Sunday, February 22, 2009

Life's Too Short for Ugly Shoes

Sitting here watching the Oscars, I started thinking about all the fantastic high heels that the girls, and for all I know, some of the boys, wear. (Remember when the South Park guys showed up at the Oscars dressed as Gwyneth and J Lo? Ok, I'm dating myself, but it was great.)

So I've really been trying to reform my shoe habits. And considering the foot surgeries my mother and sister have both had, I probably should be concerned. Starting this past summer, I virtually eliminated my flip flop wear (I miss you, my cute, fun JC flip flops!). But the different in my feet was amazing! But when fall started and I started wearing my totally unsupportive Target ballet flats (even with the tacky gel insole - but it works, I tell ya!), I started having occasional pain on the top of my foot. And my Dansko clogs, much as I love them, just aren't what I want to wear everyday. Then again, maybe I should have gotten the leopard patent pair that my sister and my friend, Laura, have. And I have a wide foot up front that's narrow at the heel, so it's not always easy to find shoes that fit. Much as I love JC, most of their flats and heels are just too narrow in the toe box. This year, I am on the lookout for cute shoes that are actually supportive and (gasp) comfortable. So far, I have found 2 winners over the past month.

#1 - Clearlake by Clarks Artisan. (Yes, Clarks.) They have a small heel to offset my usual flat wearing - always good to switch up your heel height! As you would expect from Clarks, they have some nice padding and support. But they are so cute on! This is the light pink patent. The bummer is that I've only worn them once so far as the weather has been too chilly. But come spring, I'll be all over these. They fit in perfectly with the nude trend for spring that JCrew and others have been showing us. I may even consider the gray leather version, except, of course, I don't need another pair of peep toes, much as I love them, since it is winter.

#2 - Inspiration by Aerosoles. I got these a couple of weeks ago. They look great with a dress and a pair of black opaque tights. I wore them for 2 parties over the past few weekends with said dresses, and they worked. Enough heel to be fun, but not so much that some of my shorter hemlines looked trashy. I'm an a-line mini over a pencil skirt kind of girl - works better on my shape. I definitely thing the black patent is best in these, since they give it a little more pep than the flat black. They are insanely comfortable and I am actually planning to wear them to school tomorrow to volunteer in my kids' classes. THAT's what we call a true road test!

So, what are some of your favorite comfy but cute & chic shoes?


Lissa said...

Life is to short for ugly shoes!! It looks like you're off to a great start! :) I'm pretty new at this myself!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

I suggest trying Born or Sofft shoes. Especially Born this year for their sandals...they have some really fabulous ones this time around, AND they are super comfy, too! Born .

irishmama said...

I am Laura (the leopard print Dansko owner). I have to plug my favorite shoes. I have three pairs (including the standard black clog) but they have really branched out. Besides the leopard print I have a brown maryjane style that is equally as comfortable. I had to search for weeks before the holidays to find the leopard print because they were flying off the shelves at the time. So, clearly I am not the only one who goes for comfort and "pretty cute." Oh, and they look good with anything from my wide-leg Hudson jeans to sweats!