Monday, May 18, 2009

Ms Green Jeans and Some Fun at the Outlets

Let's start with Ms. Green Jeans on know, me as Mr. Green Jeans' long lost daughter. How cute are these pants? Old Navy Womens Perfect Khakis (#595183, $29.50). Well, I thought they were perfect for me. I got them in Jalapeno, but to me it looks like muted Starbucks green. Considering how many white, gray, navy tops I have, I thought these would be a perfect bottom to liven up some of them. And it would be great for cheering on the Green Lightning from the sidelines (E's soccer team). And, great for running around with Lucy since they are pretty decent weight fabric.

They do have a low waist, but not too much - and work just fine with the bf tissue tee. I sparkled it up a bit with some layered necklaces, including my fireball, and some gold flats. I am really envisioning these pants with some of my navy tops or the Jaspe sweatshirt as well. And definitely some of the cream sweaters in the fall. Of course, I have to roll them up since the 32" inseam is just not long enough, but I may order a pair in another color in tall if ON has another good shipping deal.

Polyvore set from Friday:

And then skip right to today's outfit, with the graphic tee and matchsticks that I got at the J Crew outlet this weekend. Well first, I'll be honest, I didn't take my camera this weekend, so I don't have pics. But, I would like to note that (1) - Saturday AM - you've already seen pics of the dress, (2) I'm sure I'll wear the molten metallic with white jeans again soon and promise to post pics then, and (3) you've seen the Library ad nauseum on me and seriously, I just paired with a white tee & jeans, how much more basic can you get? It was divinely comfy for travel, though!

Quick Recap of weekend: Left Saturday early, got to Lansdowne and did early checkin, headed to spa for a few lazy hours, chilled out in the room for a while, got dolled up for dinner, ate out, back at the bar for a nightcap (mine was chamomile tea, how sad is that?), and then crashed. On to Sunday, which started about 2:30 am when we had to call security to break up the party in the room next door - oh no, we're "those" people I hated when I was younger. Fuddy duddy me. More sleep, then up, breakfast, outlets, lunch and home.

Ok, so the outlets...

First I hit Gap to get sweatshirts for the kids. There I found a pair of shorts that are a dead ringer for the J Crew poplin cargo short (#15018, $49.50). The Gap outlet pair was $29.99, less 20%, so $24. I got them in a British khaki (and nabbed the JC pic for Polyvore when I got home). They are so lightweight, they will be perfect for summer.

Next I went to J Crew. They had a lot of polos (on sale), a lot of Jackies. They had some very cute necklaces, including quite a few colors of the stone bead ribbon necklace look alike. Many of the dresses were 50% off. Skirts were marked down too. I tried on a lot of things, but only ended up with 2 things for myself, both of which I am wearing at left. On top, the yellow (color=CLI, any idea? cool limoncello?) graphic tee with gray fleur de lis and script "C'est la vie". I love the tee - can't wait to wear it with the navy Nicky skirt, my white gauze-y skirt, white jeans, light khakis...ok, I think I just covered most of my summer bottoms wardrobe. And I can't wait to pair it with my gray cardis. Tee was $29.50, less 40% graphic tees, so under $18. I also got, are you ready for it, those of you who are sick and tired of seeing me in the same jeans?, a pair of the matchsticks, ankle length. They were on sale for $39.99 and I figured this was a good way to see if I really would love them and wear them. So far, so good. I think my sister is impressed that I finally got a pair of skinny-ish jeans!

And as I was standing near the checkout, my eyes strayed over to the mens section and there I saw it... a dark olive-brown tee with the word "BEER" in white. Immediately thought of hubby and went over to check it out. He looks so good in that color! I picked it up and saw the entire graphic which included "Southport" at the bottom - and that's where his parents live now, so I was sold! Hubby now has his first piece of J Crew wear. I don't think he's quite as excited about it as I am.

And that was basically it for the outlet shopping. I got 3 things that I can really use that will incorporate quite nicely into my wardrobe. And put back many more things that I just didn't need.

Polyvore set for today with outlet finds:

Wearing Today
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Anonymous said...

Do we get an IRL photo of hubby wearing his new tee? :-)

Emily said...

Hi, i know you're in the DC area (I am too!). What outlets did you go to? I love the Leesburg outlets but curious about others in the nearby area!

Petunia said...

Those jeans look GREAT on you! :)

AnneG said...

First off, I LOVE the ON Perfect Fit Khakis. I have them in all colors EXCEPT the green. You may have inspired me! Second...I was at the Outlets in Leesburg on Saturday and got that same color Fleur de Lys tee. Don't you love it? I am a bit of a Fleur de Lys nut -- collect them, so when I saw Fleur de Lys and J. Crew combined...had to have it! Glad you had a nice time! Fun report!

GingerSnap said...

Isn't it unfair that the Hubbies never seem to get as excited as we do over new finds? Sounds like you had a great weekend :)

sparrowsandsparkles said...

love the yellow fleur de lis tee!!

gigiofca said...

Huge endorsement for the ON perfect khakis. I just ordered them in red, which is selling out I think. I have a post coming tomorrow, the next day...something...I never noticed the green, though I don't think I'd look as smashing as you. Great finds & I love your outfits

HeidiG said...

Anon@8:32 - we'll see - I'll try my best. :)

Emly - I went to Leesburg - they are about the same distance as Hagerstown but I love taking White's Ferry over the river. Hagerstown is good (they have LL Bean). I have never been to Queenstown outlets, since we don't go to the DE/MD beaches.

Petunia - thank you!!

AnneG - I think I will be getting a few more, esp since they have a 34" ad 36" inseam - and the 34" is perfect for me (36" is always too long). They had, I think, 4 colors in the FdL tee - I also liked the black with cream, but the yellow/gray was may fave. One of my best friends is a FdL nut/collecter so I always notice them - she's from NOLA, so it's only natural.

GingerSnap - unfair maybe, but that means I get more of the allotted clothing budget. :)

sparrowsandsparkles - thank you! It's my favorite find from the outlet outing.

Gigi - ok, so btwn you, me & AnneG, we have 3 mega-votes for the ON perfect khakis. I was looking at the red color online - very cool. I look forward to your review! They are always so informative and so hilarious!!

KatyO. said...

Sounds like you have some great buys to show off soon! :)
I do love my J. Crew matchsticks, especially in white. The problem is, I sized up and realized I shouldn't have. :(

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Love all your new finds Heidi! It sounds like you had a really great weekend!

Zoë Moët said...

Hey, who says Chamomile Tea isn't a good nightcap? Although, if it's deep sleep you're looking for, a nice glass of wine usually does the trick ;)

p.s. you are not an old fuddy duddy for wanting to have a peaceful, restful night at your hotel! I am 23 and on my recent vacation we got very upset with our drunken, noisy hotel neighbors and called the front desk more than once. If you're paying for a good night's rest and a comfortable enviornment, the last thing you want is obnoxious, noisy neighbors.

Jemma Ruby said...

Hi Heidi! Are those "real" matchsticks like the store or an outlet version? Was there any difference? Looks like you had a great weekend!

dinagideon said...

I can't stand it!!! You look so pretty in that yellow fleur de lis top.

Since my hubby is from near New Orleans...maybe I should pick one up too!

I am so glad you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love the outfits! Good for you getting the skinny jeans! I am inspired to try them. I always have better luck at the outlets with jeans too.

You look wonderful and I'm glad you had a a great weekend!!

Patina Cabachon said...

i am glad that you had a nice weekend. Welcome back. That fleur de lis tee is calling my name.

HeidiG said...

Update for Anon@8:32 - not exactly...but check my next post. :)

KatyO - I was actually showing off my new buys in the pic - the FdL tee and jeans. :) Remember, I was being (sorta) good. Still need to show the Gap shorts - maybe if it's warm enough later this week.

FFM - it really was such a nice relaxing time. Not often that I get the uninterrupted girl time.

Zoe Moet - excellent point about the nightcap! and glad to know I'm not the only fuddy duddy! :)

Jemma Ruby - I can't vouch 100% because I have only tried on the matchsticks in store in white, and not in the right size. But I can tell you that they did call them matchstick, they fit similarly to the white matchsticks I tried on in store last week (but in the right size), and I will definitely check out the "real" ones in store now (and in the right size) to see how they compare.

Dina - thank you! They had quite a few colors in the fluer tee - and it's quite comfy too!

Stephanie - thank you! I admit that I was more motivated to try the jeans at the outlet just based on price. But I am curious to go back to the regular JC and try on the "real" ones.

Patina - thank you! It is a fun tee. But I'm sure they'll have some left in June??

Summerilla said...

Great J.Crew outlet finds. I love that tee. Did you happen to see any critter necklaces? I'm looking for the one with the gray elephant to go with my safari bracelet from last summer.

I love the old navy pants too, I might have to stop in and try them on. Love the green color!

Also, thanks for responding to the post on my blog for me while I was away. I really appreciate you taking the time to do so.

Hope you had a great girls weekend.

Lula Mae said...

Yep, see photos and posts like these don't help me Heidi :) :) :)

p.s. wish my word veri was was nostess.

Slastena said...

Heidi, sounds like you had fun. I hear you on chamomile tee, lol!, I would have done the same thing (maybe, jasmine green instead of chamomile, but idea's the same:))). I really like your outlet purchases- the yellow tee is so pretty. And favor your green jeans- super cool!:)

HeidiG said...

Summerilla - thank you! i don't recall seeing much in the way critter necklaces - particularly with elephants. they had some with some sea-ish stuff, I think. lots and lots of bangles, though.

Lula Mae - sorry, but at least I was posting on outlet pieces.

Slastena - thank you! I'll have to try jasmine tea. chamomile is my evening wind-down tea.

Anonymous said...

The YELLOW Tee is just great!
You look fabulous in that color!