Wednesday, May 27, 2009

J Crew Cotton Ruffle Tank and Harbour Oxford Capri

Dressing Room Review - J Crew Cotton Ruffle Tank (#15697, $69.50) and Harbour Oxford Capri (#15382, $59.50). Hehehe, I love that it's harbour, not harbor. I love the colours. They are my favourite. (I'll stop now.)

I tried these on last week and my B&M. Let's start with the top. The Cotton Ruffle Tank is such a fun summer piece. Loved it! I tried it in white, but it is also available in papaya, stone, dark mushroom, and navy. I tried on an 8 because it looked loose at the bottom. And that size was perfect. So if you aren't curvy or busty, you may want to size down. The white wasn't that sheer, compared to many other tops, so you wouldn't have to wear a cami underneath it. Major bonus! And I love a crisp white top in the summer. The neckline is just like the Ruffled Cotton Sateen Dress. I did not get the top because I already have a white sleeveless ruffled top from ATL from last summer, so I didn't think I needed 2. Although I certainly wore that other top a lot, and it needed a cami. If I still worked in an office, I would definitely scoop it up. But how cute would it be with jeans and a cardi? Hmmmm....lots of thoughts to think.

On to the appears that the Harbour Oxford Capri is only available online in khaki. My B&M had plenty in the blue. Unfortunately, since the blue is not online (and these are after all, crappy pics I took with my BlackBerry), you can't really see the detail, but it's just like an oxford shirt, with the blue and white thread, which is what I love about it. They are just so darn cute & preppy. The cut is nice and lean. They are perfect for spring & summer. I got a 10, I believe, and it was fine. With the lighter color, I am always leery of sizing down because they can be much more revealing.

(Current) Final Verdict - I brought home the capris in blue but not the tank. If I don't get the ruffled cotton sateen dress, I may pick up the top. I have not worn the capris yet, but will soon I am sure.

IRL Dressing Room Pic (on right is a better pic of the top, worn with the stretch summerweight bermudas). What do you think of the tank and capris? Do you have either piece?


Jordan said...

You look fantastic in both! I like that little ruffle tank...I'm going to have to check that out.

Anonymous said...

Love the top--very versatile. I like that it scoops deep, but it's not revealing at all.

I got the blue harbour capris right when they came out. The cut is lovely, but it's the fabric that sold me. It feels like that favorite, older, super-soft oxford shirt of my Dad's/Boyfriend's. Truly, the fabric is to die for. I DREAM of JC making regular pants in this fabric.

I love your necklace--The circles are a great size.

I am the same height as you, and I love your choices and selections! I wanted the Cabin Popover sweater, but held off. I also dilly dallied on the Jaspe, and it's long gone online.

Patina Cabachon said...

i love the top on you. i keep eyeing it, but haven't taken the plunge yet. bonus points because there's no need for a cami under a cami

Cloggsy said...

I love love love the cami on you, it's so fresh and clean (isn't that a song?!) and suits you well. I may have to pick me one up in white - to go with pretty much everything.

(love that my word verification to type was "zoned"!)

Summerilla said...

I really like the ruffle cami but I can't convince myself to buy it since I bought the dress. I really need a cute white cami though - maybe I'll try it on this weekend.

I think you look great in both outfits. I really like the blue pants, very cute.

MMM said...

You look GREAT! I have not tried any of these items on (yet)! I have not visited a b&m since the red-card expired! :-0

Also, thanks for taking the time to share the *IRL* pictures~ we are the same size(s) so it really helps me! :)

Slastena said...

Heidi- I really like the top! Bet the edress would look gorgeous on you too!Gt both!:)

Slastena said...

Happy Birthday to M!!Wishing him all the best!:))

Ann said...

I love the tank on you! If you decide to get dress #3 instead of dress #1, but get this tank...I would approve. :-) I tried on this tank in the store last week and loved it, but the size was wrong and I couldn't try another due to the insane 2-year-old and 5-year old that were accompanying me...will have to go back soon!

HeidiG said...

Jordan - thank you!

Anonymous@5:56 - the top does have the right amount of scoopage, I agree. Regular pants in the oxford, yes - and how about a cute little skirt and a sundress, maybe? I'm happy to help with the sizing - some of my fave bloggers are just much more petite & curvy than I am so I am always figuring how things translate! Necklace is Silpada - 5 loose rings on a chain.

Patina - bonus points, I know. I don't always mind the 2nd layer, but sometimes you just want to put on 1 top, you know?

Cloggsy - zoned? too funny, that's me right now. I agree - fresh and clean it is!

Summerilla - yeah, the top has the exact same neck as the dress - but at least the white would be very different from your dress.

MMM - happy to help! I should have stayed away since the red card expiration. But once the kids are out of school, we are doing a bunch of traveling so that will keep me out of the stores!

Slastena - bad enabler!! :) thank you, though, and thanks for the bday wishes for my boy.

Ann - oh, I have so been there with the insane kids. I went with both right before they went back to school during Spring Break and then wondered why oh why do I do that to myself? I am thinking if dress #1 doesn't work, I will definitely pick up the top. In fact, I am wondering if it is a better option, in terms of working better in my wardrobe. I'll have to think about that. All depends on the fit of the 2 dresses, which are due to arrive tomorrow, yay!

Drewablank said...

The ruffle tank looks best with the HarboUr capri, IMO. It looks a bit more sleek, I think. But then again, who's thinking "sleek" when it's 90 degrees outside? Shee, Drewablank. (I love talking to myself on blogs.)

I'm very hesitant to even get near the ruffle tank since I'm afraid that the neckline would make me..uhm...quite...linebacker-ish. I've had very bad experiences with necklines like this, and add to this, it's PLUS sleeveless! The horror! Although, I may actually have to try it on this Saturday. Enablers, you all are! Bad, bad,, weak, weak, weak...

Speaking of....will we celebrate M's birthday with a new Crewcuts outfit this Saturday? :) Happy birthday!! (Thanks for the heads up, Slastena!)

Drewablank said...

I meant, "it's sleeveless". No "PLUS". And it's in caps...what is wrong with you, Drewablank?!

HeidiG said...

Drewablank - I'm bringing E, not M. M has the treat of going to Dover with hubby to see the NASCAR race (which is why E, my mini-Aficionada is accompanying me). But I'm sure she'll end up with some crewcuts since that's why Dina & I decided to set it up.

Re: the top - I only showed the pic with the Bermudas b/c I think it shows the top better - I agree, it's much better with the capris. And I think you should try it on. I have major linebacker shoulders, so if I don't look like one, (or do I?) you should be ok. always crack me up!

gigiofca said...

I LOVE the ruffle tank. Super duper cute. I tried that on and love it. They really got it good on this one.

Stylestance said...

Perfect capris ... will be great with ballet flats, sandals, heels, everything ... :)

Ema said...

Hi Heidi! I have the tank in navy. I'm not sure that I need it either as I have a Zara navy top and I have considered returning it as I bought it FP BUT it fits me perfectly and each time that I try it on I change my mind. Maybe I should get the white instead. It reminds me of the Quinn cami but the cotton is easier to wear. I agree that you should keep dresses 2 or 3 and get the yop instead ;-).

Anonymous said...

The White Cotton Ruffle tank is in my shopping bag...but will only purchase if it goes on sale.
I like the White Ruffle with the blue Harbour Oxford Capri--that looks really nice! Thanks for the review!

Drewablank said...

I can't wait to meet lil' E!

And no. You do not look like a linebacker. Unless we're talking about a linebacker from the Lingerie Football League. Whatup! (Sorry, channeling a bit of Barney Stinson, of How I Met Your Mother - 'love him!)

Beth said...

Hey Heidi. Great reviews. I have enjoyed your blog.

Anonymous said...

My SA kept trying to get me to try that top on-- now I know why! It's adorable on you. Such a flattering cut.

I know just what you mean on the oxford cloth-- the little threads. I don't remember seeing them but I am going to look! Great outfit!

HeidiG said...

Gigi - I agree - it was quite well done. There aren't many pieces I pay FP for, but I would be willing with this one.

Stylestance - I agree, I think they are perfect.

Ema - the navy was pretty too, but if I had a similar top already, I probably would exchange for the white. I bet it is lovely on you.

luvallthingsjcrew - I would love it on sale, too, but this one may actually be worth FP.

Drewablank - giggle, giggle.

Beth - thank you!

Stephanie - you should try it - I think it is a very flattering cut. Let me know if you find the oxford capris.

Katherine said...

I love the top on you. I feel like the ruffle is a little bigger on the top than it is on the dress. It extends onto the shoulders, if that makes sense, but it doesn't seem to on the dress. I'm quite a bit shorter than you and I'm afraid it would overwhelm me. Anyway, I love your reviews and thanks for doing this one!

dinagideon said... in addition to attempting to find my wallpaper cardi, try on the orange jersey material dress, hunt for on sale featherweight cashmere cardis, I now am going to have to try on this amazing top. SO PRETTY!!! I love it on you...and I know you would wear it a lot.

The trouser option is cute but I of course love the shorts (own almost every color--great summer staple). Thanks for sharing, hon!

Paper Bag Princess said...

I love the top on you so much!! I order you to buy it! (:

Everything looks fab!

Anonymous said...

Heidi-Thanks for the info on the necklace, and yes, I would love skirts and other pieces in that fabric! Anon 5:56

HeidiG said...

Katherine - you're right - I think the ruffle is a little larger. well, the only way to know is to try - it is such a cute top. but I understand your concerns about it being overwhelming. I do hope if you are much shorter than me that you partake of the JC minis, because they are way too short on me but so darn cute, and so I feel all the shorter Aficionadas should wear them. :)

Dina - it would look so nice on you! do you ever do navy? i would love to see the top in nsvy with your cerise capris, and some Miss Trish sandals.

PBP - the chances of me coming home without it are slim as I will be meeting up with several enablers (see note immediately above).

Anon - you're welcome.

KatyO. said...

Such a great outfit! I love the capris in blue. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi, I am late to the party! I was looking for this ruffle tank when I chanced upon yr blog! Is this still available in the US?

Merry Christmas!!