Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lots of Shoes - plus More Havaianas Info, by Request

Ok, I'll start out with the Havaianas since at least 2 of you commented about them a couple of posts ago. First of all, these are not the regular Havaianas flip flops. Granted, their flip flops are pretty fab. And quite famous among the model/actress set. They are made of a softer rubber than most flip flops and don't streteh or lose their shape, and the toe piece is more comfortable. Or so I've heard because I don't actually have a pair of the regular flip flops.

What I do have is the "Fit" flip flop, which retails for $30. The key with this one, and where it differs from other flip flops is that it has the strap that goes around the back and that makes it so so so much better for your foot. You've heard that flip flops are the bane of podiatrists in the summer, right? (Or biggest business generator.) Now, I love flip flops as much as the next girl - esp the J Crew ones which are so insanely comfortable. But I found that by limiting my flip flop wear last summer - really just trading them in for flat sandals with a back strap, even without much support, did so much to help my feet. Considering the foot surgery my mom had last spring, I was understandably spooked as bad feet run strong along the maternal line in my family.

Here's the IRL pic on my feet. And I can vouch that they are really comfy to wear. These will be my go-to beach, pool, river, chill out, hang out shoe for summer. They come in black and the sand gray/golden (tan-ish). I love the tan-ish, and I think it works with silver or gold just fine. Again, I highly recommend. If you have specific questions on them, please let me know.

I got a few other pairs of shoes last week that I wanted to discuss. First of all, let's start with the J Crew patterned fabric and grosgrain flip-flops (#67243, $12.99 in store). I love the constellation print and the ribbon. But I may take these back. I was primarily thinking that these would be perfect for 4th of July with the navy jersey dressy strapless dress...and then thought about it and realized that I would still probably wear the Havaianas, esp if we are doing a lot of walking around, as we tend to do in Reedville for the town's Independence Day celebration. I love small town holidays, they are the best - we always go to the River for the 4th. So, in spite of the excellent price, I think these are going back as I just don't need them. And seriously, the pile of other JC flip flops I have that I don't wear very often - it's sinful. If I really want some JC flops for the 4th, I have the really cute ones from 2 years ago (I think), that were blue/white strip with rosy red sailboats.

Other pair of shoes from JC are these...the Danielle sandal, which are sold out on the website. I got these for $59.99 at Tysons in the warm blush. I am still a little iffy on these as the foot bed is just flat and not padded at all, but the straps are really comfy and I can actually pull the ankle strap over my heel without unbuckling - and as lazy as I am, that's always a big plus for any sandal. (Yes, all the sandals you see me wear do that. I have yet to find a sandal that I love enough to re-buckle and un-buckle every time I wear them.) If anyone has any info on the comfort of these, I would love to hear.

The 3rd pair of shoes I got last week are the Target Xhilaration Tayler Flat Sandals in champagne ($16.99). I think these would be a really great neutral shoe for summer, especially with the recent demise of the Samala peep toes, but I'm wondering if I really need it, since I have the Havaianas and the Danielles above, assuming I keep them. Of course, I love how I'm going through all this, and the 2 pairs of shoes I am thinking of returning are, of course, the 2 least expensive.

And then just for nostalgia...these are the beloved Liz Gladiator sandals by Isaac Mizrahi for Target from last summer. I lived in these in the bronze and the black last summer. Not a ton of cushioning and support, but super comfy since they stay on the foot so well. I had even re-ordered the black ones mid-summer since I wore mine to death. Wish I'd known about Isaac jumping ship so that I could have stocked up. Sniff, sniff, miss you at Target, Isaac! Your shoes were the best!

Thoughts on the shoe story?

And then, I haven't had a chance to post the outfit on Friday that inspired the whole shoe discussion (yeah, I've been meaning to post on this since then...) It was our last day of chilly rain. I liked Thursday's outfit so much (library shawl cardi, jeans, white tee) that I pretty much replicated it on Friday. I do find that the library shawl and the beechwood Michelle cardi are pretty much interchangeable in most outfits - Thursday and Friday included. I was at home on conference calls most of the day, so comfort (and warmth) were key. Of course, I started out the day with my garden clogs for taking kids to the bus and then walking Lucy. I swapped out for the Havaianas for the rest of the day. And since we're on shoes...I have to show you the clogs. You know I'll never show you me in the gardening overalls, so this is as close as it gets.

Polyvore for Friday (PV didn't have grubby old beat up clogs, hehehe):

Ok, time to start comment-responding and blog-reading...


melissamolasses said...

I first saw Havianas in my local paper a couple of weeks ago when they were featured as items that "cool" kids need to take to camp, and my reaction was "Oh no, they're kid shoes!" Now I know better. Thanks for the info!

And those Mizrahi shoes are quite cute.

Susan said...

I have the same Isaac Mizrahi sandals in metallic silver. They are great!

Stylestance said...

Have you tried Old Navy for gladiators? There are some on the website right now. They go a little higher on the ankle, though, and may require buckling :)

I bought a pair there last year (not the same as this year's but close), and they're super comfortable and flexible, my favorite sandals. I miss Isaac's everything at Target. P.S. Keep the Danielles!

The Outfit of the day said...

Thank you for post about Havianas.
It's amazing to see how Havianas got so popular for all around the world. Back to the time, Havianas was the most affordable "shoes" in Brazil, actually was made for the low class society. I am very proud that the company got that big. The new market of different colors and themes changed the boring old 70's Havianas.
By the way, I own four havianas.

Cloggsy said...

The Danielle's look uber gorgeous on you!

Patina Cabachon said...

all of them look fabulous on you. I am a flip flop wearer, but after reading your post, i think i should switch it up a little. I love the Havianas and danielle sandals on you.....they are so cute. I went to target and all of the cute sandals were sold out in my size boo hoo

lcsmom said...

Havaianas are my favorite. They are so comfortable. Since I live in Arizona, I wear them a good part of the year. The foot bed is liking walking on marshmallows. I have had a couple of my pairs for 2.5 years and they still look great.

Summerilla said...

I love the Danielle's on you - did Tyson have a good amount of these in the sale section? I'm looking for another pair because I love mine so much and I think they are super comfortable. I wore mine walking around Morgantown, WV while visiting a friend all day and they never bothered me once.

I'm definitely going to look into those Havaianas too, I used to own their regular flip flops but I think I'd like the back strap more.

I hear they're calling for more rain this week... I can't take it!

HeidiG said...

melissamolasses - you're welcome. I got the havaianas for my MIL for Mother's day, and my mom bought a pair a couple of weeks earlier at my urging since she had a Nord reward certificate to use up. So they are transcending the generations.

Susan - aren't they the best sandals??

Stylestance - I will check out ON. Good suggestion! (yes, prob keeping the Danielles)

Outfit of the Day - 4 pairs - yum! It is interesting to look at the path they have taken from the beginning to now. I didn't realize the pattern on the bottom was supposed to resemble rice paper since they were modeled after Japanese slippers.

Cloggsy - thanks, they are pretty fab. thinking they are staying.

Patina - Target does that - sometimes they are literally all out of 1 size. I keep wondering if someone comes in and buys 40 pairs at once. Would *love* to be in checkout behind that person.

lcsmom - walking on marshmallows? Love the description because it totally cracks me up but it's totally accurate! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wow--I didn't know the Danielle sandal came in that blush color--how fabulous!
I have the tawny brown which is nice too!
They are extremely flat!
But they are adorable!

dinagideon said...

I love the shoe have the nicest jealous!

I always wear J. Crew fip-flops, love them...but I do only wear them for part of the day and then I walk barefoot the rest of the day, with an occasional sandal thrown in...

Those clogs are too was cold here Friday!

Kat said...

You must have read my mind before doing this post because I've been thinking about Havaianas all day! I was wondering if you could offer any insight into sizing...I read a few reviews on Piperlime, and most people said that they ran huge. I'm normally an 8.5, so I was wondering if I should order the 7/8? Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks so much, and I love your nail polish!

Also, I recently ordered the Danielle sandals. I love them, but they're way too big! J.Crew always tells me to size up so I do and I end up with a huge shoe. Guess I should just start doing the opposite of what they say!

Zoë Moët said...

My favorites are the old Isaac gladiators, but the Danielles are pretty nice too :)

HeidiG said...

Summerilla - I think they had a number of them, but don't really remember - I was just scanning the shelves for 9's. You could always call them. And I know...more rain, I heard. At least we're going to be in NC this weekend...where it will probably rain as well.

luvallthingsjcrew - they didn't have the brown in my size - but that color is really pretty too - a great neutral. thanks for the info on fit.

Dina - glad you enjoyed the clogs! My pedicure is actually 3 weeks old - it's from the girls weekend back in May. I can't believe it's lasted this well this long.

Kat - 7/8, definitely! My mom is a size 8/8.5 and she got the 7/8 size. Mine in the 9/10 and there is extra room. Thanks for the info on the Danilles - that must be why they fit me so well - they run big. The 9 was perfect for me. Nail polish is Barielle Misbehavin' Mistress, one of my fall faves.

Zoe Moet - I know, the Target gladiators were the best. Sigh...

Ema said...

I love Havaianas (I own 4 pairs and even my hubby has 2 pairs) but I only have the "classic" ones. I wanted to try the "slim" fit because they are more dressy (I mean, as far has flip-flops go) but I might try these instead, thank you for posting about them. BTW, for those who want to give them a try they are available at (free shipping and returns). Re. the Havaianas sizing, someone once told me that the ones that are sold in the USA are especially made for this market and they are bigger (wider) than the ones sold everywhere else. I don't know if it's true but I bought my first pair when I lived in Paris and they are a little bit smaller.

Anonymous said...

I love those Target sandals and will look for those next time I'm in the store! I have way too many pairs of flip flops and need some alternatives! I wish my local JC carried shoes-- those JC sandals are my favorite!

Jemma Ruby said...

You are just as bad as Mickey!! You sold me on the havianas- I'll give em a go next time I see them..

Paper Bag Princess said...

They are all fab!! But wow, those gold Havaianas are lovely, and I'm not even much of flip-flop fan. And the Danielles are just beautiful!!

You've got a nice pedi going on there! [I say, as I cringe in embarassment over the neglected state of my own toes...]

Kat said...

Thanks for the info, Heidi! I just ordered a pair. I can't wait!

Slastena said...

Danieles are my favorite. They look lovely in that warm blush color. I wonder if it's possible to by a supporting insole for open flats like those. I agree with you entirely on the flatness on the footbed.

RedCurlGirl said...

i am diggin' the shoes...i'm on the hunt for some summer sandals...i may have found what i was lookin' for!

HeidiG said...

Ema - thanks for the info on Zappos. I think Piperlime, where Kat was ordering, has them with FS & returns, too. Thanks for the info on the width - no wonder I like them. :)

Stephanie - The Target ones are awfully sparkly, aren't they?

Jemma Ruby - sorry! but you'll love them, I swear!

PBP - My pedi is actually 3 weeks old from the girls' weekend. But I usually do mine at home - I just re-did tonight before the weekend away.

Kat - Great! Hope you love them - let me know!!

Slastena - I think I'll test the Danielles and see if they require an insole. They may not if I'm not walking miles. I'll just change shoes before long walks with Lucy - which I should do anyway.

Red Curl Girl - happy to help! thanks for visiting!!