Thursday, April 16, 2009

Heidi's Beauty Bag - Eye Cream - looking for some suggestions...

Ahhh, eye cream. Necessity of our age. I remember when I used to scoff at it... But now I use it religiously. So here's my thing... I hate hate hate the eye creams (and face creams/lotions) that come in tubs. I don't care if you use a disposable spatula to get it out or wash your hands in disinfectant before scooping, it still always feel a little icky to me. Granted, one of my all-time fave moisturizers is Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Skin Relief, but I only use it when my skin is screaming for it, and if I could find something comparable in a bottle, I would ditch it in an instant.

Lately(since Sephora's last 25% off sale), I have been using Kinerase Under Eye Rescue, which is expensive at $78, but it has last 4 months so far. But I'm getting low, and looking for other options. Here are my requirements:

#1 - no tub. seriously.

#2 - not too harsh. I have tried way too many that can burn/sting around the eyes (of course, the losers are serving nicely right now as extra hand treatments, as I posted about before)

#3 - some actual benefits in terms of lines, darkness, etc.

So...what have you got for me? Would love to hear what you do or don't use. Thanks!!

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Emily said...

Thanks for this post! I would love to know what everyone is using for their eye cream.

What I am currently using:

At night I use Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex. I love this stuff and keep it on my night stand so that I never forget to put it on. It helps with my dark circles & puffiness. Only draw back is that it is a serum like gel and so it is too heavy for me to use for day.

During the day I like Clinique Moisture Surge Eye Gel. Makes my under eye nice and silky feeling. Also, I like that it deosn't get too oily by the end of the day.

I the past I have used Kiehl's Eye Alert. I have also used Dior's HydraAction Eye Cream with SPF 20. I like the SPF but if it gets in your eyes it burns like crazy.

I have also used the Kinerase and I like it alot but perfer to stay under the $50 dollar price point.

HeidiG said...

Thanks for all the great info, Emily! I am totally with you on trying to keep the price point down - although this has lasted 4 months and Sephora is 15% off right now.

kater said...

I love these posts as I am a product junkie!

Currently for eye cream, I'm using Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Eye Creme. I really like it and it's helped with my dark circles. Not so sure about it's effect on my wrinkles though. Heidi, unfortunately it comes in a pot, so it's a no go for you! Although it's pricey, it lasts an ultra-long time (I've had the same jar since Nov. and it's still going strong) so overall, I think it's a good investment.

As for bargain eye creams, I really liked the cream formulation from Olay that comes in a little pump (I can't remember the exact name). For under $20 it's a steal - it helps with circles, is pretty light so I had no problem using it in the day, and it has little gold flecks in it, so it really brightens.

Currently, I'm really liking the Olay brand. I have been on a never ending search for a face cream that moisturizes but isn't too heavy and have tried everything from Care by Stella McCartney to Boscia to G.M. Collin to Creme de la Mer (granted I only used the last one for a week when I was at my friend's house and she let me borrow hers - ha!). And in all honesty, Olay Total Effects has been the best. I know it sounds like heresy, but I swear it has really made my skin soft and perfectly hydrated. Last time I went in to get my eyebrows done, my esthetician asked what I was doing differently for my skin because it looked great. and it was the Olay Total Effects!

whew sorry for the long post! I can't wait to hear what other people use and love!

Kathy said...

Hi Heidi! I have really been enjoying your blog! I use Philosophy products (from Sephora) and I do like their eye cream (in a tube) Hope in a Tube eye and lip firming cream. Cute dog!

HeidiG said...

kater - thanks for all the great info! I have used the Olay eye serum in the pump before. Interesting to hear how well the Olay Total Effects works for you - congrats on finding your HG moisturizer!!

Kathy - thanks for visiting! I have heard good things about Philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Obagi eye cream!

HeidiG said...

luvallthingsjcrew - I have heard fantastic things about Obagi from a friend. good to have the recommendation, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi--I've used Obagi--the whole system for "healthy skin function" (as they describe it) for 6+ years--my skin has never looked or "functioned" better!

My Mom also likes Olay's X line--eye cream...I think that's what it is called...she's quite picky and knows good beauty products.

Slastena said...

I use Elizabeth Arden Millenium at night and Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital Eye SPF 28 Sunscreen
in the am. I also use High Résolution Eye Collaser-5X™ serum both am and pm ( hate the pump- the serum is so expensive and pump just does not work well- not sure if I'll get it again).

HeidiG said...

luvallthingsjcrew - isn't it fantastic when you find a system that really works for you?

Slastena - wow, lady, you take your peepers seriously! I try to avoid the eye creams with sunscreen because I am usually too sensitive - and I am so religious about wearing my sunglasses. I also use the Clinique stick under my eyes when I am out in the sun - it works really well.

Anonymous said...

oops correction on the Olay eye cream--it's actually called "Olay Eye Brightening Cream!" My Mom loves this...and she's a beauty!
(modeled for real back in the day)
Anyhoo...for sensitive skin the Obagi 35 Sunscreen is great too.