Sunday, May 31, 2009

J Crew Sunbleached Flower Crinkle Tee & Weekend Review

J Crew Sunbleached Flower Crinkle Tee (#19095, $42.50). I have been seeing this tee pop up on Polyvores all over the place. So I had it on my check-it-out-next-time-I'm-at-J-Crew list. And then I found out the applique was actually black. And then I saw a really cute PV set Jillie made with cardi and jeans. And then I saw FFM's PV set pairing the tee with black cropped pants. I was done. It went on the definitely-getting-it-unless-it's-really-awful list. I love navy and black together. And I had a chance to get it last night.

So a few other DC JCAs and I met up last night at Montgomery Mall for supper at Nordstrom Cafe and then a little shopping jaunt to J Crew. We brought 2 of the mini-Aficionadas with us, E (mine) and CW (Dina's). The little girls had fun and E thought CW was the most adorable thing in the world. (who doesn't, really?) I wish I had pics to post but hubby & M went to the NASCAR race at Dover and took the camera. But Summer had hers and got a pic, so hopefully that will up on her blog later (hint, hint). Great girls, great time.

Back to the tee - Love love loved it. I actually ended up getting the L as I wanted shrinkage room and I felt the M was a little lumpy/bulgy on me. (hate it when the back bra straps show) And the L has more shoulder swinging room, not that I'm planning any YMCA dances today. So it's a size up from the boyfriend tissue tee, but the same size as my rosette tee and my silk-applique critter bow tee.

I love the caspian blue color - so pretty. The "flowers" are done in silk habotai. But I'll be totally honest with you, I am just referring to this as the "swirly tee." Flowers, whatever, I'm much more concrete than that.

One thing to be careful of (can't believe I'm calling attention to this) is the right hand flower. It's fine in the L because it sits a little lower, but in the M, it had the pasty on top of your shirt effect - yep, drew attention right to that. So if that bugs you, you may want to switch up your sizing a bit. Then again, maybe some people like that, follow your bliss.

I am wearing it today with my black cropped pants (the ones that I had tailored from too-short regular Gap pants into perfect ankle length) in a blatant rip-off of the PV set that FFM made. I love this with black pants. But I'm also going to love it with my white jeans and light khaki bottoms, too. I went with black sandals, Dina hoops, and a few bracelets. I'm not sure how a necklace would work with this - whether it would compete or enhance. But for me, I thought there was enough going on with the design.

Polyvore for today:

Wearing Today-5/31/09
Wearing Today-5/31/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

Polyvore set #1 from Saturday, E's soccer game: (Wish I had gotten pics as my friend Laura and I both showed up to the game in charcoal gray knit dresses. different styles, thank goodness.)

Polyvore set #2 from Saturday, meeting JCA's out for supper & shopping:


AppGal said...

I'm so glad you and FFM have brought this tee to my attention...I didn't even know it came in the blue color until you all mentioned it! And it's like a whole new tee in that color :)

Sounds like you all had a fabulous time. Wish I lived closer! I hate that the cinched dress didn't work on you! I totally understand on the sizing issues though...don't you wish they made 1/2 sizes sometimes? like...small and a half, hehe :)But hey, at least you can pull off that gorgeous dressy jersey strapless dress that looked awful on me!

Jillle said...

The tee looks great on you!
For me, I decided a necklace would compete with the "flowers". Very abstract flowers, for sure!

Lissa said...

I just want to know what happened to the kind of soccer moms that show up in NIke sweats, baseball caps and pony tails???

Patina Cabachon said...

i am sorry that we missed each other again. please email me and let me know when you are planning to meet again. The tee looks wonderful on you. i saw it last week irl and it's gorgeous!!!! as i write this, i am attempting to shrink my rosette tees. I dipped them in hot water, turned them inside out and threw them in the dryer. i hope it works

Stylestance said...

Great tee and you'll get tons of use out of it (awesome CPW, cost per wearing). I agree, no necklace ... it stands on its own.

Ann said...

Lissa: funny, I thought the same thing! Heidi, your soccer mom crowd is way fancier than mine ... But what a great outfit! I have the silk flower tee too--we definitely have the same taste in clothes!

Summerilla said...

Yeah! Love the tee, so cute and you know you love something when you wear it right away!

So glad I was able to meet up with everyone for shopping... I was definitely "fashionably late" to the housewarming party but it was worth getting to see you all!

And I will definitely post the picture!

gigiofca said...

Did you guys do the bring-a-friend discount promo at J Crew? I keep forgetting about that.

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

You look Gorgeous in the tee! :) I don't care for it with a necklace, either, but a scarf works really well, IMO.

Sounds like you had a lot of fun on your outing! How great is it that you have so many other JCA's in your area to share the obsession with? Lucky girl you are! ;)

Have a great day!

HeidiG said...

AppGal - you're right, it is like a whole new tee in the blue/black combo. Wish you could have joined us too! (let us know if you are ever coming to DC). Re: the dress - it was a bummer, but I realize we can't *all* have the exact same dress. :)

Jillie - thanks!

LIssa & Ann - Oh, I had on my ponytail with my hat (wide brimmed for more sun protection) and my friend Laura had on her baseball hat. Honestly - it's all about the weather - when it's sunny and 83 on an open field, I want to be as cool as possible. A comfy knit dress that does not require a bra is about the easiest thing I can imagine. when it's chilly, then we bring out the sweats & jeans. And trust me, we're not a fashion show - I hadn't even showered b/c I gave blood that morning and couldn't get my arm wet yet. and that's when a nice big hat and sunglasses cover a multitude of sins. :)

Patina - We will definitely let you know next time we do something. So sorry you couldn't make it this time. good luck with your rosettes!

Stylestance - thanks! I agree on CPW - the colors make it go easily into fall & winter.

Summerilla - thanks! sorry you were late to the HW party, but not really b/c that means we got to hang wtih you a little longer!

Gigi - the what? tell me more, please! at least I spent under $100 (and returned about $350, so net gain)

FFM - thank you! and ooh, a scarf would be good, thanks! It is fun to see the other JCAs. wish you were closer, too!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

OT: Can you get onto Polyvore this morning?

HeidiG said...

Had not yet this morning - I just tried it and was able to get into PV.

Katherine said...

I think I need this tee! I only saw the thumbnail of the white version on the site and didn't even give it a second look, but it's gorgeous in blue. Thanks for your review (and for the tip about the potential pasty effect :))

dinagideon said...

Lady Parts...LADY PARTS!!! Hee, hee, only kidding. Seriously you look fab. I cannot wait to wear mine as soon as I am feeling up to it.

I spent yesterday in bed with the worst headache I have ever had. Blegh. At least my saturday night was fantastic. ;)

I think it is good we grabbed this tee...I believe it will be a hot seller...the combo of deep blue and charcoal is irresistable.

Tell E. CW misses her. She has found a "big sister."

Kat said...

You look fantastic in that tee! I tried it on last week and ended up getting the one with the big blue flowers instead. I think I may have to go back and get this one now!

How do you like the Montgomery Mall? I've never actually been there. I usually head to the Georgetown or Chevy Chase stores since MM isn't metro/walking accessible.

Anonymous said...

That tee and in that color looks beautiful on you!

Ema said...

Yay for the crankle flower tee Heidi (but now I have to give a closer look to the position of that flower, as I sized down in mine).

Your second Polivore look would be perfect for US Open or Rolland Garros!

Ema said...

Sorry, I meant crinkle tee!

Emily said...

I'm glad that I saw your post and FFMs post on this tee. I had no idea that it came in the black/ navy combo. I just adore it and now that the ban is over I am getting it! It looks great on you!

HeidiG said...

Katherine - yes, you absolutely need this tee! :)

Dina - so sorry to hear you felt so bad Sunday! Poor thing. Relayed your message to E - you made her day! Loved the tee on you too, can't wait to see you wear it.

Kat - the one with the blue flowers is really pretty, too - I saw it on Ema's blog and loved it. I have actually never been to the CC or Gtown JCs. I got to MM or Tysons, so not sure how to compare. The attraction with MM is 1 - for me, it's the closest. 2 - for the purposes of our Sat night outing, it has crewcuts. Maybe someone else who knows all 3 can chime in?

luvallthingsjcrew - thank you!

Ema - that 2nd outfit is just so comfy - it was all about staying cool that afternoon - and I brought the cardi instead of a sweatshirt b/c I am lazy and it was not as heavy to carry as a sweatshirt. :) And sorry, hope I don't ruin the crnkle tee for you with the pasty comment - we were just cracking up in the dressing rooms over it.

Emily - don't you love the blogs? I will admit that I don't have the time to spend poring over the JC website and going through all the product pages and colors and details. So I wait and see what looks good on everyone's covetables list or their reviews or when I go into the store. Congrats on surviving your ban!!

Paper Bag Princess said...

You are oh-so-cute in that top. I may have to looksee mahself...

Anonymous said...

your last combination is perfect! I love the color of the capris with the white v-neck. Glad to hear you had a nice weekend :)

HeidiG said...

PBP - it's a great tee - you should get it! I would also love to see it in your JC math.

parkaveprincess - thank you! I loved that outfit and will be wearing it again soon, I'm sure. Those capris are so comfy and so summery!

3-Penny Princess said...

I love that tee on you in this color! Great find!

HeidiG said...

Thanks, 3-PP!

Jemma Ruby said...

I ama huge fan of navy and black- that looks very nice on you!!