Friday, February 27, 2009

J Crew French Terry Double Zip Hoodie

It seems odd, with the approaching snow tonight, to be writing about the J Crew French Terry Double Zip Hoodie (item #12661, $49.50). Because that, my friends, is probably going to become my throw-on-top-of-everything summer staple. I tried it on over a few outings before I finally purchased. But I am so glad I did. (Mardi Gras purchase #3, and that concludes the J Crew portion of the Mardi Gras shopping.)

I got the dark charcoal but I included the model pic so that you can see the pockets and other features better. And I honestly debated about the color, as I liked both the light pewter and the white. In the end, I decided that a dark color would last a whole lot longer between washings, and I wouldn't be as concerned about setting it down somewhere.

I love the double zip, especially since it hits a little lower than the traditional hoodie. Plus that additional few inches in the length elongate the figure a bit. Us non-models can always use a bit of help in that department.

The fabric is very soft. A perfect weight for a spring/summer topper - not too heavy, but not too light or thin. It has pockets - always a bonus. And they're quite cute with the top flap and all.

One of the my favorite features about the hoodie is the collar - you can see it best in this picture - it has a full collar all the way around, with the hoodie coming out over it. Just a nice extra feature that your standard hoodie is usually not equipped with.

Size-wise, I took a large. Honestly, the large and medium looked the same, so I figured I would go with the large to allow a little extra wiggle room with potential dryer shrinkage.

And the sleeves. They are actually long enough. Amazing! (Remember, I did take a large.) But they looked really, really cute folded up in a cuff, so if you have shorter arms, that would work, too. The sleeve is finished in a

I wore the hoodie this past Friday with a shell tissue boyfriend vneck tee, jeans, and my new Clarks Clearlake flats (see earlier post). And I layered my Anthro typeset initial necklace with the JCrew twisted crystal necklace doubled for a little sparkle.

Aren't these shoes cute? I love them!


sparrowsandsparkles said...

I really like the dk charcoal with the shell. that hoodie is a great go-to piece! And I have been wanting one of those Anthro typeset necklaces! Good choice :)

gigiofca said...

I love this hoodie. The only reason I didn't get it is because of the double zip. I don't do well with those for some reason. Cute casual outfit and I love the touch of sparkle.

HeidiG said...

S&S - I get multiple compliments every time I wear the typeset necklace. I would give it a definite thumbs up.

Gigi - that's funny, because the double zip was the real attraction for me - I thought it increased the flexibility somewhat.

Thanks for visiting, ladies!

A Bigger Closet said...

Another flattering outfit on you Heidi. :) The dark grey/light pink combo is so pretty.