Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wearing Today - plus some hair tips and updated Lucy pics - what more could you ask for?

Crazy spring weather here - started sunny, poured, sunny again, poured, then sunny/cloudy. But plenty of time to take Lucy for some walks, and oh my plants are so happy! Of course we've had an issue or two with plants in the backyard because apparently, to a puppy (or at least *my* puppy), this:
looks a lot like this:
Who would have thought? Fortunately, the clematis buds are just about to burst and hopefully there will be too many for Lucy to get all at once. At least my peonies are safe...for now.

So a note about today's outfit...the not-so-great hair. I had an appointment for a cut and toner (not full color, thank you very much, not there, it's just like a little watercolor on my head) on my hair this afternoon and - you all know this, right? - (hair tip #1) color takes much much much better on dirty hair. The accompanying rule (hair tip #2) is that you are supposed to wait 72 hours to wash your hair to complete the bonding of the color to your hair shaft. Of course, we have the DC JCA tea on Saturday - so my stylist suggested, and is permitting me to, just using a teensy drop of shampoo that day, and start at the ends and work my way to my scalp so that it's really diluted by the time it gets to the color at the roots (hair tip #3). Same with conditioner. My hair gets oily very quickly. My mom & sister can go a few days without washing their hair - I am very jealous of that. I have to do mine every day. But usually to do the shampoo, I put massage a bit into my scalp and then let the rinsing take the shampoo all the way down the hair shaft. That's enough to get it clean, and leaves the ends in better condition. (hair tip #4) I read that somewhere a while ago, one of my magazines probably, and it seems to work really well for me. So, since I couldn't wash my hair this morning, I just tried to smooth it and tie it up. Works for me...a little more often than it probably should.

Back to the outfit...I have on a new ON striped tank. Sparrowsandsparkles gave me the inspiration to get this tank since I saw her sets with one. It's very fun with the J Crew navy short sleeve sweater. And I did pull out the new Target pewter peep toe flats that I posted a week ago. They are very comfy. And I still have OPI You Don't Know Jacques on my toes, so they match the polish quite well. comfy outfit. Would translate well to other pants, such as white pants/jeans, or some khakis. Maybe the linen-cotton seaside pants, speaking of which, I really need to iron those!
Polyvore set for today:

And to complete...some updated Lucy pics. I love the outside ones because you can see so much more detail on her coat - which got a bath today, so it's nice and shiny.


Drewablank said...

Oooh, I love the look! And those flats are too cute! I'll have to look those up. ;)

And I hear yah on the hair! I'm the basically the same; I cant really keep my hair from being washed for more than a day. Some (blessed) people have better hair one or two days after they wash it. Me? It has to be the same day I wash it, or else, limp-city, here I come! :p

Doncha love doggies? Lucy looks really pretty in the pics - I can practically smell her clean-doggie-goodness through the screen! :D

HeidiG said...

Drewablank - thanks! I highly recommend the flats, unless you have very narrow feet, in which case they may not work.

sparrowsandsparkles said...

love the navy over gray stripes and the yellow coat! Yes, would be great with the seaside pants!! I wish I had tried those on... I am now avoiding the Crew (except I have that melon skirt to return - dang it - they're going to get me to buy something else I know it) lol

Summerilla said...

I was thinking of getting my hair cut tomorrow, but I am nervous. I have the same problem as you I have to wash my hair everyday or it's a greasy mess (which makes having long hair not a lot of fun). I'm going to try your tip and see if that helps. Thanks for sharing.

Love the outfit and your dog is so adorable.

CECE said...

I love the hair up =) your outfit looks really well put together...may I have your shoes LOL! Your dog is so cute!!!

Mindy said...

Hi Heidi, I have been reading your blog... you make me laugh. I love that. You dog is cute, maybe get her one of those balls with a floral print, and she will leave the clematis be.

You look fab today BTW.

gigiofca said...

Cute tank. Glad you kept & like the shoes. They're cute.

Jemma Ruby said...

Heidi, I get you, I just do not know how people can wait 72 hours before shampooing their hair after getting it colored! I breakdown after 2 days, that is my absolute max! I also am the worse with going to the salone with dirty hair to make it set more because for some reason when I was little I was a little clean freak and could not stand it if I didnt wash my hair every day and it is lingering on well pst into adulthood!
Love your sweater, I oredered one in the latest pink color and I cant wait to get it- it looks great on you and dina so it should work for me too! :-)

Anonymous said...

Does the same rule wait 72 hours apply to highlighted hair as well. I don't color mine. I just get all over highlights.


GingerSnap said...

Good hair tips :) I also love your outfit, very simple and classy! (thanks for the Lucy pics!)

Anonymous said...

Great hair tips! Thanks! I am growing out my hair just so I can pull it up and not have to do much on the second day! I like your hair up, it's very cute!
I bought the same tank after seeing it on Sparrows PV sets and I love it with the navy too. What a great yellow coat!
The pup is sooo cute! I took care of my sister's mammoth Golden puppy for a weekend and the damage that dog did on my gardens was unreal! I think even our old dog sat by and watched in shock! Good thing puppies are cute! ;)

Posey Ford said...

First off, I LOVE the gray peep toe flats. So, cute!
Now with the hair, I had NO IDEA that color works better with dirty hair and that you're not supposed to wash it for 72 hours. It seems I've been doing it wrong for a while now. I should really stop the DIY hair styling...

dinagideon said...

Hi! I love the pics of lucy...too cute...

You look cute, too. I love the peep of color and the necklace is just darling!

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

GREAT shampoo tip!
And WOW Lucy is a Big Girl!
They grow sooo quickly!

Zoë Moët said...

Sigh...pets! You can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. I have a cat, but you would think he's a puppy for how playful and clumsy he is. I can't possibly have any plants or fresh flowers in my apartment, because he would just destroy's so sad, because I really love fresh flowers!

KatyO. said...

Heidi, I think we have very similar hair, lots of it, but fine and stick straight. I use dry shampoo so I can go a couple of days between washing, but I have to deep condition a LOT more to make up for the non-conditioning every day (and since I highlight my hair, that's crazy drying as well).

Thanks for the washing tip. :)

Slastena said...

Heidi, great tips! I totally aggree with color taking better when the hair is dirty, at elast it has been my experience too. you look lovely today, dirty hair or not!
Lucy's pics are adorable, every time I see them I wish I had a dog too.Alas, with my son's allegies it's not going to happen unless we get a bald (gasp!) dog, but then he/she would not be so cute.:

HeidiG said...

sparrowsandsparkles - thanks! I am loving the tank, so thank you for the inspiration. I am avoiding the crew right now too. Kinda like a Mickey card hangover. :) There are a couple of things I have been wishing I got, so I figure I'll have some time to ponder them to see if I really actually need them. (probably not)

Summerilla - good luck tomorrow with the hair cut! Remember - it grows back!!

CECE - thanks! They shoes are from Target - seriously $20, how can you go wrong?

Mindy - thank you! I really enjoy your blog, too. You are so far above me garden-wise, so I just admire. I'm wondering, can you spray a plant with Bitter Apple? I guess you would need to reapply after rain. I used to do cayenne pepper on a few specific plants to keep the bunnies away just until they could grow a little. Of course...the dog keeps the bunnies away now. :) The last bunny appearance was Easter morning, no kidding!

Gigi - thanks, yes, glad I kept the shoes - they were insanely comfy today.

Jemma Ruby - I am honestly cringing after 1 day of not shampooing. And I usually try to set it up so that that last day is a day where I'm not doing much (or not seeing anyone) and I'll shower mid-day, so that I have technically waited 72 hours. Hope you love the pink sweater!!

Anon/Julie - depends on the highlights, I think. Some highlights use actual color while others use bleach. With the actual color highlights, yes, I would wait the 72 hours. with bleach, I think it's ok, because the bleach just strips the color. but you would probably be safe to skip a day.

GingerSnap - thanks!

Stephanie - glad you love the tank too! I am cracking up at your puppy story. Lucy just came inside from some digging next to the patio - so she is once again, a brown-nosed dog. That's what I need to get a picture of!

HeidiG said...

PoseyFord - thanks - and they are Target flats, you know. And with the dirty hair, I think everything in general is supposed to be better - styling, color, all of it. But it really kills me to wait that long!

Dina - thank you! so excited for tomorrow!!

luvallthingsjcrew - you're welcome, and yes, she is getting huge. 29 lbs at the vet yesterday (we were there for the last puppy class).

Zoe Moet - Lucy doesn't get on the counters...yet. but she does have quite a nice little vertical leap, like there are springs on each paw. I dread the day she figures out she can jump over the fence!

KatyO - yes, we are hair sisters! thanks for the info on the dry shampoo - I've always wondered about it, but never tried it - sounds like it's best used for emergency situations. I do find that the hot rollers help on the greasy 2nd day - even if the curl all falls out, it at least has some extra body when I put it up so it's not as greasy.

Slastena - well,there's always the Chinese Crested! (yes, those are the bald dogs. always remind me of the dog episode of Project Runway)

Emily said...

Heidi you look so cute! I think the shoes are working out great with your outfits.

I have to wash my hair everyday but there are times when I just don't have the time in the mornings so I use a little dry shampoo on the roots and it works great.

Happy Mother's Day!

Paper Bag Princess said...

Wow, Lucy is growing so fast!! Still as cute as a button.

HeidiG said...

Emily - thank you! I am loving the shoes, so I am very glad I decided to keep them - and so appreciate everyone's input!

PBP - she is growing so fast - I look at her and can't believe she's going to end up about double her current size! But yeah, she's cute, so it's worth it.