Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The J Crew Zebra Tee

So you know today was my shopping Mardi Gras (before the Lenten shopping ban starts tomorrow). And interestingly enough, I bought less that I thought I would. Apparently,the universe thinks I am on the right track.

One of the things I did NOT buy was the famous J Crew zebra tee. I tried it on. And I will tell you, it runs small. It was cute, but it just wasn't worth $68 to me. For $68, a tshirt should make me feel like I could conquer the world. I will give credit where credit is due - the tee was definitely substantial and could support the weight of the beads. However, the gray was just not a great color on me. There were 2 other similar beaded tees. One was a crawfish on a shell (I think) tee and the other was a beetle on an orange tee. The beetle tee was really cute. I may have considered it had I not found other (and much better for me) options. And please don't harsh on the picture. I know it's not great. This was my first attempt at using my phone to take a dressing room pic, so please forgive the blurriness. The pics got better as the day went, I promise.

Here is the pic of the disturbing red-eyed zebra from the JC website. (They don't have the gray online, or the other tees, that I can see.)
What do you think of the zebra tee? When do you spend $68 on a tshirt?


FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Congratulations...you just won an award!
Visit my blog for details.

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Btw...I have the Zebra tee on hold at my local J.Crew to try on this evening...can't wait! Thanks for the pic!

A Bigger Closet said...

Thanks for the review on the Zebra tee! A couple of things I'd like, that it was available to order online and like you, the dark grey doesn't do much for me, so would be nice to see the zebra on a lighter background color.

gigiofca said...

I agree w/posters on JCA that the zebra looks upset to be on the tee. Maybe it's the bead in the eye. I am eager to see the other creatures they have beaded and tee'd for us. Thanks for sharing the pic!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Ok...so I tried it on and didn't get it. The grey just wasn't flattering on me without a jacket over it, and really...what's the point if you can't wear it on its own? I personally really think the Zebra is cute, and would have gotten it had it been a black tee instead. I will consider it if it's still around for sale. :)

HeidiG said...

Yes, Gigi, the zebra does have a weird expression, but the beading itself is lovely.

BC - yes, it's a weird gray - not dark, but not light. Just blah on me.

I agree with you, FFM. If that or the beetle is still on sale, I'm there.

I actually do think the zebra would look really cute under a jacket (not buttoned) so you would have just a hint peeking out. But not necessarily a blazer, maybe more like a swing style jacket.

That's what I do with a JC tee I got this fall - can't remember the name - in dark charcoal, with the flat ivory satin bow sewn on the upper right clavicle. That gray is a perfect shade on me - so much better than zebra's gray.