Friday, May 1, 2009

You MUST MUST MUST Read and Take the Open Toed Shoe Pledge

Ok, this post is basically devoted to 2 other blogs. The first is Sea Glasses, whose post today on sandals (like the blue patent ones I got at Target X ago) shows of multiple iterations of the same style in gold. Very fun! And I really enjoy Sea Glass Mom's blog, particularly because she is the mother of twins and I am a twin - and therefore feel sympathy and admiration for anyone raising twins. (mental note, get nice present for Mom for Mother's Day)

So at the bottom of her post, she wisely referred us all to Jemma Ruby's blog, Diary of a Wonder Woman, where she had the Open Toed Shoe Pledge. You must must must read this. It is hilarious! As a hopefully potential member of the Cute Girl Sisterhood, I am taking the pledge, and I urge you to do the same. Let's make the world a more beautiful place, one foot at a time!

After you read and take the pledge, hop on back here because I need some opinions, and I *know* you all have them.... (there's a very funny joke about opinions and everyone having them but don't know if it's appropriate to share) Anyway...I got these shoes at Target - the Xhilaration Samala Flat in pewter patent ($19.99), after seeing them in black on a Bobbi Brown SA, who raved about their comfort. They are comfy. But after getting them home, I'm a little unsure about whether I should keep them. Are they that great? Or just cheap & crappy? Was I seduced by the fact that they match the OPI You Don't Know Jacques polish on my toes? What do you think, Keep or Return? (that should actually be a new feature...the Keep or Return Files)

IRL pic:


Anonymous said...

In the Pic. you posted they look super~cute...but don't know how they look in person. They, a little bit, remind me of my J.Crew Phoebe shoes only your Target shoes are not quite as slender in the toe area.

dinagideon said...

Heidi! LOVE. I must stop being tempted by cute Target shoes...I own enough of them. DARLING.

:) Keep them...

sparrowsandsparkles said...

I found Jemma Ruby's post through Sea Glasses also this morning! I wholeheartedly agree!! The flats are cutey-cute. Pewter is such a great neutral!

gigiofca said...

I immediately thought those were very cute. Me likey.

AppGal said...

I agree w/gigi-i immediately thought they were adorable and really comfy looking. Keep!

(one of my fave radio shows has a segment called, "keep 'em or dump 'em...they are referring to men, I think, but I often think about that phrase when deciding whether or not to keep a particular item of clothing!) :)

ashley said...

lol i read that pledge and totally agree! i must abide by all of those rules before i start sporting my toes!

i love those shoes btw soo super cute!

Emily said...

From the pic I likey but I'm not sure how they look IRL. For $14 you can't go worng. Even if you only wear them a couple times if will be worth it.

Alexandra said...

Heidi - The shoes are cute, I have the same pair :)
They are very comfy too, keep them!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for linking to me! I really appreciate it!! You made my day! :D I didn't know you were a twin too. It's such an amazing sibling bond that it makes the craziness worthwhile (most of the time!). Do you have a twin brother or sister?

I love the flats! I have pewter flats from Old Navy and pewter loafers and I wear them all the time. They look a lot like J. crew and they will go with everything!
Thanks for sharing your height and sizes, too. I'm 5'9 so I'm going to keep close tabs on your finds and outfits!!

Jemma Ruby said...

ok, so you and sea glasses are fellow tall gals, so I am really glad I found you I am glad evryone is enjoying the pledge- thanks for linking to me!

Keep those shoes, they look comfy, hide most feet flaws from the pedi pledge and and are a much more interesting color that still go with everything compared to the usual basic black shoes!

HeidiG said...

luvallthingsjcrew - thanks!

dina - sorry!! and thanks for the input. But I can tell you, these would be way too wide for your feet.

sparrowsandsparkles - Yay to Sea Glasses for sharing with us!

Gigi - thank you!

AppGal - sounds like a fun radio segment. thanks!

ashley - isn't it hilarious?!

Emily - excellent point!

Alexandra - thank you for the info - always good to hear a real life testimonial!!

Stephanie - you are welcome! I have a twin sister, 3 minutes older than me, not identical. Thanks for the feedback!

Jemma Ruby - excellent points, all, thank you! And you are welcome - have to get the word out!! :)

Jordan said...

Heidi: I love your new little shoes from cute!! and thanks to the link to that other blog with the "open toe shoe pledge"...I've never seen that blog before and I'm lovin it! Have a great weekend!

HeidiG said...

Jordan - thanks, glad you like Jemma Ruby's blog - it's fun! Hope you enjoy your weekend too!