Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wearing Today - Polyvore Inspiration

Don't you love it when you are browsing around Polyvore in the evening and see a set and go "Oooh, I am totally wearing that tomorrow!" That was me last night, cdp had a set with a gray tee and white jeans, and I decided that was exactly what I felt like wearing today.

Cute, comfy, and cool - since I had 1 sick kid home today (she had a fever going to bed but it broke overnight and was gone, but no school today - got to be fever free for 24 hours and it really kills me when parents just try to dump their kids back on school too early). But I digress, as usual... And we had to go to the vet as Lucy is having tummy issues again. And you *really* don't want me going into detail. But I am happy with course of treatment and hope we will be straightened out soon.

Of course, the gray tee is a bf tissue, and the usual white Chicos jeans. But I am thinking about trying a pair of white matchsticks this weekend. I do need to get a pick of the regular matchsticks to post on, compared to the outlet ones. Anyway...sparkled up with a cute multi-chain BR necklace and my pewter Target Samala flats. Have you all tried those shoes? They are so comfy. I really need to check out the black ones. I didn't even need the jacket. So many thanks to cdp and Polyvore for making this morning a little easier for me!

Polyvore for Today:
Wearing Today-5/28/09
Wearing Today-5/28/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew

Lots to post on tomorrow as dresses & necklace arrived today.

I know this has been a pretty boring post so I will share with you this commercial that I just saw and it totally cracked me up. Enjoy and have a good evening!


Kathy said...

That was so sweet! We love tea parties in our house! When my daughter was in kindergarten she went to afternoon session and we used to have lunch at least once a week at Mrs. Wyatt's Tea Room. She still calls it (at 15) Mrs. Wyatts Tea Party! That place closed 8 years ago, but we still get High Tea every now and then to bring back the wonderful memories! Thanks for posting this!

gigiofca said...

When I see those shoes @ Target I think of you. :-)

Adorable commercial!

Stylestance said...

Cute casual chic. I've seen that commercial ... adorable. Isn't O.R. popcorn really stepping it up a bit from their older commercials?

Lissa said...

I'm going to have to try this polyvore thing one day! cute outfit you found from it!

Drewablank said...
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Drewablank said...

I'm totally like that with Polyvore! Sometimes when I have no idea what I'm going to wear in the morning, I'd be wrapped up in my towel from my shower running from the computer to the closet trying to figure out what to wear! LOL!

I'm happy to hear the the fever broke. It sucks to be sick especially when the weather's sticky and hot. Yay for mommies (on behalf of your baby)!

I hope everything works out for Lucy. I've had sick dogs before and it's no picnic, for you OR the dog. :(

Last thing (finally, right?), I looove that ad!

p.s. (Yeah, I said that was the last thing...I have a tendency to ramble...:p) - I tell ya, Target is a black hole, I just keep getting sucked in!

Anonymous said...

Great outfit! I love finding a set that I can duplicate-- PV to the rescue!

I'm sorry about Lucy. When we got our dog from rescue (7 years ago!) he had GI issues too. The third vet finally identifies the intestinal parasite causing the problem. I hope you were not eating breakfast, sorry. Make sure they are running lots of tests to get to the bottom of it (no pun intended-- I'm really on a roll here)!

I tried the matchsticks on in the store and they looked great from the front, not so much from the back. :o If they go on sale more I'll try again!

KatyO. said...

I especially like this outfit with the Altier. So chic!

Summerilla said...

Oh I just loved that commercial - it was so cute!

Very cute outfit, I need to pull out my white jeans, seriously. I have a bootcut pair and a matchstick pair just wasting away, the idea of white just scares me for some reason but I love the way it looks. Cute outfit!

Anonymous said...

Poor Lucy--I hope she feels better soon!

HeidiG said...

Kathy - that's so cute! I love tea! (both the beverage and the meal)

Gigi - hehe, I am thinking I really need to get them in black.

Stylestance - OR is definitely stepping it up, I agree.

Lissa - thank you!

Drewablank - yep sick in summer is stinky for sure. And um, yeah, I'm a total rambler. too, in case you hadn't noticed! See you tomorrow at MM!

Stephanie - thanks! wow - 3 vets to fix your puppy? it's a real fun conversation, isn't it? :)

KatyO - I agree that the jacket definitely takes it up a notch. I love that jacket.

Summerilla - pull out those white jeans! I bet they look fab on you!

luvallthingsjcrew - thank you, she actually seems to have more pep today, so hopefully this will work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog. I look forward to checking several everyday (it's become sort of my "me time"). Anyway, I really enjoy CDP's polyvore. Does she have a blog??? If so, could you post the name so I could follow hers, too? Thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend.

HeidiG said...

Anon@12:27 - thank you so much! cdp does have a blog but it is literally to take pictures of items for Polyvore so that she can use them in her sets. I wish she had a blog, too, because I definitely would follow it. I love her PV sets!

dinagideon said...

Hi! Sorry so late...feeling a bit blegh (check your e-mail--I will be fine by tomorrow).

You look so pretty in everything. I have yet to see a color (neutrals included) that doesn't make your skin look beautiful.

So you are getting a package tomorrow, too? I guess if things don't work out we can return them easily enough.

BTW, I will bring the green jersey dress if you would like to try it on. I bet the small would be PERFECT on you...let me know!

Talk soon!

HeidiG said...

Got my package today. I'm still making my decisions, but am 90% certain of what I will do now.

Sorry to hear you have been under the weather. I would *love* to try on the green jersey dress tomorrow - you are so sweet!

and thank you on the color - but the ones that look cruddy, I don't wear. :)

Patina Cabachon said...

i am going to recreate the look and wear my gray puffed sleeve tee and white pants monday. i don't have to pick my brain about what to wear on "errand day" :-))) I love polyvore.

HeidiG said...

Patina - Ooooh, I bet the gray puff sleeve tee will be great with white pants. PV is such a help sometimes, isn't it?

Jordyn said...

Hey Heidi: Thanks for the white jeans are so right. I actually was hunting through my closet this AM and found the high heeled flared jeans in white, I totally forgot i bought them. I'm going to try them out today with one of my new tops. You also totally turned me on to the boyfriend tees I seriously LOVE them!! I have like 8 colors now:) Enjoy your weekend.

HeidiG said...

So glad you love the BF tees, too!

Glad you found your white jeans - they really are my summer staple. Post some pics with those fab new tops!