Friday, May 22, 2009

Wearing Today - Inspred by the Start of Pool Season

I think I must have been inspired by the pool opening this weekend. I went with all blue-green today. It's also a pretty close replica of my yellow/navy combo here that seemed to go over well, and that I really liked. Started out with the navy Nicky skirt. Swapped out the yellow ringspun painter tee for one in aqua green (which I got on sale 2 weeks ago for 9.99, yay for in store markdowns). Swapped out the Erickson Beamon bubble necklace for the J Crew fireball. And added sandals instead of flats because it is 80 degrees outside.

I love this Nicky skirt. Even though I had to iron it this morning. which I hate. I hate ironing and try to buy as few needs-ironing clothes as possible, and that would probably explain my tendency toward sweaters and tees. I can use Downy Wrinkle Reducer Spray on those. Have you all ever used it? It works so well, it's just like magic. A friend of mine was laughing at me until I actually showed her. Now she is a convert.

Ironing aside, it's a great outfit for a warm day because it's comfy and easy but not so sloppy. I actually find skirts/dresses to be more comfortable in hot weather than shorts. They may not always be practical, but I try to stretch it when I can.

Polyvore for today:

Wearing Today-5/22/09
Wearing Today-5/22/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

ps - don't forget to help me pick which dress in the post below. Thanks!


Patina Cabachon said...

oh, i love the color combination. i can't wait to get off and enjoy the weather. I am a dress and skirt person in summer also.

Summerilla said...

Super cute outfit. I agree skirts and dresses are so much better than shorts in the summer. I love those shoes, thanks for posting about them a while ago I have them in the white and the blue. They are so comfortable.

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit! I also picked up this shirt at that great sale price. What a deal! I'm glad you decided to keep the bag. It's really fun!

I love Downy Wrinkle Reducer! I am sooo not an ironer!

Slastena said...

Heidi, I love that aquamarine. It brings out gorgeous warmth in your hair! You look super adorable!

dinagideon said...

Agh! You must wear color more often...this aqua is perfect with your coloring.

I know this is silly, but I am too proper not to ask this, can I call you past 9 pm but before 10:30? I don't like to call people too late. :)

If it is too late, I can call around 10 or 11 am tomorrow!

I actually came home and took a nap. Man this has been one exhausting week.

I cannot wait to get to the pool! YAY for summer!

HeidiG said...

Patina - thank you! Hope you enjoy the weekend!!

Summerilla - thank you! so glad you are enjoying the shoes. I keep wondering if I should get another pair, but question is which color.

Stephanie - thank you! glad you got the same tee - such a great color for summer!! (so glad to hear you are a Downy Wrinkle Reducer fan too!)

Slastena - thank you! I bet this color is great on you as well.

Dina - thank you! and so kind of you to ask. Before 10:30 is fine. (just call home number since the cell reception can be cruddy in the house.) I was actually just napping on the sofa myself.

Stylestance said...

You're wearing my favorite color top .. in fact I can't get enough of color lately. Cute outfit!

Anonymous said...

Just darling!
Luvee the blue!

Lissa said...

its fun to watch the outfits lighten up and go with the season. I am such a summer girl! Winter clothes are not for me. But my sissy loves a big cozy sweater! I want to live in cute dresses and cowboy boots! Hey! I'm moving out of my sweats!

monogramgirl said...

I love the turquoise with your dark hair! Very pretty!

3-Penny Princess said...

I like that aqua on you! It's so happy and summery. You're right, it is pool season. My backyard neighbor actually has his own pool - how fabulous? I've been trying to work my way into it. Maybe I should invite everyone over sometime and we can all hang out in his pool...

I adore my Nicky! But I detest ironing. I just get things like that dry cleaned at my favorite cheapie cleaner for $199 (used to be $175 but they've been raising it progressively). Still cheaper than my water, gas, and electric bills!

Have a great weekend and I hope you get to do some swimming!

HeidiG said...

Stylestance, luvallthingsjcrew, & monogramgirl - thank you!

Lissa - You look so darn cute in your dresses & boots! But I'm with your sister, I must admit. Much as I love the water, I just adore a good cozy sweater!

3-Penny Princess - thank you! and good luck worming your way in to the neighbor's pool! We did hit the pool on Saturday and it was fantastic! Not that I went into the water - way too cold! and I will consider getting my Nicky drycleaned - it was such a bargain, that I won't mind spending the money on drycleaning.