Monday, May 4, 2009

Wearing Today - and the last (for now) of the Tissue BF Tees

A rainy spring day here. But again, it's not 40 degrees and rainy, so I'm keeping my mouth shut. (But wasn't it supposed to be *April* showers? I know, I'm such a literalist.) But garden is looking so green. The buds on the peonies are just about to burst.

So it was definitely a great day for the Library Cardi. I have worn this so much that I think I will seriously consider the light pewter the next time JC offers us %-off sale, if it's still in my size. (And if it's not, *clearly* that's a sign that I should not have it.) And I am noticing, since I got the beechwood Michelle, that a lot of the outfits that I put together with one would look equally good with the other. Good to know...especially as clumsy as I am

Typical Monday in that I spent walked the puppy (albeit after we drove back from the bus stop), went to school to help in class, ran to the store, and then came home to work. Today I hit Target because virtually none of M's short sleeve tees from last summer fit him, so I had to do some quick replenishment. Didn't buy anything for me (yay me) unless you count the Tostitos summer sweet & spicy salsa - looked kinda cool, with berries in addition to the tomatoes & spice. If it's any good, I'll definitely post. I did eye this very cool coral bib necklace but I was in line and it just wasn't worth it. Am I on a shopping ban? Not exactly. I would really call it more of a shopping "break" as ban sounds too severe. Plus, as I am hearing echoed across JCA-world, after the orgy of spending induced by the Mickey crewpon, I'm just not feeling the need to consume right now.

So you all know what a crazy nut I am about the J Crew tissue boyfriend tees, specifically the vneck. In fact, on my last Mickey crewpon day, Jill, my fave SA, commented, "You can't come in here without buying one of those, can you?" Oops... Ok, I did get quite a few with the crewpon, but on sale for $24.50 plus the 25% off? This last one was in breeze. I had tried it on earlier and opted for other colors, but this one kept calling me. I figure that my collection is pretty much set except for (1) black and (2) a cool pink like Light Petunia (did you hear that, Jenna? Pretty please?) And quite frankly, considering that I was 10 lbs heavier last summer, those tees - the AT Loft ones which I got in L, are just too wide on me now. of course, the M's were too tight/bulgy last year. Not that I'm ungrateful. But the tees need to be replaced and that's a fact.

Much as I would have loved loved loved to wear white jeans today with this, I just didn't have the mental energy to do white jeans on a day where it is so wet, rainy, muddy. So dark jeans sufficed. And the Target Pearl Cluster necklace and cuff link earrings. (which I clipped to Polyvore, so now I can use them in my set!) And then this ring at right, that I got in Aruba last year. It's a fun piece - the band is actually elastic with more of those beads pictured on the top of the aqua shell. Very summery. And yes, now I can clip it to Polyvore! And yeah, still need to do my nails.

Polyvore set for today:

A final note - Go Caps! (that's for hubby & M)


Lena said...

I love the comment about "April showers"...I walked around yesterday asking my bf why it was still raining since it was May. Glad to know I'm not the only literalist. :) Cute outfit!

Summerilla said...

I love the ring you got from Aruba, very pretty and fun.

Don't feel bad about the over buying of the BF tee's I did the same...I purchased 8 of them, possibly more. If I see them in new colors I will probably buy those too. I actually have to go exchange one because when I was taking it out of the shopping bag I noticed a snag in it.

gigiofca said...

You are beautiful in breeze :-)

I agree, don't feel bad. Sounds like the bf tee is perfect for your lifestyle & needs.

Patina Cabachon said...

i have been grumbling the same thing over the last few days about "april showers", until i heard on the news that we are still about 2 inches below what we need and I don't want to deal with a water ban during the summer now that my " newly sodded and chemlawn-ed lawn is looking so beautiful. So, today I am saying "rain baby rain" and contemplating if I should build a boat. (smile)
Love the jewels and my all time favorite cardigan. I still haven't ventured into the world of boyfriend tess due to the sheerness issue...but i do love them on you and my girlfriend swears by them. For me, i'm going crazy over the jcrew scoop neck tees. I have 3 so far and the colors are great. congrats on your weight loss, you look terrific

HeidiG said...

Lena - oh good, I'm not the only one!

Summerilla - I also found that you need to make sure to try on before purchase. The first flamingo bf that I tried was huge in my usual size, so I got another one. Weird - goes back to the occasional spotty quality, I guess.

Gigi - thank you!

Patina - excellent point on the rain still being low. I bet you want this rain, huh? And I think we all tend to find our favorite tee and stick with that.

Jemma Ruby said...

Hi Heidi, you look great for a day out in the rain :-). I have that sweater too but cant quite get the styling right, It looks great on what seems to be shorter gals but I cant seem to make it work for me, perhaps it is the color? I wish they did this in darker colors too. I will keep a look out for more posts from you in this!

Alexandra said...

Heidi- you always look so cute, I don't know how you manage to look good even on raining days. Maybe the secret is the umbrella, I might need to get one ;)

dinagideon said...

I love it...I have the same cardigan and it looks so much better on you. I actually just wear that cardigan around the house, on airplanes, or on long drives. It is really cozy, huh?

BTW, I fell into your brand of crewlade and bought a boyfriend tee. Because the tee is so loose fitting, it was way too shapeless. Then the lovely SA from Pentagon City brought it to me in an XS and it fit really well. I bought it in that beautiful dark turqoise color. I would have never tried it on if it weren't for you!

:) Have a great day. Hopefully the rain will stop for a few hours.

AppGal said...

oh i just LOVE the color combo of breeze & putty! love love love. mmkay so now I need the bf tee in this color. too bad I can't buy anything until August 2020 (okay a little bit of an exaggeration, but it feels that way!)

that ring is stunning--such a unique piece!

and yes, I'm quite annoyed with the rain too, although I'm happy my blueberry bushes and flowers and getting plenty of lovin' :) It has been quite conducive to making me stay in the house and work on my final exams though!

Anonymous said...

I think this is what it must feel like to live in the jungle-- a cold jungle-- but a very damp green jungle!

I think tee really do have a one season life span if you wear them a lot-- like I do! And spill a lot-- also me! I am in the market for a few new ones myself. I picked up two at Gap but feel kinds of meh towrds them.
What size do you take, if I can ask? I don't like things super clingy either. Are they sheer? I looove the breeze!
I am also wearing the same sweater today-- it's perfect for a chilly rainy day!

HeidiG said...

Jemma Ruby - bummer that you can't make it work for you right now. I just find a not too-wide bottom, simple top, and something chunky at the neck jewelry-wise works pretty well. You could use the JC necklace from your 20 reasons a woman should call it a night post. You could play around with the buttoning and open vs. closed. If it is the color, go with a bright top underneath to pop, maybe the bright pink JC Bobbi dress? Or the Zara white shirt you posted today? I copied PoseyFord's use of an oxford button down underneath and liked it. The Elie Tahari dress from Sunday - it would make it more casual/relaxed. Just some ideas to get started.

Alexandra - thank you! For me, the secret is that I will not buy uncomfortable clothes, so when I need something cozy on a rainy day, I have more than sweats to choose from! (and yeah, just changed out of nice clothes from today and put on big huge baggy sweatshirt). But the bright umbrella definitely helps!

Dina - welcome to the bf tee cult! Can't wait to see it on you! Bet that color is gorgeous on you. Wait, I think I've seen that color on you on your blog and it is gorgeous. Bummed, though, that you don't wear the cardi more, but I am sure it is great to have it as a go to piece for the plane/car rides and hanging at home.

AppGal - sorry, but even if you don't get Breeze now, there will be better colors later I'm quite sure. Like the current Light Petunia in the Jackie that I can't justify b/c I have Misty Lavender, and much as I love ML, I would love LP even more. Good luck on exams! and you have blueberry bushes???? (jealous. so jealous.)

Stephanie - I don't mind sharing my size info at all. I take an M in these. I could possibly size down to an S, but it would be way to clingy for me, and I don't like clingy because for me, clingy = bulgy. With the perfect fit tee, I take an L. I can wear either an M or an L in JC tops depending on fit and degree of sheerness (I tend to size up for sheer). I have the Library cardi in 1 size larger than the tee (so an L) because I wanted it to have room. So I would use your Library as a guide, and size down 1, unless your Library is very fitted. Did that make sense? In terms of sheerness, the white is very sheer, the shell is a little sheer, and the other colors that I have, save breeze, are not sheer. I am honestly not so sure about breeze b/c I don't really remember. probably similar to shell. I posted pics of shell by itself here. that breeze is so pretty, isn't it?

Zoë Moët said...

That cream colored sweater looks great on you! It really brings out all the warm tones in your skin. Plus, it looks so pretty and posh with the pearl cluster necklace and the breeze tee.

HeidiG said...

Zoe Moet - thank you! I do love the putty color at J Crew.