loss. When I got the cardi in an L last year, 15 pounds ago, it totally worked. Now, it's just kinda too big for me. (won't be getting rid of the LSC, though, as it will be perfect for wearing around the house with yoga pants).

Could it be my perfect sweater? Hmmmm, I don't know that anything can truly replace the Jackie, but this is pretty darn close. It definitely makes it into my sweater hall of fame.


Kristin said...

Love the cardi on you (the navy is especially nice!)

Cleo26 said...

The cardigan is very nice on you. I'll have to check it out now.

Anonymous said...

I love my beach cardi as much as you do. I wore mine today in the middle of a snowstorm. I layered it with the navy striped jcrew LS tee and a puffer vest, cords and boots. It didn't even look out of season because it's such a chunky knit. It truly is a perfect cut, and love the striations of color in the navy. I can't wait to wear it in the cool summer nights. It looks fabulous on you. Congratulations on your tall minnies!

Sweet Tea in Seattle said...

lovely box of goodies! :) That cardi is great. I still haven't tried on a pair of Minnies. Sounds like I should!

Suburban Princess said...

The pants look great! I have the opposite problem...cropped pants are just a touch short to be full length on me!

mrs.anketell said...

I am just loving your IRL pic's! Thank you, again, for doing this. I someday, maybe, will try the infamous Minnie's, but now now....20 weeks preggo can make a damper in your outfits, right??!! I do love that Beach Cardigan! I can see it with jeans, and perfect for all year, in my opinion. I really want the pewter color.....i wish I could see IRL pic's of that color. And I wish it was shipping before May!!

Rachel said...

You look AWESOME in those Minnies! WOW - I tried them on after seeing Dina's post. I still am not sure how awesome they are on me. Maybe if we end up an Tyson's again I could be talked in to them.

Great post

Kathy said...

The pants look great and, personally, I like the longer length!

I can't believe the cardi is on backorder until May! I did order a pair of marjorie flats in September with the ship date on 1/20/10 and I received them on 1/19/10.

Cloggsy said...

Looooove the cardi on you!

JulieStyles said...

Those Minnies look great on you. The cardi is lovely.

Anonymous said...

I like the tall Minnies too and the sweater is beautiful and soo tempting.

I think you are getting all the snow that my area has not received this Winter, I am 8-10 hrs north of you and we have had a very easy winter with little snow.

You are not alone, I received my Bermuda shorts this week even though I cannot wear them until May. Buying spring/Summer clothes helps me cope with winter. I have more coming next week too, Scout chinos and a polo top, and I still want to order 2 more pants from JC before I move next month. Then my shopping ban begins.

post-fab princess said...

What a great outfit!!! Casual and cute but so polished!! You are lookin fabilis, lady.

MMM said...

YAY~~ so glad that you LOVE both of your items!! I love it when that happens! ;) Congrats!!!!

I just ordered the Beach cardi in both colors so I'm hoping that the light pewter will ship sooner than later!?! I am leaving for Mexico on the 21st of this month so I'm secretly hoping to have both before I leave.... but we'll see! :-\

Thanks for sharing your photos and reviews w/ us-- greatly apprecaited!! :) You look fabulous in both the Minnies and the Beach cardi! :) Enjoy 'em!

AnneG said...

Those Tall Minnies fit you PERFECTLY! I always thought the others looked too short on you IRL because of your model-height and looong legs! But, these are just right. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Love the cardi on you. And I think I suffer from the "curse of the minnie". I tried on the denim version and it was not good. :( Have you gotten the denim ones?

However, I love the toothpicks and I hope JCrew keeps these ones around for a while.

JCAUNCMom said...

Oh Heidi, what a home run THAT shipment was!!! The navy sweater is just purrfect :-) and the Tall Minnies look amazing!

Stay warm and let us know how much snow you end up having -- down in the Deep South here it's just plain soggy and gross. Wish we had a bit of winter wonderland!

Jodi said...

The minnies and the cardi look great on you - the length is perfect on both! Do you find that the tall minnies are longer in the stride (rise) or do they only have a longer inseam? TIA.

gigiofca said...

You look so great. Nice cardi review. :-)

sweetsy said...

I was thrilled to see the cardi had the little flecks of lighter color like it looked online. Gives it interest and I loved it more for that reason. The fit and style is all that you said and I agree with cdp that it can really be worn anytime of year. Great sweater!

DaniBP said...

I LOVE that cardigan. You are going to wear that all the time: the cost-per-wear is going to be super on it!
A great navy cardi is hard to find!

ashley said...

two words, LOVE IT!!!! i gotta get on the MINNIE bandwagon!! other items look fab on you!

kanishk said...

can't wait to wear it in the cool summer nights. It looks fabulous on you. Congratulations on your tall minnies!

34b bra

HeidiG said...

thank you all for the kind comments, ladies...

cdp - you are right about being able to wear it now - I keep thinking of waiting since it's part linen, but it is so nice & chunky. I'd almost wear it to a Superbowl party, but can't be caught wearing Colts colors. (or by best friend will beat me up)

Suburban Princess - now that they have the petite Minnies, they should work - inseam is 24", compared to the 26" on regular.

mrs.anketell- I think you could work the long beach cardi around a prego belly...just saying...I agree, I would love to see the pewter color IRL. Looking closely at the online pics, I think it's much more solid than the navy, but I think it's also more sheer - if you look at the back view, you can see the model's short sleeve through the knit of the sweater.

Rachel - yes, Dina & I will definitely hogtie you into a pair of Minnies - and if you aren't used to the fit, it does take a try or two to adjust. But they are so fab and so comfy and so good for mommies (and everyone else...)

Kathy - lalalalalalala, i'm not listening...I refuse to believe that it will be until 5/17, I'm going with the fairy tales I've heard about shippng a month early and other tall tales like that. :)

casual-crew - I measured 27" in the front yard - craziness!! Kids & pooch are loving it, though. I am actaully planning to start my shopping ban or diet in about a week with Lent. It was good for me last year, so I'm hoping it will work well again.

MMM - you must share pics when you get the light pewter. Good luck getting before the Mexico trip!!

Rosa in DC - have you tried the petite Minnies in 00? not that I'm trying to enable, just sharing the love... :)

JCAUNCMom - soggy & gross is what we are going to be when this stuff melts....ugh!!

Jodi - hmmm, I think they may be just a bit longer in the rise, but I'm not sure. You could call customer service - I'm sure they have the measurements.

Carla said...

Hi! 1st timer here. Thank you so much for the comments on the Long Beach Cardi. I've been holding off on ordering this because I didn't know about the fit. Past experience has led me to be cautious and as you mentioned when I saw online only well :(
Your post allowed me to see that it would be something that would work on me plus the quality comments really sealed the deal. I think you look fabulous in it too :0

Jen said...

I miss wearing my JCrew cropped pants, but it's 14 degrees outside & I don't want frostbitten ankles!

Jodi said...

I contacted customer service about the stride(rise) of the tall minnies and here is the reply via email.

"We're happy to confirm that the front rise is 9.5 inches and that the back rise is 15 inches in both the Stretch Twill Minnie Pants and in the Tall Stretch Twill Minnie Pants."

How oddly worded! What it says is that the tall minnies are only longer in the inseam, not really TALLS IMHO. I would suggest that they label them as "long" and the others as "regular", not "tall".

Heidi - I did find the Chico jeans you have been raving about on sale at Barton Creek, Austin TX on sale for $49.00. I would have never looked there without your recommendation. Many thanks!

HeidiG said...

Carla - thanks for visiting! I hope the cardi works for you too! It is a bummer when our faves are online only!! But I guess they do make a good ridealong to get free shipping - but I guess I do have the luxury of being able to say that when I have a B&M so close by to do returns.

Jen - I am with you there!!

Jodi - thanks for the update - yes, I agree with you - they really should just be called "long" if its an inseam issue. I wonder if it's the same with petites. And I'm so glad you got the Chico's jean - and for such a great deal - Enjoy!!