Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend Review

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers and to all of you who may not be a Mother in name, but mother others to make their lives better. I wish I could be as eloquent as Lissa of Humble Pie, but I'm not, so I will send you over to her blog to read her post in honor of Mother's Day, I Love Being Your Mama. It is truly beautiful, inspirational, and, of course, tear-inducing. So to my wonderful children (the 2 2-legged kids, and 1 4-legged kid), I'll just say "Ditto."

Let's catch up, shall we? I really took an online break this weekend. On Saturday, 3-Penny Princess hosted a tea for the DC J Crew Aficionadas. It truly lived up to all expectations. It was absolutely lovely. A gorgeous day. Beautiful setting. Fantastic company. These ladies are so amazing. It was so great to see old friends and to meet some new ones. The tea and goodies were just divine. The garden was so beautiful. I am a total loser and did *not* bring my camera, so head over to see 3-Penny Princess' or Slastena's blog to see pics. Maybe next time. Hey, the big fat SLR just did not fit into the cutie-pie J Crew rattan clutch! (although just about everything else does)

Update - Summerilla and Cloggsy have both posted their pics. They were both just lovely and I'm so glad I got to meet them!!

I ditched my planned outfit last minute as it was so humid, so I went with an AT Loft black shift dress (soon to be replaced by its fresher, woven twin at J Crew so that it will last longer) but mostly J Crew accessories - twisted crystal + fireball necklaces, rattan clutch, Joley flats, and the bouquet cardi. I did not, in fact, wear the hat as I just wasn't feeling it that afternoon. But oh, I should have when we were outside as my nose was a little pink that evening. (And I am such a sunscreen Nazi that I really am appalled at myself.)

Polyvore set for Tea:

What I Really Wore to Tea today - 5/9/09
What I Really Wore to Tea today - 5/9/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew dresses

I wish I could have stayed longer at tea but my parents came up for the weekend so I needed to head back home and meet up with them. Hubby cooked filet on the grill. We just chilled out on the patio. And I got to road test the J Crew Dressy Strapless Dress I was posting about a week and a half ago. Final verdict? It was way comfy. A perfect piece to slip into for hanging out. For me, an excellent buy, but I need to alter the removable strap because it's just too long for me. In other words, there isn't that much there for it to hold up. And yes, I was barefoot the entire rest of the day...and it was good. It was my goal and goals are important, right?

Polyvore for later on Saturday:

What I *Really* Wore After the DC JCA Tea
What I *Really* Wore After the DC JCA Tea by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew dresses

Mother's Day started out with breakfast in bed (chocolate donut - yum, I love the ones that are yellow with the plastic-chocolate coating - but only if they have been chilled). Later in the morning, shrimp & grits, asparagus, and strawberries for Brunch, cooked by Hubby, of course. Hubby & kiddies surprised me with Wii Fit for Mother's Day (no, it wasn't a veiled insult; I had asked for it for Xmas). Speaking of veiled insults, when I was pregnant with E, I got a new digital scale for Mother's Day. Totally by request. I was like "after I have this baby and start trying to lose weight, I want to know if I've even lost 1 pound because that will motivate me." I'm such a numbers girl. But I always love telling people about the Mother's Day scale because they usually look so shocked and appalled. hehehehe.

I say surprise because we had just spent $1400 getting a new A/C for my car the day before so I thought that was my Mother's Day present. And like Dina said yesterday, "I've been in a car without A/C with kids in 90-degree heat. It's worth every penny!" Plus I got a lovely poem that M wrote in his class, and E made one of those plates with flower petals stapled/glued on that list different things she'll do for me. I opted for "wash your car" today, so she, M & hubby did a total clean out of the inside. You should have seen the bag full of stuff that hubby brought it - every nook & cranny was emptied, including the glove box & console. Outside of car was already clean...which for $1400 at the dealership, I would bloody well hope!

It's too bad there wasn't a "I will change my attitude and stop being grumpy" petal because I would have totally cashed that one in. What can I say - kiddies spent the night in the basement with Hubby as a special treat, and so they could do the breakfast in bed thing for me & my mom this morning...but they stayed up way too late, so I had 2 tired grumpy kids this evening. They went to bed early, so here's hoping tomorrow morning is not a total disaster. Nothing's better than having the health room tech call you and say "E told me that you said she should come to school and if she's not feeling well, she can come to the Health room" and me replying "I tell her that 3 days out of 5." I will note that since she started using the alarm on her clock, she has been better. But I'm not counting my chickens for tomorrow morning until they hatch themselves out of bed.

So I wore what I had originally planned for yesterday, since it was cooler today. I finally am wearing the henna tee that I obtained in the JCA weekly exchange. Love love love it! Note the accessories in the PV set differ from IRL (gold vs. silver/pewter). But I was too lazy to do a new set because hey, it's Mother's Day! I'm sure I will wear this as pictured at some point.

Polyvore set for Mother's Day:

All in all, it was a wonderful day, a wonderful weekend. And now I'm off to bed...promise to catch up on blog reading tomorrow!!


GingerSnap said...

Great post! It sounds like you had just a fabulous weekend...and I love that on Mother's Day you had a couple of grumpy kids! haha. Aw, it is cute that you got a "coupon" flower :)

gigiofca said...

Great oufits. You look awesome in each one. Yay for A/C in the car! I loved seeing the recap of the tea. Everything looked so nice.

RatsOnParade said...

I just have to say I LOVE your outfit from the tea! All the ladies looked so fabulous - and the table and place settings! I should be cross-posting this over at 3-penny's blog. :) What a gorgeous get-together - so fun! Thanks so much for posting a re-cap of the weekend!

Kathy said...

You looked absolutely gorgeous in the pics from Slastena and 3 Penny Princess! So classy! Happy Mother's Day!

Lissa said...

I love the funky black and grey (or is it silver) t shirt. That garden party sounds so fun! I just relayed the story of the electronic scale to my husband who said, "see, I'm not SO bad." And last. Thank you Heidi for your kind words about my motherhood post! :)

HeidiG said...

GingerSnap - Oh yes, 2 grumpy kids, one of whom is still grumpy this morning, I say with a cheery smile.

Gigi - thank you! The tea was wonderful! The A/C in the car on the ride home was also very nice. :)

RatsOnParade - thank you! The ladies were all fabulous, each and every one! It was gorgeous.

Kathy - thank you! I'm so glad they all have pics up since I, once again, failed to bring my camera! I'll add links to Summer's post later this morning. Right now I have to get kids to the bus and to school.

Lissa - the tee is dark navy & white - but yes, it does look kinda silver. It totally looks like something you would wear! The scale story is one of my all-time favorites. My poor hubby, he just got me what I asked for!

ashley said...

your outfits were so pretty! i saw you on 3pennyprincess' blog and you looked great! love your accessories! way to make a simple black dress totally stunning! :)

sparrowsandsparkles said...

I saw the party pics on 3PP's and Slastena's blogs. You looked so classic and fabulous! Love it. Everyone looked so festive in all the J Crew. Super cute weekend outfits.

3-Penny Princess said...

I loved your elegant tea ensemble! Thank you so much for making the trip down and joining us - it was so great to see you again! I also like your striped dress with the polka dot bag from before.

I hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend and had a happy mother's day!

3-Penny Princess said...

Also forgot to say, thank you for bringing the beautiful pink flower plant! It totally dressed up the house and added a needed floral vibe inside. It's featured on my blog post.

dinagideon said...

Such a great post.

You looked beautiful in all outfits...Ms. Stylish. Love the jersey dress. Hubby must have been happy!

Sounds like your Mother's Day was so nice...totally fantastic weather, huh?

I will get pics up from the tea, it is just taking me forever. :) Everyone looked so great and it was just the nicest time (3PP, you and your mom-in-law ROCK)...

Have a nice day...break out the scarf, though, looks like it might not break 60. (I tease...)

Drewablank said...

As I said, you totally had the Jackie-O. vibe, and you looked fab! :)

That strapless dress looks so good on everybody, I'm thinking to get one myself. :p

And you're so lucky to have gotten that henna tee - I'm loving it since I saw it on Slastena!

Your Mother's Day sounds like it was a hoot! Your family's so sweet to have celebrated you with such a lovely day. :)

HeidiG said...

ashley & sparrowsandsparkles - thank you!

3-PP - no, thank you and your rocking mom-in-law who so gracious to open her home to us. It was such a fabulous day - I really enjoyed it. Trip down & back was so easy - The Richmonders were far more impressive - esp poor Cloggsy being sick! I'm so glad you liked the bright pink azalea - when I saw it, it just reminded me of you!

Dina - Wasn't the whole weekend just gorgeous? Looking forward to seeing your tea pics, but don't kill yourself trying to get it done!! And no, you silly thing, I don't need a scarf today - I have on a wool sweater. :) will post that shortly.

Drewablank - thank you! I got my henna tee from the weekly JCA exchange, so if you really want one, that's the place to try. $15 for EUC, and I was happy. And I do highly recommend the strapless dress, too.

Anonymous said...

What was it with grumpy kids on Mother's Day?! You are the fourth person I have heard this from-- including me! Oh well, I hope you enjoyed your donut, I love those too! I too am behind in writing and reading and need to play catch up!

Love your outfits. The new dress is so cute on you!

Summerilla said...

It was so great to meet you! You looked amazing in your outfit so stylish and classy. You are such a nice person and I look forward to seeing you at future JCA events.

I love the jersey dressy strapless dress on you and your mothers day outfit was so cute, love that tee.

Hope you had a great rest of the weekend and a fabulous Mother's day!

HeidiG said...

Stephanie - 1 of my grumpies extended to today - she's going to bed early tonight, that's for sure! They were so good earlier - maybe that was too much effort combined with the previous late night!

Summerilla - I was so thrilled to meet you - you are even more adorable in person, if that's possible. You looked gorgeous and it was so great to chat! I am truly impressed by your drive and energy. You go, girl! The only downside is that I am now coveting your dress, and don't need to spend any $$ at the Crew right now. (Bad Summerilla!)

Posey Ford said...

Love the outfit with the hat!! So classy with the sweater!

HeidiG said...

PsoeyFord - thank you!