Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wearing Today and I Am Golden

Yes, I am golden today. Or at least, I'm wearing OPI She's Golden polish, so I can only assume OPI is talking about me (duh). Part of OPI's Beyond Chic collection (Summer 2008), it is described as a white frost with a golden gleam. So it's not stark white, it's a little softer. There were quite a few white nails on the spring runways, most notably the Chanel couture show. This is my take on it - softer and a bit more sparkly. (Remember? Any glitter will help the polish adhere better to the nail.) I got it this past weekend, and am really loving it. This may be a standard in my summer nail arsenal.

On to the outfit...continuing with the white theme - white tank & jeans with long black cardi (BR, Winter 2008). Black sandals, some J Crew necklaces, Dina hoops, and top it off with the tennis ball bag (yep, my new name for it, I am embracing it). Thanks again to everyone for weighing in on the J Crew canvas boardwalk city tote. I really appreciate the time and thought you all put into your comments and I did mull them over quite a bit. As I mentioned in my last reply, I have been dying to pull it out and use it, but was mainly doubting myself. This will work with just about everything I wear in the summer - it may end up being a "neutral" for me after all.

I loved the bag with the black & white outfit; for me, I think it complemented it well. And no, it's not in the IRL pics because I usually do those upstairs and my current bag is usually downstairs. One of these days, I'll remember it for a pic. And I just realized - this is my 2nd day in a row with white jeans. It must be dry outside. And my puppy is growing up. I really need to post some new Lucy pics.

Polyvore set for today:

We are having gorgeous spring weather here today. I took the kiddies to the dentist this morning, ran some errands, and then came home to work, etc on the computer. I finally figured out getting my pics from my BlackBerry, since they weren't emailing and I'm on an enterprise server for work and therefore I never installed the Desktop Manager, so I have some dress and other reviews to post.

And a word of warning to all...beware the crew-lateral damage your J Crew online order can cause...especially if you are trying to break down the box and get it in the recycling so your SO doesn't realize exactly how big the box was...yeah, this is what you get when you are so graceful that you manage to pinch the inside of your arm in the fold of the box. It's a wonder I manage to make it out the door in 1 piece most days. Man, that sucker hurts!


Petunia said...

I love that nail polish on you! It is so much prettier than the stark whites that have been trendy lately!

And too funny about the boxes. I actually contemplated taking my pile of boxes to a dumpster before my hubby got back in town yesterday! Ha!

HeidiG said...

Thanks, Petunia! I thought it was prettier...and it will last much longer, too! (double bonus)

Yeah, I was trying to squish it into the small paper recycle trash can we keep in the house so it wouldn't be as obvious until I could get it to the outside bin. dumb, dumb, dumb.

GingerSnap said...

Haha, I love that you were trying to conceal the box! I think we all do that..."oh no hunny, the box that came was a teeny tiny one...not that GIANT one shoved behind the trash can..."

toast said...

Beautiful polish! :) And I totally know about the damage those boxes can cause. I was trying to break down one of my Crew boxes and somehow it managed to give me a good whack on the elbow. Ouch!

HeidiG said...

GingerSnap & toast - I know, the stupid things we do...I don't hide the purchasing itself, it's just the size of the box, you know?

Anonymous said...

You know, I saw the thumbnail of your 5/21 Polyvore set and based on the little sun clipart alone, I thought, "That looks like Heidi." I've only been reading your blog for a couple weeks, so it's funny that I "know" you so well already :)

Anonymous said...

That wasn't clear, sorry - I saw it on Polyvore, not on your blog, and recognized it as yours. It's early. Need my coffee!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hides boxes! But, ouch!

I love that polish so much!! So pretty for summer!

ashley said...

love the nail polish! you're always golden! and the outfit is super cute too! i love the black and white look. i MIGHT just have to wear black and white today. as always, you're a style inspiration! have a great weekend heidi!

HeidiG said...

Anon@7:45/6 - that's so funny. I was wondering if my sets were getting cluttered b/c I usually like to make it a bit of a storyboard about what is going on that day. And I am a total weather geek, so I often include the sun/rain. Hope you enjoyed your coffee. I start every day with at least 1 cup of tea.

Stephanie - thanks. and yeah, it's the perception issue of the boxes.

ashley - you are so sweet, thank you! I love that we all inspire each other here.