Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Start of Summer (Wearing Yesterday...)

Sorry so late in posting. Hubby is away golfing this weekend and my parents came up yesterday to spend the weekend. My sister & family (& puppy) are coming up today to spend the night because (1) it's my nephew's 7th bday and he really wants to see his cousin for his birthday(so sweet!)...and visit the Lego store at Tysons, and (2) we want to get the puppies together. Chase, their springer spaniel puppy, is only 3 days younger than Lucy. Lucy is going to lose her mind when she has a puppy to play with non-stop for a day. Much as she loves balls and people, she just *LOVES* other dogs. So if I'm totally delinquent in posting/commenting/etc over the weekend, that's why. But I should have some cute puppy pics to compensate when I return.

It was gorgeous yesterday, so I finally got to wear my J Crew bon voyage tee with white jeans, as I have been picturing ever since I got that tee. And paired with the short sleeve navy vneck cardi, which I imagined as the perfect 3rd piece. And the new Target Merona Eleora flat sandals - which were comfy.

More to chat about later. I met my parents at the mall for lunch. After I showed my mom my new white rosette tee, we went back and got one for her, too. Any chance anyone has seen a pic online that I can snag for Polyvore (in white)? Otherwise, I'll be photographing it hanging on my closet door and clipping that pic. By the way, because of returns, I only net-spent $5 at J Crew, so I thought that was pretty good.

Polyvore of yesterday's outfit:

Wearing Yesterday-04/24/09
Wearing Yesterday-04/24/09 by HeidiGblog featuring Forzieri earrings

Hope you enjoy your weekend and have beautiful weather wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

The "Bon Voyage tee" is a gem! Looks super on you!
I was looking at those same sandals in lavender--how do you like them?

AppGal said...

yeah the bon voyage tee is a keeper. i wish i had snagged one when they were in stock! looks AWESOME with the white jeans!

Have a beautiful weekend. it's supposed to hit 80 here today!! yay!

mrs.anketell said...

cute sandals!! have a great day!

MMM said...

LOVE the outfit! I have all these pieces so I will trying (copying!) this look out as well! Have a fabulous weekend?
Oh, did you get your "cow" tee yet?! I hope so...?

KatyO. said...

Love that outfit. So summery!

dinagideon said...

You totally look like you are going to go sailing! I LOVE IT! Although if you were going to go sail you would need to put your hair back in a ponytail, and we know how disastorous that can be. ;)

I hope you have an awesome weekend. Way too pretty here on the east coast not to enjoy yourself a little bit!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

YAY the Bon Voyage tee!!! You look FABULOUS! :) Did you ever make it to Target to check on the Bermuda shorts?

Have fun this weekend! :)

HeidiG said...

luvallthingsjcrew - thanks! yes, I do think they are pretty comfy (I actually got these instead of the Miss Trish because the toe piece was softer.)

AppGal - thank you! Enjoy your weekend, too. It's upper 80's today and kids were in the sprinkler (does it get any better than sprinkler fun?)

mrs.anketell - taank you, you too!!

MMM - Copy away!! And sorry, got la vache yesterday, been meaning to email you, just sent one - love it, wearing today, will post shortly! Thanks again!!

KatyO - thanks, that's exactly what I was going for - total summer!

Dina - hahaha, actually renaming the hopps the Dina hoops, will explain in nest post. Hope you all are enjoying the gorgeous day, too!

FFM - thank you! I did go to Target, but unfortunately, the shorts made me look like a 70-y.o. retired man in FL with black socks and sandals. I'm sure you see lots of those where you are, lol! I haven't given up hope on madras, though...

CECE said...

I love it!! Good job on that Merona pair. There are so many brand name versions of that but it looks exactly the same. I love it!!! I love the colors as well!!!

Keep the pictures coming!

HeidiG said...

CECE - thank you! Target had several colors in store, but even more online.

Zoë Moët said...

It must have been fun to get the family (and the puppies!) together!

HeidiG said...

Zoe Moet - lots of fun but very tiring. I went to bed at 9:00 last night!! ...without my Holly Golightly mask & earplug, unfortunately though. :)