Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Review

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day. I wish I could be eloquent, but instead I will direct you to Lula Mae's post and Joyce's post about the holiday. So well said. Thank you, ladies.

We started with work-day on Saturday to get things picked up, organized, and set up for M's birthday party here at the house on Sunday. Once all the sweaty work was done, we hit the pool because hello, opening day and it's actually not thunderstorming or 65 degrees.

Post-pool, I actually got dressed in normal clothes. It was hot, hot, hot, so a definite day for the white gauze skirt and a Target boyfriend tissue tee - flamingo that day. Hair up, Dina hoops, fireball necklace...good to go.

And can I tell you how much I am loving my Havaianas Fit flip flops? Because the strap holds the back on so it's much less strain on your feet. Yay, happy feet! My mom got a pair a couple of weeks ago per my suggestion and I ordered a pair for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day. Just trying to spread the joy here, folks.

Polyvore for Friday:
Wearing Today-5/23/09
Wearing Today-5/23/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

In other exciting (to me) news...Lucy turned 5 months old on Friday. She is just over 30 pounds, so I guess we are halfway to her projected adult weight of 60-65 pounds. And I think she's teething because she has developed a new love for everyone's shoes in the last couple of weeks. She will try to pick up my sandals right in front of me to go chew on. The only casualty so far is a pair of E's sparkly pink flip flops from last summer that needed to be tossed anyway. (thank you, Lucy!) And we have birthday pics...trying to get her in front of the peonies that managed to survive her daily presence. (the secret was the 3 little coated wire panels of fencing that allowed them to grow just high enough and kept her from jumping directly on them)
And this one is "is she done yet? can I go now, please?"

Sunday was M's party and well... we were just too busy and I didn't get pics. Outfit wasn't too exciting - but did include the new Gap outlet khaki shorts which were way comfy. I'll get a pic of them soon, I think. But the party was a blast - we had an backyard splash party with 2 slip-n-slides and a huge inflatable pool. Great for a group of 8 & 9 year old boys. M loved it. And then friends invited us over for dinner so, yay! we didn't have to cook.

For dinner, I wore a cute little black knit shift dress from AT Loft last summer. So comfy & easy. Flat black sandals, silver hoops & cuff, I'm good to go! It's practically mindless dressing. No Polyvore since the dress isn't on PV and I actually couldn't find a great stand in. But I paired it with a lavender Jackie later when it got cold.

And since I couldn't Polyvore the outfit, here is my dress pic for future Polyvores: (just scroll on down, sorry)

And pic of the sliver cuff. It's Silpada, but a discontinued piece. I love it. (polyvoring this one, too, sorry, scroll along) (And guess what? Now I can Polyvore Sunday night's outfit! It is a sickness, really it is.)

And, blissfully, no plans today. We did some yard work to clean up from the party and take care of a plum tree that hubby had to chop down last weekend while I was away (long story) that was sitting out back behind the fence just waiting for us to break it all down. So we have 2 bags of yard waste for the recycle truck on Thursday and a pile of wood to use in the outdoor fireplace.

Never mind the corner of the yard where he chopped down the tree that I need to re-landscape or re-configure or re-something. I know it needed to be done, but still...

So today's outfit incorporates my version of Summer Sweats - the C9 running skort from Target. It's cute, it's comfy, it's cool. Works with just about any tee or tank. My sister and her friends actually get these for tennis. I love it for walking or the occasional jog, since I have actually started doing just a little jogging with Lucy - I despise it, but she loves it.

Skort with BF tissue tee, cami, and the french terry double zip hoodie (which was perfect after the rain when it cooled down), and the Havaianas. A relaxing outfit for a relaxing day. I feel very lifeguard-y in this outfit.

We grilled pizzas for dinner. On the grill. We each made our own. (Did I mention what a fantastic cook hubby is? Makes his own dough, since clearly I'm not going to.) I made my knockoff of a pizza that Fat Tony's here has - the Pizza Gina - crust, sauce, mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, goat cheese, and pesto. Of course, I can only think of the fab John Candy/Dan Akroyd flick, The Great Outdoors, whenever I think about goat cheese pizza - but that is one of my fave flicks.

Polyvore for Monday:


gigiofca said...

Cute outfits. I love it. Lucy is so big now. Wow! Glad the party went well!

Ema said...

Lucy chewing on your shoes was so funny. I guess that now you have to hide those Joley flats that you love ...
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love every single outfit, and sounds like you had fun! Enjoy your Tuesday :)

GingerSnap said...

Cute post. I love the idea of Lucy "helping" rid the house of shoes no longer wanted... Just be sure she keeps that super-cute mug away from your pretty J.Crew shoes! :)

Lissa said...

good puppy... and I noticed that he's sitting there in front of those peonies! Love the black dress! You look so thin in these photos! Maybe I need to get some of those haviannas. That's my color! And... thank you so much heidi for being such a supportive blog friend! xoxo

HeidiG said...

gigi - thank you! I am so glad the party went well. That many boys, 1 back yard, things can get ugly you know. My lawn seems to have survived, though.

Ema - trust me, the Joley flats are safely tucked away in the closet.

parkaveprincess - thank you! and thanks for visiting!

GingerSnap - like I just told Ema, Joley flats safely hidden.

Lissa - thank you! and yes, she is sitting, good puppy. How's Oscar doing? You would love these havaianas - they are very "you". :)

Summerilla said...

I love the skort from Target, that would be perfect for golfing this summer.

Love all the outfits - you had a very fashionable weekend. Lucy is so big and so adorable, Happy 5th month birthday! Fia turned 7 months on Sunday. And Happy Birthday to M!

HeidiG said...

Summerilla - thank you! Skort would be great for golf. It's funny - my mother-in-law golfs and she complains that they don't make golf shorts for women any more, they only make the skorts. :)

Patina Cabachon said...

I love all of your we as beautiful as always and didn't even look frazzled at all from lucy terrorizing your shoes or from the birthday party.

HeidiG said...

Thank you, Patina! I actually wasn't too frazzled once I realized that the weather would hold out. I really didn't want all those boys in my house at one time! :)

dinagideon said...

I saw the pink and I smiled SO look so nice in that color.

I have to say you can rock a shorter skirt and shorts. Your legs look fantastic!

Love the Lucy pics, too cute!

HeidiG said...

Dina - thank you, thank you! I knew you would like the flamingo. :)

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