Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yesterday's Wears + Some New J Crew Items...featuring Stripes!

What a weird weather day yesterday. And today is even stranger. I can tell you right now that it is doubtful I will be posting today's outfit as I sit here in grubby sweats and haven't even showered. (go ahead, say it, ewwwwww) Don't worry, I will clean up, but right now I am trying to do this post in the midst of all the laundry.

Update: Just realized I totally neglected titling my post. Like I said, midst of laundry...

See, tomorrow the kids, puppy, and I are headed up to my grandmother's Lake house in CT along with my parents. They'll leave next Thurs and hubby will come up through the following Mon. It's actually my mom's house now, since my grandmother passed away this past fall. I'll post some pics while I'm there - it's such a fun place. But today I am doing laundry and packing, along with actual work...oh yeah, and the kids are home today.

But this is what I was wearing yesterday. Shorts are J Crew from Spring 2006 that I didn't even put on last summer - and they fit, yay! I was curious how long the white shirt would last, but it lasted through work, errands (including J Crew below), and even survived a popsicle on the way home from the bus stop.

Wearing Today-6/16/09
Wearing Today-6/16/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

But by the time I took M to an afternoon birthday party, I realized I would need to change since it had gotten windier and chillier. So this is the Polyvore for the rest of the day, which was E's last soccer game and pizza & s'mores at friends' to celebrate the last day of school. But I did at least keep all the accessories, including Danielles (again - so glad I kept these!), and just went with white tee, jeans, and cream sweater jacket. Yes, it was that chilly last night - so glad I had a sweater!!

And then on to the J Crew purchases yesterday. Note that these are the *exact* same shorts and shoes in the above pics. I was not styling here, just throwing new tops on over what I already was wearing.
First of all, not that you need a picture, you've seen it ad nauseum a million times before, but all the vneck boyfriend tissue tees are on sale for $15 in store. All of them. Time to stock up, fellow bf tissue cult members. Surprisingly, I only picked up the white one. I may get a gray one, too. But yep, just one.

Then we have the Baby Rib Stripe Boatneck (not online) that 3-Penny Princess posted and J'Adore These Stores posted already. The top is $29.50, and is also available in white/light gray stripe. I love this top. I feel very chic, very Paris, in it. The biggest issue for me is that I like the ability to wear a cami or tank underneath to smooth a bit, but the neck is really wide. (I know, boatneck, duh.) With a cami, it just looks like bra straps to me. So I opted for a tank. I am actually still trying to decide if I am going to keep this or not. I would love it with a cute skirt, shorts, jeans, white jeans, khakis, the red ON pants that I never got that Gigi has. Lots of options. Under my navy Atelier jacket. But I don't know that I love it as much in the pics as I did seeing it in person, so I'm on the fence. Please feel free to weigh in here.

Next, the Striped Heavy Ringspun Cardigan (#16283 per the catalog, also not online, except in solid, striped is $49.50). I got the navy/white stripe. And I am totally blanking on the other stripes - there was gray and white, which is in the new July catalog, page 33, but I don't remember if there were any other in-store . But I literally saw it when I was about to check out and ran over to grab one and try it on. I got the M, and like the fit. In fact, I like the fit of this one on me better than the boatneck tee - although yes, I realize they are 2 totally different styles of top. But I am definitely keeping this one and packing it for CT whereas the boatneck may stay here. (Or it may go, since Danbury Fair Mall does have a J Crew.) Back to *this*top - the sleeves are 3/4 and the length is long. I could very easily layer a real tee or just a cami/tank. I think it will work with skirts, jeans, shorts, khakis...yeah pretty much everything the boatneck works with, but on a more casual level.

And finally, I have joined the club, I now have a Rumpled French Terry Cardigan. I didn't like the fit of this one as much as the Library Shawl Cardigan. But, at $19.99, it works for me! And I can shrink the L in the dryer a bit. The M was too short in the sleeves. And I even gave you the more from the front, less flattering pic, but I still like it. Not sure if it will make it into the mega-loads of laundry today, so shrinkage may have to wait. But this will be perfect for CT this week!

So that was my fun last-day-of-school-for-the-kids outing at J Crew. (AT Loft outing to be covered in another post)
And the summer begins...with loads of laundry. (short term pain, long term gain)


Zoë Moët said...

1. So glad you kept the Danielle's, they look great with all your new summer purchases.

2. Love the striped sweater. It's so preppy and crisp!

3. Not sure how I feel about the boatneck...the material seems just a little bit too flimsy (dare I say, Pajama-y) for me, and I wonder if that's why it requires a tank/cami underneath?

4. Love that last sweater! For 19.99 it'll chic up a nice lazy laundry day outfit perfectly :)

gigiofca said...

I don't know about the boatneck. The price is nice, but would you like it at $39.50? Kwim?

Yay for joining the rumpled terry club.

Anonymous said...

I like the boat neck on you! I have one coming my way too so I will weigh in when it arrives-- as far as fabric and fit goes. Great other finds. I never saw the striped cardigan in my store...

Welcome to the rumpled terry cardi club! I seem to alternate mine with my library cardi (although I agree the sweatshirt is not a flattering, it's much more boxy). I have a navy one in my shopping cart online waiting for a sale!

HeidiG said...

Zoe Moet - 1, 2 & 4 -thanks. 3- yeah, I'm still undecided. I think you can wear it w/out tank/cami, but I liked it with one for smoothing. And the striped cardi is not a sweater, it's actually a regular knit - ringspun, which makes it great for summer.

Gigi - At 39.50, not so much. Good point.

Stephanie - Can't wait to see your thoughts on it IRL. I loved it when I first tried it, but not loving as much now, mostly because I am not loving my IRL pics.

Anonymous said...

Love everything you got! I so want to join the rumpled terry club but alas, I could probably get about a week's worth of wear out of it here in sunny, HOT Florida!

The striped cardi looks so fun on you, may have to go back for that one after the ban!

And I too was on the fence about the boatneck but couldn't stop thinking about it so I went back and got it, sized up for a little more room in the tummy area, and I'm so glad I got it! I love it! Loved all your ideas on what to wear it with. And don't judge by your photos, I don't think this shirt photographs well at all. So much cuter in irl. Do you feel fab in it? That's what counts!

Have a great trip!

Kathy said...

You look great in the striped cardi! I also purchased in the navy stripe and the grey stripe. It is the perfect weight for summer and I love the 3/4 sleeves.
I did not purchase the boatneck due to the neckline. Have a great trip, but be warned, we haven't had the best weather in NE lately. Bring a sweater, it has been cool.

GingerSnap said...

I love, love, love that striped sweater on you! It's so fresh and nautical! :)

AnneG said...

Your Danielle's have grown on me, too. Liking them alot and especially in that color! I tried the Bateau/Boatneck striped tee on again today at B&M. As much as I love the softness of the tee (and the price), it just doesn't sit well on my body. Large is too big and so much. So, I hate to leave it but it's not for me. But, I do think it looks nice on you :) I like the "idea" of the striped cardi and it looks really good on you but I haven't tried it on seems like it fits really B-I-G and I struggle with stripes anyway given larger-than-average-on-top, me. I haven't had the guts to pluck it off the display floor and try it on...but maybe I will... Rumpled Terry Cardi rocks. Love that color!

Summerilla said...

Yay! For the rumpled french terry cardigan, I think you will definitely love this. I have it in 3 colors, actually wore one today because of the icky rain!

I also love your Danielle's I wish I could find them in another color but every store seems sold out. I love the ringspun cardigan on you but I'm iffy about the boatneck tee. I definitely like the idea of it but I don't know that I love how you can't hide a cami under it. I don't think it looks bad on you though.

Have a great trip! I'm dying for a relaxing vacation - don't see one happening anytime soon though.

Ema said...

Hey, first welocome to the rumpled terry cardi club. You won't be disappointed, especially if the weather stays like that (so jealous that you got the grey, I can't find it in my size any longer).

Second, so funny because when I first saw the striped ringspun cardigan in store I thought that it would have looked great on you!

Re. the striped boatneck, I tried it on and this is the one Jcrew item in the last year or so where I could have sized up if I had bought it. It was really form-fitting, I think it's the material. I think it looks best on really boyish figures.

I also wanted to thank you for bringing the Danielles to my attention. I was lucky enough to find a pair in my size last Saturday in the tawny brown color and I love them! The leather is incredibly soft and I can't wait to wear them (the weather is not cooperating) Will post pics soon ...

mrs.anketell said...

Rumpled french terry!!! YAY!! I have two of these, gray and the pink. I love them!! I got my gray one for 19.99---such a great deal, right?? And i do love that striped cardi----not so much liking the boatneck shirt. Seems like ON or Gap will come out with something similar.

HeidiG said...

Anon - if you are in FL, then you would love the striped cardi as it is thin, not too heavy at all. thanks for the advice on the boatneck, too!!

kathy - thanks for the warning, I have packed library shawl cardi, rumpled FT cardi, FT hoodie, Jaspe sweatshirt, 2 ATL Jackies, new striped cardi. And 3 pairs of jeans. I may try to PV what I packed but I was too busy packing to PV today.

GingerSnap - thank you!

AnneG - thanks. I think what will make the striped cardi work is the length, so even though it has the horizontal stripes, the overall length is long and that will draw the eye up and down. worth a try - or maybe in the gray/white where the stripes aren't as jarring?

Summerilla - I think I will love the RFT cardi, too. I would have worn it today if I hadn't been packing. Thanks for the advice on the boatneck. I packed it thinking that I will either wear it or return it, and I will get an opinion from my mom tomorrow, so that will help.

Ema - so glad you got the Danielles! How soft is that leather, seriously? and thanks for letting me join the club. I feel the RFT love now.

mrs.anketell - I know, 19.99, how fab is that?? thanks also for the honest advice on the boatneck!

And thank you all for the boatneck advice - I am still on the fence and playing with it. Will let you know which way I fall.

Ann said...

On vacation so chiming in late...

I love the striped cardi--looks awesome on you; I want this now! How does it run size-wise?

Boatneck: I think it looks good; understand the strap issue, but love the idea of layering it under other pieces, esp. atelier jacket. I say if it fits well and feels great on (as good as a bf tissue tee or close?), think about keeping. Otherwise, maybe wait for a markdown...

I have the RFT cardi in white. Nice and cozy. Love the gray one!

HeidiG said...

Ann - never too late! :) I would say the cardi runs TTS or a little big. If in doubt, size down. I took the same size as Jackies, Michelle, bf tissue tees, cashmere popover (M), but size down from library shawl cardi, RFT cardi, ringspun tees (L). HTH. I have the RFT on right now - love! Still deciding about the boatneck - thanks for the input!

Ann said...

many thanks for the sizing help! Enjoy your family vacation!!

3-Penny Princess said...

I love that boatneck striped tee on you! You're right, it is so Parisian! I've been wearing mine constantly (perhaps a little too much - like right now) and every time I do, my husband asks me if I'm feeling French. But in a good way, like I said. It is a great top on you! I saw the one that came out online today but it's got a different neckline. I think I like ours better.