Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Polyvore Garanimals

I have quite a few Polyvores, but have been totally neglectful with getting pictures. All of these are working within my Garanimals formula (see last post) for packing for the Lake trip.

Trip up. White shirt, yes – and it actually stayed clean, in spite of the monsoon we drove in – I realized that I really love my puppy when I was willing to stand in pouring rain waiting for her to pee for 10 minutes. Yep, 10 minutes, in the utter downpour, because puppies love to smell everything and there are so many smells to smell. I was so drenched, it was unreal. My cute little LL Bean windbreaker that I tossed on to be outside? Works *great* as a light rain jacket...not so much a full rain slicker.

Standard morning uniform. I am loving the RFT cardi. So glad I got it, esp at $20 (yay). I have had it on every morning. Windbreaker for walking Lucy and RFT cardi for the remainder of the morning until we shower / get ready / get going / get a clue about what we are doing.

Ice cream outing. There is the cutest ice cream store here in New Fairfield, called Sprinkle. Yum yum yum… Finally put on my new ATL tiered skirt. Really need to get a pic of this soon to share. But love love love.

Father’s Day. Yep, we dragged my dad to Target on Father’s Day. This is just so wrong. But we didn’t make him go into Walmart or the grocery store. Finally wore my ringspun striped cardi. Perfect weight for the day – kept me warm, but not too hot when it got muggy.

Of course, the one pic that I do take…um yeah, no makeup, no jewelry. But comfy and happy. This is my version of Summerilla’s Jaspe sweatshirt and leggings – not quite as glam, though. I spent most of Monday working, but considering the flexibility of my job, I’m not complaining at all. I love that I have that flexibility that I can come up here or be at the River and still work so that I’m not chained to the kitchen table at home. More fun for all of us. And hey, I had a great view while working...which I will be enjoying again today on a couple of conference calls. And much as I love my fellow team members because they are fab, none of them are quite as pretty at the Lake view.

And since I figured out how to do the IRL pics, you would think I took more, but sadly, no. Polyvores are much harder to do when your accessories are limited to a laptop & phone. And I only wore the Havaianas outside.

And Polyvore from yesterday.

Wearing Today-06/22/09
Wearing Today-06/22/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

My mom’s cousin visited, with her boyfriend and her black Lab, Cooper. (So you *know* Lucy had fun.) We went to this really fun restaurant on the other side of the Lake called Down the Hatch (pic below). I love being able to sit on a restaurant porch by the water. The food always tastes better. And, um, yeah, still no IRL pics of the skirt. Will work on that, I promise.

And I wore the Library Shawl cardi on Saturday with my matchsticks...but haven't you seen that one before?


Ema said...

I told you that you were going to love the RT Cardigan !I tried the ATL skirt and it felt like the perfect skirt for summer fun but it was too long for me in a regular XS. It should be perfect on you!

Lissa said...

Looks like you're having a great time! What a good mama you are to your puppy.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are having a great time! I live in my RT Cardigan too. I have been stalking the navy one online just waiting for it to go on sale!
I tried to get the skirt but it's sold out online. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they will have it in the store next time I can get there.
I don't want to be too nosey, but what do you do for work? If you don't mind sharing. :)

sparrowsandsparkles said...

Perfect vacay wardrobe... you did a good job! So glad you are having such a fabulous and relaxing time! :)

Drewablank said...

Oh, Heidi, I'm so happy to hear that you're having what sounds like a wonderful time with family. :) And I totally hear you about completely lovin' your furry baby. ;)

Your outfits look so comfy but chic at the same time, as usual! That's what I'm trying to do during my offtime - still be chic without being sloppy. :p 'Workin' on it, 'workin' on it!

HeidiG said...

Em - oooh, I bet that skirt is too long. If I wear it at my waist, it's above knee, and if I wear it lower on my hips, it will hit the bottom of my knee. I'm surprised it's as long as it is, actually. (and yes, lovey the RFT cardi)

Lissa - I know, the things we do for our puppies...

Stephanie - Navy - that would be so nice! When I was at my store, they had plenty of skirts. You could always have them call and ship it (mine was at Washingtonian Center/Rio, in Gaithersburg, MD)

And, not nosey at all, I work as a human capital analyst for the same company as hubby. I work on our federal contracts as an analyst, project coordinator, and just jack(ie)-of-all-trades. I call myself a fill-in analyst. It works really well for me, and I am so happy to have the right situation. I started out working life as an actuary and then product manager - so numbers are my friend.

sparrowsandsparkles - thank you! It's easy to pack when overpacking is doable. :)

Drewablank - chic without sloppy - yep, that's the goal!

Kat said...

Glad to see you're having such a great time! It looks beautiful up there.

I love all of your outfits - just perfect! And I pretty much lived in my Jaspe over my 3-day weekend trip. I love that thing!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation :)

Jemma Ruby said...

I am sure you are the most fashionable lady at the lake! Glad to hear you are having a great time!:-)

gigiofca said...

What is an RFT cardi? I will probably kick myself when I figure out. But maybe not. This morning I *just* remembered the guy who sings "I Need to Know," JLo's husband. That took 8 hours. So help. ;-)

HeidiG said...

Kat - thank you! I have the Jaspe on as we speak, actually. It's my RFT backup when it's not as chilly in the am. :)

Jemma Ruby - you are so kind! thanks.

Gigi - 8 hours to get to Marc Anthony? ouch. that would hurt my brain. RFT = rumpled french terry cardigan. I thought I was the last person in the world to get one.

gigiofca said...

HeidiG - I think RFT would have taken me days, if ever. Thanks!

Patina Cabachon said...

gigi and heidi- you have me rofla at you two. heidi love your polyvores and your IRL pic. Guess what??? I bought my first boyfriend tissue tee today!!!!! in white, on sale for 15 bucks. I think I am hooked!!!!

Zoë Moët said...

That's funny, they have a "Down the Hatch" near where I live, but I seriously doubt it's even remotely related...since it's a grungy old bar :)

Slastena said...

Love all of your outfits and love the make-up free face in the last pic. You have such a great complexion!

Yep, puppies are like kids- all the scarfices the demand.:) But they love back unconditionally!!!

Summerilla said...

Loving all the outfits you're wearing on vacation! Definitely sounds like you're having a great time out at the lake.

Kathy said...

You are looking great everyday! It's so nice to go without makeup and your skin is glowing!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Love all of your sets and I'm really glad you're having such a great sounds like SO much fun!

Btw...did you ever notice the 32" cable chain necklace in Rose Gold? It's on sale now for $39.99 and could help with your rose gold bracelet *dilemma*...maybe...

Click Here . Only thing is that now it's Final Sale so you couldn't return it if you don't like it IRL.

HeidiG said...

Patina - white bf tissue tee? so proud. (and they are so on sale now!!) enjoy!!

Zoe Moet - I guess it must be a common bar name on the water, with the double entendre of "down the hatch". very funny!

Slastena - look who's talking about complexion - yours is so perfect IRL, but thank you, compliment accepted. Puppies, so sweet - and they don't usually talk back (a frustration bark at most).

Summerilla - thank you!

Kathy - thank you - it's funny, I do feel like my skin looks better up here sans makeup than at home. I am sure the clean air or the relaxation is part of it.

FFM - enabler!! I did see the chain on sale, and I will admit that it has popped in and out of my cart. But I have the fireball and that looks so fab with the bracelet since the crystals are pinkish, that I'm not *needing* another necklace now - or at least not enough to pay shipping. Maybe if I saw it IRL in store. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi,
Have you tried the silk garland cami on? I am thinking of getting the size 6 instead of my usual 8 after getting the measurements from CS. Wondering since we are about the same.

Fit model buddy

Francesca said...

Heidi, OT, but have to tell you that I used to live in New Milford, CT, jut 15 minutes from Candlewood Lake! I live in the hot Southeast now, but I miss the balmy CT summers! Glad you're having a good time there.

Cute outfits, and knowing that part of CT, probably puts you on the best dressed list in town :o).

C said...

what to wear when walking a dog in the rain:

hat with a brim or visor
gortex jacket
waterproof boots

(if there is a sidewalk, and you would not get you feet wet if your dog stayed near it, your dog will "decide" that it needs to go 15 ft off the sidewalk or into a marshy area, and drench your feet)

3-Penny Princess said...

I hope you're have a great time! The house looks so perfect - the ultimate little summer getaway. I'm so jealous! Good packing plan. I hope you're getting to enjoy all your outfits. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

HeidiG said...

Anon/FM Buddy - sorry for the delay in responding. I tried on the silk garland cami when it first came out, about 10 pounds ago, and I sized down to an 8, so I would imagine that you would be ok in a 6. It's so pretty - this may be sacrilege to JCA-dom, but I thought the fit was better than the Victoria cami. Good luck, let me know how it works!

Francesca - that's so funny! Yep, that's right up the road. Wow, you are in a totally different climate now!

C - No kidding!!! The morning we left I debated digging through the packed LLBean extra large rolling duffle to at least fish out my slingback crocs, but decided the Havaianas would work. oh, did I regret that standing in the rain at the NJ rest stop! Aaaaagh - and it was the only patch of grass at the rest stop. I had to weigh parking close to the building for the kids and parking further away so I would have to tramp through the rain less. Kids won out and I got soaked. I did put on the crocs and a *real* slicker once we got here.

3-PP - thank you! The packing has worked well - I've worn pretty much everthing...except the shorts and the dressy jersey strapless dress.