Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Ensembles, The Full Story

Well, so I started with a simple idea for Easter. I would wear my new J Crew gateau skirt with the sun yellow silk-linen vneck sweater.
Original Easter Choice
Original Easter Choice by HeidiGblog featuring Old Navy tank tops

Reality set in. Baby, it's cold outside! Ok, switch gears... Navy cashmere sweater, bright yellow bib necklace to brighten it up, and white trouser jeans. Spring-y but still warm. And I don't have to be *that* dressed up for church if I so choose. (See... when I put this together last night I seriously thought I would be wearing it.)

Easter Sunday-04/12/09
Easter Sunday-04/12/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew tops

Then hubby got dressed and went with a sport coat, so I really felt like I should go with a dress or skirt.
Easter-Church-What I Actually Wore
Easter-Church-What I Actually Wore by HeidiGblog featuring Banana Republic jewelry

There was no way I was going in bare legs, since I am always cold. So I threw this together, which I wore to a cocktail party for Valentine's Day (went with more subdued make up, obviously, and swapped patent pumps for black flats).

I love this dress. It feels so Tory Burch-ish to me. I plan on living in it later this summer with my flat black sandals. The material is a little stretchy, nice and light. And E thought it was a good choice because, in her words, "the middle looks kind of like Easter". I'm not sure what that means, but ok.

And I got to wear my Target ribbon-pearl necklace, which is always a fun piece. IRL pic at right.

Then after we came home, I was actually still chilly from the Easter Egg hunt at church, and we were just doing dinner at home, so I swapped the church outfit for the navy cashmere femme sweater and the yellow necklace - just with jeans and red flats.
Wearing Today - After Church Outfit - 04/12/09
Wearing Today - After Church Outfit - 04/12/09 by HeidiGblog featuring Forever21 flat shoes

Much warmer, and still semi-festive, or at least the necklace is. I do admit that I put on boots to walk Lucy because it was windy, too. I am *such* a wimp. This is the perfect outfit for chilling on the sofa, watching golf, maybe taking a little catnap.

Have you ever napped to golf? Especially when it's cold outside? And all the sound, from the announcers to the crowd noises, is all so soothing and and slow and relaxing? And it's always sunny and pretty and warm on the TV? It's the best. Golf naps are always so refreshing!

Happy Easter to all!!


gigiofca said...

Is the bib necklace by J Crew? I love your dress and the necklace is perfect with it. Very nice!

HeidiG said...

Gigi - thank you! The yellow bib necklace is Anthropologie from this past summer. Limon-???, limoncello or limonade - I can never remember. I first saw it on on the ShopGirl blog. One of the things I really like about it is that it is very lightweight for the size.

Anonymous said...

I really love all the shoes, green handbag and yellow coat - adorable

AppGal said...

oh my gosh! too funny...i was talking about golf naps with my colleagues the other day at lunch. we all agreed that they are THE BEST, especially on holidays right after you've eaten. when i'm with my family watching golf, we all start out watching, but about an hour in, we're either sitting upright with our mouths dropped open (my favorite nap position to watch-ha!) or have moved to the horizontal position on the couch :)

and these are all great outfits you picked out! I love the ATL dress. They make adorable, comfortable dresses!

sparrowsandsparkles said...

I love that dress!! You look great. A golf nap sounds good right about now. Happy Easter :)

Ann said...

Great outfits! And for my Easter brunch, I served your petits pains au chocolat that you blogged about a while ago. They were as easy as you said and the hit of the brunch, so thank you very much!

mrs.anketell said...

Dress is pretty:) I wasn't able to take a golf nap-----as it was on, and all of the guys were watching it, I was busy running after my little one!! Golf is so boring!!

HeidiG said...

-Smile- thank you!

AppGal - yes, that was me after Easter dinner, snuggled under a blanket b/c, as I said, it's chilly here! Dresses are my favorite item from ATL - I usually have good luck with them.

Sparrows&Sparkle - thank you!

Ann - I am so happy to hear that the petits pains worked out so well for you!!

mrs.anketell - sorry you didn't get a golf nap in, but just think of the extra exercise you got while we were all dozing... (silver lining??)

Patina Cabachon said...

loved all the ensembles (prounced en-sem-blah)lol. i love the necklace. I went to target and couldn't any of the necklaces that everyone has been blogging about. oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be. I love when I can carry pieces from season to season like you plan to do with your dress. It's beautiful

Slastena said...

Happy Easter to you and your wonderful family! I loved all your outfits. Especially like dteh contrast of yellow Anthro necklace against dark sweater. Very chic! You looked stunning !

A Bigger Closet said...

Happy Easter Heidi!

I had to do the same thing today with the spring-y but warm outfit. :) Loved the black and white dress on you, and the bib necklace is SO pretty against a simple, dark colored top like you wore in your photo. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the dress! You look great and all your outfit choices are great too. Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh...first time I checked your blog! Very NICE STYLE! Very Chic!
Love your IRL Pics--gorgeous!

HeidiG said...

Patina - That's the thing about Target, you never know what they will actually have. I think this has just taught me to occasionally browse through the aisles with open eyes and an open mind.

Slastena - thank you! I do love that necklace, and it really perks up a neutral outfit.

Bigger Closet - thank you! I saw your Easter outfit and loved it - the mossy green with the shell and white was fantastic!

Anon@11:34 - thank you! I am looking on the bright side thinking of the nice outfits I have waiting for the right occasion!

luvallthingsjcrew - thank you! and thanks for stopping by!!

KatyO. said...

LOL... you were a fashion diva yesterday! :D

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Oh Heidi, you looked absolutely GORGEOUS! I hope you had a wonderful Easter! :)

Emily said...

Your Easter ensembles are lovely! I really like the dress and the necklace. Hope your Easter was fabulous:)

Cari (isnotfashion) said...

I love the yellow! So Eastery.

HeidiG said...

KatyO - I did have the advantage of Polyvore so I wasn't trying on a million outfits. I only changed once - and that was due to the chill more than anything!

FFM - yes, lovely Easter, thanks. Crabcakes, broiled tomatoes, strawberries for dinner. Not traditional but yummy (and hubby cooked!)

Emily - So glad you are back! Thank you!

Cari - I love that yellow, too - it wakes up everything, I think.

Lissa said...

OH, how flippin cute are you! love the outfits! I'm actually planning to do a post on my easter outfits, etc. on fashion fri to try and keep up with you fashionistas! You'll have to stop by. Its going to be funny- I Hope! glad to be chatting with you again!

HeidiG said...

Lissa - i can't wait until fashion fri!! sounds like fun!! the only thing better than fashion is fashion + funny.