Sunday, May 3, 2009

Heidi's Beauty Bag - Shampoo/Conditioner

Let's start with the background. I started out in life with dark blond hair. During childhood, it would get pretty light in the summer and darken every winter. I started highlighting in high school...and pretty much didn't stop. Had it long through college, went a bit shorter in early 20s, then a little longer (ponytail possible) after kids, the shorter for a while, and then realized that because of my height and my weird body shape with my thin face and wide shoulders, short hair just doesn't work well on me. So I grew it back out a few years ago. My hair actually got a bit darker and a bit thicker with each kid. Don't be jealous, it's still not that thick. Maybe if I had 6 more kids, I could end up with Salma Hayek's beautiful locks, but I doubt it.

But last year I realized that all the highlighting on the longer hair was just not working as well for me as it used to and even adding lowlights each time didn't cut it. So I have been phasing back to my more natural hair color. But not with full-on color, my fantastic stylist, Marlow, who is just awesome beyond words, uses toner so it's much gentler and it's also more subtle. Even now, it's been a little more than 8 weeks since last appointment, and while it needs to be done again, I'm not desperately dying for fresh color. It's a crazy week, so if I can't fit it in or she can't, I'll see her next week.

I have been a devoted Pureology fan for quite a while. I know it's expensive, but since I was spending the money on the color (be it color or highlights or whatever), it makes sense to maintain it, no? Plus, the formula is so concentrated, you really do use less. I have been using the moisturizing formula and really loved it. No harsh sulfates on this head of hair, thank you very much. I can't stand the multitude of shampoos - at every price point - that say color-safe when that have sulfates. Bad shampoos!!

Then I started seeing all these ads for the new L'Oreal EverPure line. The drugstore line, priced at $6.99 per bottle. So I figured I would just give it a try, and if it didn't work out, I could always keep it in the guest bath as the spare shampoo/conditioner. And then my guests don't have to use Barbie shampoo.

I have to tell you that I am thrilled beyond words with this pair. My hair feels great, my color is doing fine (like I said, I'm not desperate for fresh color right now although it would be nice). I didn't think it weighed down my hair too much. Volumizing doesn't even work on my hair. Plus, volumizing formulas tend to be much harsher on color and maintaining the color is my primary goal. (Side benefit of the big floppy hats in the summer - the color lasts much longer!)

Petunia tried the shampoo and wasn't a fan, as she posted here, but she did find a new line that she loves - the Suave Professionals. Maybe I'll check them out sometime.

And, just wondering, am I the only one with rawhide chews and a pink tennis ball in my bathroom? (It's been a while since I included a Lucy pic.)


sparrowsandsparkles said...

I have just started using that Everpure too... so far so good (I get highlights). I did pick up some Suave today... the Naturals line in coconut. It was so inexpensive and smelled so good - I figure if it is not good for me, Hubby can use it. My hair also got darker and thicker, and really wavy after having kids.

ashley said...

im in a shampoo dilemma too. im thinking of finding something cheap that does the job. buying those salon ones gets super pricey! but anyway your dog is so cute!!!!!

Jemma Ruby said...

Hi Heidi, I have the same issue, I color my hair as well and have tried every shampoo out there. For some reason I never have luck with L'Oreal shampoos.I use Philip B right now which is a very natural line, but will give pureology a go next time around. Petunia's shampoo post was great too- agreed!

Summerilla said...

I'm in a hair rut, I need cut advice!

Your dog is adorable. My bathroom floor is covered in stuffed mice and unrolled toilet paper!!! The kitten will destroy a whole roll in a day sometimes and drag it all over the house! What a nice surprise to come home to sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Your puppy is adorable!!! I love when they lay on their sides like that. :)

Lissa said...

Heidi, I will totally try this! I'm excited about it!

KatyO. said...

Thanks for the post! I do spend a lot on salon brands (I used to use Bumble & Bumble Thickening shampoo and conditioner, but I recently switched to Redkin Colorsafe). It gets really expensive, so when I run out, I'll have to try the L'Oreal brand!

Thanks! :D

HeidiG said...

sparrowsandsparkles - hope you enjoy the everpure. I can't do coconut - just don't like the smell. But I do love your logic - I do the same - if I don't like it, it goes to hubby or to the guest bath.

ashley - I don't know if everpure will be a total 100% replacement for the Pureology for me, but it will at least be an alternative and great for travel.

Jemma Ruby - thanks for sharing! I always find it interesting to see what everyone uses because hair differs so much from person to person.

Summerilla - saw the hair post, and left my advice - i would also suggest asking the ladies at the JCA tea this weekend (you are coming, right?) Lucy just discovered the toilet paper and the toilet bowl itself last week, so that door stays closed now. :)

Anon - thanks. she loves to stretch out like that.

Lissa - good luck, hope you love it, too!!

KatyO - You are very welcome, hope it works for you, too!!

Anonymous said...

I used to love Pureology too. I have been wondering about the Everpure. I am trying to grow my hair out ( after a "trim" ended up being 4" two months ago) and am actually phasing blonde back in! I just hope I can get past the awkward not quite long or short phase I'm in now. I'm kind of hating it so maybe new shampoo is just what I need!
Thank you! ;)

Emily said...

Hmmm, I guess the L'Oreal line is for color treated hair only? I don't color my hair, I have dk brown hair so I can get away with it but if it was lighter I would have to color. I dread the day I go gray. I use the Fekkai shampoo but it would be nice to hair a drugstore alternative. L'Oreal actually makes the Keratase line so it doesn't surprise me that you have had good results.

HeidiG said...

Stephanie - ooooh, 4"? Yikes. It's funny that you are phasing blonde back in. I never seem to static - it's either toward the blonde or away. And a new shampoo is probably what you need - just mentally a change, you know?

Emily - the line is for color-treated, but from everything I've read, that just means it is gentler to your hair. Nothing wrong with a little gentleness even if you don't have color. And um, yeah, the toner helps blend in some of the grays as well - there aren't that many, but they are there.

Petunia said...

I'm happy that the L'Oreal worked well for you! My hair goes flat very easily so it was too moisturizing (if there could possibly be such a thing!) for me.
I could see you as a blonde!! :)

C said...

dog not allowed in the bathroom lest he eat toilet paper and drink toilet completely CONSUMES raw hide, so it is never just around...all the hard plastic toys and chewed tennis balls are in the kitchen.

as to shampoo: I use "regular" L'Oreal Moisture Shampoos...and was confused by the "no sulphites:...never realized sulphites were an enemy...are they supposed to be leaching out color?

HeidiG said...

Petunia - my hair goes flat pretty easily too, but for some reason this one did work. That's my holy grail - to find the moisturizing ones that don't weight down too much. Also, I use very little shampoo and concentrate it at my roots primarily. I figure I'll go back to blonde when I start getting gray so it blends with the highlights. :)

C-Lucy doesn't have free roam in the bathroom 24/7, but she hangs in there with me in the morning when I shower and get ready (and I close the door to the water closet). My last dog was like yours with the rawhide - obsessive consumption. Fortunately with Lucy, it's an enjoyable distraction.

HeidiG said...

C - I realized that I never actually answered the last part of your comment - it's the sulfates that leach the color. if the last word in the name is sulfate, it's not good for color. sorry for the delay in answering - clearly I am very distractable when it comes to talking puppy dogs!!