Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Flip Flop Dilemma

I have told you about how I tried to limit flip flop wear last summer. My feet were oh-so-happy with me! But this always brings up the issue of what to wear to the pool, other that flip flops. Wouldn't it be great if someone made flip flops that had a back strap and were really cute? Well, Havaianas, thank you! The famous Brazilian company has a flip flop sandal - just like their regular flip flops but with the back strap. The style is called FIT. I picked up a pair at Nordstrom today (yes, my Mardi Gras), but I don't see them on the Nordstrom website. They are available on ShopBop.

One note - be careful about the sizing. I wear a 9. I got a size that was called 7/8 on the tag, but said 8/9 on the sticker on the sole. And it fit fine (no extra room, but not a lot of extra shoe showing).

I will probably end up going back (after Lent) to pick up a black pair. I think this is my pool/beach/river/lake solution for the summer and it is probably going to be my Mother's Day present for my mom, too!


elegant_mom said...

Hi Heidi, what a great find! I had no idea Havaianas had a version with a back strap. These are super cute. :)

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Fantastic find! I have the regular Havianas flip flops and love them...might have to give these a try. :)