Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Question on Blogger Comments? Bueller? Bueller? Update - we have a fix!

Don't know if anyone knows the answer to this, but thought I would put it out there....

Over the past couple days, I have had a hard time commenting on blogs. If adding a comment is at the bottom of the page for the entry, the word verification doesn't come up - it just says, "Loading" but never comes up. If adding a comment brings up a separate page (and I don't know the difference - i assume it's in the settings), I am fine; the word verification shows up.

Does anyone have any idea?

ps - Joyce - I find that the Chanel eyeliner doesn't smear much. The powerhouse of crayon eyeliners, to me, is the Makeup Forever line at Sephora - but theirs require sharpening, and I am such a fan of the twist-up.

A big, huge THANK YOU to Dina for fixing the problem. It's your blog, not my comments. (That's the universal you, not you personally.) Well, at least until we figure out something else. You have to change the comments to full page. Dina has a fantastic explanation here, and I just updated to full page comments. Yay, Dina! (and I love her blog, too.)


dinagideon said...

Yay! It works! And thank you for the sweet shout-out...blush!


FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Oh I'm so glad you got it figured it out! I have been trying and trying to post on the shoe thread, but couldn't get my comment to go through. There are several others who need to change their settings as well: Posey, A Bigger Closet, nocrewinjapan, and Elegant Mom.

Lissa said...

Your tip on the comments really helped me out! Thank you! Lissa