Sunday, June 28, 2009

3 Skirts

I really haven’t done much else in the way of outfits, but I do have a few skirts and such to share with you from shopping. And yes, I took these as successive shots in a white tee & sports bra, which is clearly not how I will be styling IRL. Ok, maybe a white tee, but a bit more put together than this…I hope. :)

First of all, IRL pics of the ATL tiered knit skirt that I posted on before we left. (Just for you, Patina.) Totally worth the $24.50 on sale price. This is the navy (deep sea blue, I believe), but I have the (saddle) brown as well. It also comes in white, black, and green. I am wearing it right at my waist because it sits there easily, and then it’s above the knee. But I have also worn it lower on the hips, which makes the length at or just below the knee – there’s flexibility here. I will note that the length of this surprised me. I have an extra-long femur (it’s where most of my height is), so for a skirt to be this long on me…well, I can just imagine how long it would be on someone with normal height.
I have worn it with my tissue bf tees (albeit a bit better styled than the pic at left, like I said - sports bra, no jewelry, etc). It was also way cute with the striped ringspun cotton cardigan and a tank underneath.

Second, my Boden skirt that I ordered arrived. So excited about this! It’s their Button Through Mini. What a great skirt. Medium weight denim – perfect for year-round wear. Light enough for summer. But heavy enough to wear with sweater and tights in the winter. It has pockets and buttons up the front – big, chunky brown buttons that match the stitching on the skirt. And it even has front pockets, with the cute stitching trim. So I am no officially a Boden fan. The only thing I wonder about is if the skirt will look silly with a cardigan if it has 2 different rows of buttons going up the front. Maybe an open cardi? And now I can submit sets to Dina’s Polyvore group, Boden is Bodacious. (Best PV name ever.) And by the way, Boden is having their summer sale online now.

Third was a purchase here at the Lake. I went to Danbury Fair Mall with my mom & E earlier in the trip and hit the J Crew store, of course. Didn’t get a lot done as E was with us and a bit cranky – well, tired, really. But I finally got the Silk Charmeuse Pencil Skirt in pewter (#11652, orig $98, curr $29.99). I have tried this on multiple times and eyed it many more. I know, I know, the wrinkles are just *appalling.* Please pardon me – it has been sitting in a bag in a corner of my room as I really don’t have plans to wear it this trip, you know? And you know I hate ironing unless absolutely necessary...

I can’t say I would recommend ordering this online unless you are sure of sizing. I will say that I got it in a 10. I usually go with an 8 in skirts, but I wanted it to be a little loose and not hug too much…the whole point is comfort, not having to wear Spanx with it. I am planning to wear with a tissue bf tee and sandals this summer, maybe even a white blouse. And in fall/winter, I’ll trade the tee for my black cashmere shell or a turtleneck. The fabric feels divine. I also picked up a gray beaded stretch bracelet – never got it at my B&M and it sold out, but picked up here on sale for $14.99, yay! And, a fab silk scarf – large square with pewter border and bronzed twig center square – for $9.99. The tag says Spring 2009. Anyone remember such a scarf? I guess I was on a total gray kick at JC that day.


Zoë Moët said...

Love the pewter skirt. It looks nice dressed down, but I'm sure you could also dress it up if you wanted to. I've been eyeing that skirt for a long time...looks fab on you :)

Patina Cabachon said...

awwww, thank you for posting about the ATL skirt. It's adorable...i love it on you. The boden denim skirt is cute also. I love the simplicity of it with the white tee. I wouldn't have thought about the button issue until you mentioned it, but now that you did, I could see how a person with OCD like myself would be bothered by it. How about a henly or the wonderful pullover that you have??? You snagged some great deals from Jcrew. I don't recall that scarf or the bracelet, so I will await IRL pics of them too.
I am waiting for IRL pics of the striped ringspun cardigan. I do love it and know you look fantastic in it. Sorry, I am making you work so hard while you're on vacation....awww, the life of a fashionista (smile)

AppGal said...

ooh, i LOVE that boden skirt! between you and dina, you all are really convincing me to try them! the atl skirt is great too. there is nothing better than a comfy knit skirt on hot summer days!

Kathy and Seashell said...

Such nice skirt picks! I tried the ATL skirt on Thursday, but on me they were very long. They are so pretty and carefree that I disappointed in the length and did not purchase. I love the Boden skirt and the J. Crew pencil on you.

The Outfit of the day said...

Heidi, the skirts look very cute on you. My favorite is the second one. Go girl!!!

A Bigger Closet said...

Great skirt picks Heidi! They all look terrific on you. I have the silk skirt in 2 colors and was also planning to wear them with sweaters this fall. :)

BTW, I've been enjoying your posts from the cabin holiday very much. It's such a wonderful getaway place for your family.

ina said...

i always enjoy your posts!
i have two questions for you:
could you post a picture of the grey beaded bracelet?
is the slub-cotton cardigan TTS?
i ordered the nickel one(without the stripes).have you seen that IRL?
i also have been buying everything grey!

mrs.anketell said...

i have that black tiered knit skirt from ATL and LOVE IT. So easy and perfect for summer!! I also love the pewter silk one!! Perfect to dress up or down!!

dinagideon said...

Why have I not commented? Huh?

I love the Boden skirt. I was this close to buying it myself. You got the tall, right?

I think you look so good. Amazing, really...

Anonymous said...

I love the ATL skirt! I tracked down a brown one and wore it right away. My husband even complimented me on it. And it's so comfortable, I want another one! Did you try on the white? I wonder if it's sheer?
Thanks so much for the suggestion!

HeidiG said...

Zoe Moet - thank you! yes, definitely can dress it up or down, I think it will be a very versatile piece.

Patina - you are welcome. I think pullovers will work quite well with the Boden skirt. Planning to wear the striped cardi tomorrow, assuming I get that load of laundry done tonight (I have 9 loads from the Lake trip).

AppGal - comfy knit on a summer day - skirt, dress, whatever - yep, you said it! I would def give Boden a try - esp with the free shipping & (even more important) free returns.

Kathy and Seashell - I know, that ATL skirt is long (I honestly wonder what they were thinking with that one, even though it does work for me), sorry it didn't work for you!

HeidiG said...

Outfit of the Day - thank you! I am looking forward to wearing the Boden mini, too!

A Bigger Closet - thank you! I've seen some of your skirt pics - you have the bronzed twig & the orange, right? Do you dry clean or hand wash them?

ina - thank you! I will post the gray bracelet soon, but in the interim, here's a pic on Polyvore that 3-Penny Princess uploaded:

And I did not see the solid ringspun cardis. I took an M, so I would say they fit TTS, or size down a bit to get the slim fit. If it helps, I took the same size I take in Jackie, Michelle cardis & boyfriend tissue tees.

mrsanketell - thank you! I wore the brown one for the car trip home today and it was perfect for traveling!

Dina - helloooooo, yeah, wondering when I'd hear from you about the Boden skirt. :) I did not get the tall because (1) I was trying to decide which length I wanted, and (2) they were out of the tall in my size - so decision made. But I think the Tall would have worked fine, too.

Stephanie - I was loving the brown one on the car ride home today - so comfy for travel (and long enough for getting a puppy in & out of the car). I did try on the white and it wasn't sheer at all. I was actually impressed with the opacity of it. (so go for it) If I didn't already have a breezy summer white skirt, I probably would have gotten the white and 1 of the 2 darker colors.