Friday, February 27, 2009

Shopaholic vs. Devil

I loved Confessions of a Shopaholic. What a cute, fun, but yet thought-provoking movie. It also brought to mind one of my other all-time favorites - The Devil Wears Prada.

I loved both lead actresses. Anne and Isla, you were both phenomenal. I would give Anne the slight edge in wardrobe, as I am just not quite as funky and colorful as Becky Bloomwood. (Sorry, Patricia Field, but I was after most of Charlotte's wardrobe, not Carrie's.)

Cute boys all around - Hugh, Adrian, Simon.

And let's just talk about the stellar supporting casts. Wow!
  • Meryl, Stanley, Rich, and, most of all, Emily - loved loved loved you in Prada.

  • Kristin, Wendie, Joan, John, John, Leslie - I confess my love.
Which movie was your favorite? (See poll at upper right)


MetropolitanMagnolia said...

I think The Devil Wears Prada was a much "smarter" movie than Confessions of a Shopaholic and for that reason I give Devil the nod. Also, Meryl and Emily wear AMAZING, I didn't feel the same way about the supporting cast in Shopaholic.

HeidiG said...

I agree that DWP was definitely a smarter movie that COAS. In terms of supporting cast, what I liked about COAS was seeing some of the familiar faces like Wendie, Julie, Kristin whereas in DWP they were stronger.