Friday, May 29, 2009

Wearing Today and a Tale of Three Necklaces

E is back in school, Lucy seems to be doing better and we were done with our walk before the torrential wind & rain blew through, and M is still healthy {knocks on wood}. All is well.

It is warm and humid...or at least it was, apparently the rain dropped the temp from 88 to 70. But the sunshine is back out.

A good day for JC's ringspun painter tee and linen-cotton seaside pants. And of course, I pulled out the Target Samala peep toe flats - but I am afraid they are done in. I totally tripped while we were walking because, well, I'm not at all graceful and that scuffed off the material covering the whole front of the shoe. It's awful looking. I guess that's what happens when you wear cheap shoes from Target (like I do so often). At least I wore them a bunch before this happened. Still...don't know that I can justify getting another pair if this happens so easily, and hello, I would definitely want to wear them for walking because of the comfort factor. Major bummer.

But enough about shoes for now, let's talk necklaces. The one I'm wearing today is a particular favorite that I got from BR last winter, on sale for about $24.99. I love the mixed metal chains. I love the sparkle on the pendant. I don't love that it will snag the occasional sweater, but I can deal with it usually. It's just a unique fun piece and it looked so fab paired with the Samala pewter flats...which just bit the dust. Oh well. Necklace works with a lot of other things, too.

I have 2 J Crew necklaces to post about as well.

The first is the Cherry Blossom Necklace (#17074, orig $75, curr $49.99). I spied it in the sale jar at checkout last time I was there, in shadow. It also comes in deep rose which looks pretty. I loved the smoke, as I love the smoky quartz look. However, when I came home and tried it on, it seems a little noisy - noisier than I would expect it to be. Pics with black dress and gray tee.

And I also saw this - oops - dent in the tubular bead. If that's how it came home, I worry how easily it can happen again. Guess it's definitely going back.

The second necklace is one I was eyeing in the catalog and in store. And then, when I ordered the 2 dresses with 20% off, I decided to take the plunge, as even just 1 kept item more than justified the 20% off. (My version of J Crew Math, which isn't nearly as entertaining as Paper Bag Princess' J Crew Math)

It's the Double Strand Confetti Necklace (#17075, $98). The beads are a cream color (or rather, champagne quartz), but they aren't pearls. I like that they are a change from pearls. I mean, who doesn't love pearls, but a change in nice sometimes. I think the length is perfect and it can tackle just about any vneck without being too short. And well, I just loved the exuberance of the necklace.

The problem with that exuberance is that IRL, it almost seemed a little too messy for me. Pics with black dress and gray tee.

I am leaning very much toward returning this one. I like it, but don't know that it's worth FP or just 20% off. I think I'll wait this one out. Gigi did a review of the confetti necklace along with some F21 potential subsitutions.

And I can't forget Polyvore set for today:

Wearing Today - 5/29/09
Wearing Today - 5/29/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

Happy Weekend!!


Anonymous said...

I too have been lusting after the confetti necklace, and not that I'm biased or anything but I think it looks great on you! Anxiously waiting for mine to arrive!

Katherine said...

Hi Heidi. OT, but do you own the Marjorie flats you have pictured at the top of your blog? I need silver flats (totally destroyed my fave pair walking home in the rain today) and was considering these.

HeidiG said...

Anan@10:17 - thank you! Hope you love yours!! I am still on the fence, but thinking that keeping the black dress makes more sense, and I have spent enough this month at the Crew.

Katherine - sorry, I do not have the Marjorie flats. (unfortunately, many/most of their ballet flats are too narrow in the toe box for me) I just loved the pic as the ballet flats are very me-ish. So sorry to hear you destroyed yours - that stinks!! Let me know if you do get the Marjories.

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

You look beautiful, Heidi...sorry to hear about your shoes. I don't think it's just because they were less expensive though. Shannon's Dusty Rose Spectator peep toes from J.Crew did the same thing, only on the heel. I would imagine that before too long you could find them again on Target supersale. :)

I think I would return both necklaces. The Confetti necklace is pretty, but more of *on sale* pretty, so you could get it again later if you really want it. I think F21 has a version of it, too.

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit! I am really liking my painter tees and am going to look for yellow. It looks so happy!

Sorry about the shoes. Yup, it's important to be able to walk so replacing them may not be in your best interest. They were so cute though!

I like the necklace. Maybe hang on to it for a week and it your haven't worn it by then-- return it. That's what I do when I'm unsure. Hope you are having a great weekend!

Jordyn said...

Wow, you look really good in yellow! I like the confetti necklace too...I think it looks cute on you....but can understand the thought that F21 may have a similar substitution. If you don't love it, send it back. There are so many other cute pieces:)

KatyO. said...

I'm on the fence about both of these as well. They both look amazing with the black dress, but I worry about them with colors other than black. Keep us updated. :)

HeidiG said...

FFM - thanks for the shoe info - I guess it's better to do it with $20 shoes than $200 shoes. Still is a stinker b/c they went with so many things, but I would have a hard time repeat-buying. Will think on it. And I think you are dead-on about the confetti necklace - I love the term "on sale pretty". it's a great necklace, but I have quite a few anyway...if I didn't have many necklaces this would be a great piece, but since I do, as a supplemental piece, better on sale. thanks, as always, for your insight!

Stephanie - thank you! Bf tees are still my fave, but I do like the painters, too. Good suggestion about the necklace - but I am thinking about returning and re-purchasing if I find I really want it. They had at least 1 or 2 at my local store.

Jordyn - thank you! You are right - there are so many other cute pieces. I was in love with the silk ribbon chain necklace, but have found that my "need" to have it has waned with time.

KatyO - thanks for the input - the cherry blossom will definitely go back. confetti - probably will take back (never know until I actually do, however), but may repurchase later. Still thinking on it. :)

Slastena said...
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Slastena said...

The cherry blossom one is my fave- I am head over heels for that one. I was this close to getting it, but did not- b/c I have way too much costume jewlery right now and I was being honest with myself. I had to slap my hands though to resist the urge. So happy you got it!

Paper Bag Princess said...

All the necklaces look pretty!! I didn't think the confetti necklace looked too messy at all. But I saw the F21 version on Gigi's blog and it looked pretty darn good for the price!

3-Penny Princess said...

Yay, I love those neckalces! I actually bought the Cherry Blossom necklace in deep rose. It's very pretty! I had been eyeing it since it came out, even before deep rose became available online (I saw it at Tysons). Then when it went on sale, I got it for 20% off. Good buy! I actually wear mine double stranded with some stuff since it's kinda long on me.

Also, I was totally craving the Confetti necklace in ivory! I am just waiting for it to go on sale so I can justify another completely unnecessary purchase!

Enjoy the weekend!

3-Penny Princess said...

Forgot to say, since we're on the subject - can somebody please clip the Cherry Blossom necklace to Polyvore for me in Deep Rose? I tried multiple times but my Polyvore won't let me clip me it. It's so frustrating! I've written to them about my clips not working, but they never even responded. Are they even listening?

Anyway, can someone please clip it for me? I'd be much obliged!

HeidiG said...

Slastena - Good for you with the self-control. Mine's going back today with the dent in it.

PBP - GIgi's F21 looked good, I agree - of course you never know if they will even have it in stock in the store, and I like to see their stuff IRL before purchasing.

3-PP - Just PV'ed the necklace. (I was on JC PVing when the emailed comment popped up.) Haha, love the comment about justifying the unnecessary purchase - I think I'm going to return and wait for the sale, too!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

3-PP: Have you tried reinstalling your Polyvore clipper even if it is already installed? The same you are experiencing happened to me the other day, and I couldn't clip anything at all. I was wondering if it was all of Polyovre or just me, but everyone elses seemed to be working fine. So at the end of the day I decided to click that link and *install* it started working again...go figure. Might be worth a shot for you. :)

Kristin said...

Ok, I totally love the confetti necklace, but the F21 price would be hard to pass up!

gigiofca said...

FFM is right. Shoes are subject to being muffed up at any price point. I found a shoe guy that puts taps on for about 44. It's worth it on some shoe where I want to try to protect them. I've even done a couple of cheap pairs.

I've decided I'm not a huge fan of the confetti necklace. I wish it sat more open so you could see all of the beautiful beads. They kind of flop around & that bugs. Just my opinion. ;-)

HeidiG said...

Kristin _ I agree!

Gigi - Ok, so I'll keep buying my cheap shoes. :) I wish the confetti necklace were as great as I want it to be based on the catalog photos. I've decided that FFM's term "on sale pretty" is my new favorite - so that is how I will refer to it.

tastymoog said...

I like the cherry blossom necklace. It looks cute doubled up, too (shown like that in the catalog). Too bad about yours being dented! They should store them better than shoving them in one of those darn sale jars... it's not a scarf! :P

HeidiG said...

tastymoog - excellent point, they aren't scarves! I will admit to how fun it is to scoop all the jewelry around in the jar, though. :)

HeidiG said...

tastymoog - excellent point, they aren't scarves! I will admit to how fun it is to scoop all the jewelry around in the jar, though. :)

A Bigger Closet said...

Pretty necklaces! I held off buying these only because I already have the Sunrays and Primrose necklaces. I do find these larger pieces are more subtle if you wear them against similar colors and a style like the ribbon chain necklace works with everthing without being messy looking.