Wednesday, February 3, 2010

J Crew Spring Arrivals - Dresses & the Rest

First of all, I will note that I did not get any of these dresses I have posted. Good to clear that up to begin with.

Dress #1 - Retail Only and I didn't get it, so I'll make this up - the Flutter Front Dress (#21811, $69.50) in black, also available in SGR (soft green? sage green? souper green?)

This was another piece that was available in the first spring release, but I just hadn't posted it yet.

I took an M. It fit fine. This seems repetitive (well not to you, but I'm writing this post in reverse order) - I liked it, but I didn't FP love it. A cute dress. Very versatile for the summer.

The other reason I didn't get it? The color. I have enough black knit dresses right now. And the soft green color was very pretty, just not for me.

But if you are needing some more knit summer dresses to add to your summer wardrobe, definitely give this one a try.

Dress #2 - Gabriella Dress (#24330, $69.50), which I tried on in an M. And Pamela tried it on here. I was cracking up as I read her comments because I was like - exactly! It's exactly what I was thinking. I tried this dress on because of how much I loved my dressy jersey strapless dresses last summer. And, as Pamela said, definitely for $19.99 or $29.99. Not worth FP for me.

First of all, it's strapless, with no add-on strap. I don't think I ever wore my dressy jersey strapless dresses without the strap last summer. Second, one of the reasons I wore the djsd so often is that I could wear it without a bra due to the double layer of fabric plus ruching over the bust. This the Sanur convertible dress, only has the double layer of fabric, so I'm not sure I'd feel so secure wearing it without a bra. But it would be a fab bathing suit coverup (which is actually what I plan to do with my djsd's when they start to fade out of everyday wear...but that's how I repurpose all my little knit summer dresses.)

Dress #3 - Rumpled Meron Dress (#22748, $132) in Black Fog. Loved the color of this. Just gorgeous. i have on a size 10 here - I find that in the shift dresses, I really need a 10 at J Crew to accommodate my hips.

I liked the dress...but I didn't love it. Or at least I didn't FP love it.

The fabric is what really makes this dress - such a gorgeous color. The fabric has such a rich color and sheen IRL.

Pear warning - this dress has a loose fit (which you can see on me as well as the online pic where it's belted). The online copy even reads: "Shift silhouette. Loose fit." Those of you who like something very fitted at the waist will probably want to steer clear.

Dress #4 - Ruffled Carly Dress (#21494, $98). Not sure why I'm even bothering with a pic of this one - it's SO much better on dinagideon here and A Bigger Closet here...and then again on A Bigger Closet where she re-fashioned it as a tunic. Most impressive.

Bottom line...too short on me. I took an 8, I think. I love the ruffles. I love the weight of the fabric. There just isn't enough fabric covering my thighs. Plus, let's be honest, it may be machine washable, but am I really doing to want to iron this sucker? You know how much I hate to iron. So it's really all for the best.

I would love to see something similar in a slightly longer length however...hint, hint J Crew.

Fitting room tip - if you are concerned about whether or not a skirt or dress is too short, just sit down in it. If you are not comfortable, it's too short.

Now this...this is the dress I want to see. Alas, like many of my other spring release faves, it's catalog/online only. Has anyone tried this one yet? I like the sheer lilac color, but I really LOVE the pewter.

Jersey Promenade Gown (#23480, $118). I've been trying to find a maxi dress that really works on me. You would think that being tall would make it easy, but it seems to make it worse. It's just so much fabric. I think this dress could potentially work because (1) it has a more defined (and longer) waist than many maxi dresses, and (2) it looks comfy but not overly flowy.

The only thing that concerns me is the bodice - I worry that I wouldn't really fill it. And what kind of bra do you wear with this? But oh the possibilities this dress has...{le sigh}

And here's the Minnie update. Apparently Minnie is quite the success. The beloved Minnie pant is now available in denim (#23559, $98, yes, almost $10 more than the regular Minnie). No IRL pic from me because honestly, the denim Minnies were just not good at all on the point where I couldn't wait to take them off as soon as I put them on. They just did not work. And my fave SA and personal shopper, Jill, told me they were the same on her. (I love the honesty - she never steers me wrong.)

The Minnie is also now available in wool, as a Collection piece (#17347, $168). Shoot, I'd consider going there. But maybe not at FP unless I really really really thought I'd wear them that much.

But the best (to me) Minnie news is that the Minnie is now available in Tall (#24646) and Petite (#24645), both $89.50 - same price as regular Minnies. I have a pair of Tall Minnies on the way that should arrive later this week (with the long beach cardi), and I'll post as soon as I can. Here's the thing...I love my Minnies, but with a 26" inseam, I have to wear boots unless it's a good 50 degrees outside. So I had gotten out of the habit of wearing them a bit in early winter. But I think the extra 3" of length will make them even more versatile. Maybe even office worthy?

And again, if you've posted on the above, please let me know and I'd love to update with your link. Thanks!


AppGal said...

I would really love to see the promenade dress on someone, too. I still haven't taken the maxi dress plunge, but this one is sooo pretty, esp. in that lilac color!

Love this post. You tried on some good ones; too bad none of them were must haves!!! have a great (snowy) day :)

Jodi said...

Heidi - Thanks for your IRL postings. I am 5"11" and long waisted and know if items are too short on you they will definately be so on me. JCrew pants are out for me because of the short rise. Sometimes I can find a skirt or 2. Wouldn't you think that there would be more "talls" because Jenna is tall??? Anyway thanks again.

Genny said...

I have been eyeing the promenade dress too but I like your points of filling it out AND mainly what bra??? probably thin fabric so know I don't want it anymore! Thanks:) very good points about the item....(Plus, online only)

Ema said...

I would probably swipe the floors in the Promenade dress (have you noticed how long it is on the model? Can't even imagine on me) but it could look really good on you. Hope that you order it ;-).

I have tried the jeans Minnies yesterday and they looked surprisingly good (I will post pics) but I sized up compared to my regular Minnies. I'm not sure that I like the ankle zipper though but I would buy on sale.

HeidiG said...

AppGal - hope you are enjoying your snow too! Even when I don't love something, it's always good to know the right size in case I want to go back later, on sale.

Jodi - speaking of J Crew pants - check back when I post on the Minnies in Tall. I'm hoping the rise is a wee bit longer in those - they may work. I know what you mean about thinking there should be more talls since Jenna is so tall, but maybe she's shortwaisted? And I'm sure she can get special production that leaves the rest of us tall-ies out of luck.

Genny - ah yes, the "thin fabric" point. But at $118, it could be the perfect ridealong when I want to pick up 1 or 2 things on sale and want to get free shipping. and if it really works, bonus!

Ema - can't wait to see your pics of the denim Minnies - thanks for sharing the size tip - maybe I'll try them sized up next time I'm in my B&M.

DaniBP said...

Oooh, that "Black Fog" dress is just a gorgeous color on you, love it.
That lilac maxi dress is also beautiful, it would be stunning on you!
Thanks for the reviews!

Drewablank said...

Why am I only commenting now?? I've been meaning to comment on your past posts...ok, ok, I'll get to them after this one. ;)

Believe it or not, I think all these dresses looked great on you! I hope you don't mind me saying, but, maybe not so much the Meron dress (it's funny, "meron" literally means "there is" in Filipino) as is. Maybe with a belt? I'd love to see you emphasis the curves you do have. ;)

The Flutter Front and the Gabriella, I could see under cute sweaters - maybe the Camp? And please believe me when I say, the Carly looks adorable on you! It does, it does!!

And thanks for the heads-up on the Minnies in petites! I've had the regular ones and wear them as regular-length pants. But maybe now I can get the Minnies as they were supposed to be worn! ;)

Have a great, snowy day! :)

Drewablank said...

That's "emphasize". D'oh!

Zoë Moët said...

Girl, I think that ruffle dress is the best of the bunch on you! I know it's short, but you have the legs for it! Still, if sitting down is going to pose a problem, it's probably not a good idea. On the other hand, if you think of it as a winter dress, it could work with very opaque tights or leggings!

(I am like the little devil on the shoulder, no?)

C said...

The Carly dress looks OK on you- not really THAT short, HOWEVER you and Dina and whomever else said the Nico and the watercolor skirts were TOO SHORT for adults were not kidding. I am a midget and sometimes I can even wear Junior clothing, but those are ridiculously short, like I have tennis skirts and running shorts longer than those and the running shorts have attached panties. Maybe they could be worn over cropped leggings. Not a serious outfit. My local JCrew had some accessories in those new prints (watercolor, floral, the other violet and brown spot print). No one mentioned these and they are not on line..there were cosmetic case/bags and umbrellas. I really like the prints and hope they make more things out of them.

GingerSnap said...

I Too have been lusting over that maxi dress! I have a similar one from eons ago (also jcrew) and I solved the bra dilemma! You need a "nu bra" - you know the sticky "chicken cutlet" things that dont have a back or straps. Victorias sells one (

I have also seen the by "nu bra" and offered at macys. I hope this helps!

Ps - I get a lot of use out of that wierd many halter tops etc are made for it! :)

Pamela said...

I like the Gabriella and Carly dresses on you. Thanks for the link! We'll have to watch for a sale on the Gabriella! I love the idea of a swimsuit cover up!!!

Summerilla said...

I really want the Gabriella dress – but I get you on the not paying full price thing. I ended up buying the ruffled carly dress in the olive. And of course I want the jersey promenade gown. I just can’t seem to pull the trigger on it though. It’s really beautiful and I love it but I bought 3 long dresses last year and didn’t wear them enough – I’m waiting for this one to go on sale I think.

turquoise22 said...

Heidi, that Carly dress looks awesome on you! I would rethink that one for sure! Thanks for the IRL post for us tall gals out there ;)

HeidiG said...

DaniBP - the black fog is even more goregous in person - hard to capture well.

Drewablank - thank you! so funny to get the translation of Meron. I keep thinking it's their Target dress - you know, Merona...

Zoe Moet - ooooh, you are a devil, aren't you? thank you...

C - I'll be honest...bad me...I was so focused on the big items, I never even got to the smaller ones. Those prints sound great, I'll have to check them out. And ooh - you've got it - JC should start attaching the minishorts to their skirts to make them decent...of course that would make them skorts...and that just wouldn't do for the Crew, would it? (ps - I love my running skorts from Target - they are awesome)

GingerSnap - you smart girl!!! That bra is totally what that dress needs. Yes, I really need to get one of those at some point. (maybe when I order the dress as a ridealong)

Pamela - ok - deal, first one to see the Gabriela on sale gives a holler!!

Summerilla - You do have those gorgeous long dresses... I still haven't found my right long dress yet...maybe this could be it. And I'm sure the Carly is fab on you!

turquoise22 - thank you!! we tall ladies need to help each other out, esp navigating the minefield of short hemlines!!

kanishk said...

You tried on some good ones; too bad none of them were must haves!!! have a great (snowy) day :)

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