Saturday, April 11, 2009

River Trip Recap

Our quick Spring Break trip to the River was lots of fun this week. We always have a great time, and puppy Lucy did great - she is going to be a total river dog! My parents' house is on Judith Sound, which opens right to the Potomac River, just before it joins the Chesapeake Bay. You can see Maryland right across the water (we are just southwest of Point Lookout and can hear planes taking off from Patuxent Naval Base).

It is fun, but it is also my most relaxing place to be. We spend lots of time here in the summer. Even in the cold weather, it's beautiful. To start here are a couple of sunrise pics that I snapped when I took Lucy out first thing in the morning.

We collected firewood on our morning walk so we could build a fire in the firebowl and hopefully roast hot dogs and marshmallows for lunch.

Lucy collected pine cones on the walk.

It was too windy, but we did get the marshmallow roasting in (priorities...). The previous/original owner put in this long concrete sidewalk sort of thing next to the rip-rap, so we call it the boardwalk. It's perfect for the firebowl.
Lucy hung out while we built the fire.
Here's another pic of the boardwalk, dock, water.

Another pic around the side of the house. Lots of room for Lucy to run around and chance tennis balls, lumber, sticks, and pine cones.
And a pic of the house. Last year when we were there for Spring Break, we were having cocktails out on the deck and all of a sudden there were hundreds of ladybugs swarming all over the rails. We figured they must have been hibernating in the deck rails. It was amazing to see. Wasn't that warm this time. But the kids spent plenty of time on the swings. The hammock gets pulled out in warmer weather.
We also took a fun nature hike that I'll post on later. This one is long enough for now...


dinagideon said...

This is EXACTLY what I want if we ever are fortunate enough to have a second home. GORGEOUS. I can totally see why you all spend so much time here. ;)

Your sunset photos are especially nice.

Patina Cabachon said...

i can see why you spend so much time there. It's peaceful and so beautiful. Looks like lucy loves her home away from home also. (smile)

GingerSnap said...

Wow, gorgeous! I love the photos you posted, especially the one of Lucy with the pine cone...don't you just love dogs? They are so entertaining and they don't even realize it :)

mrs.anketell said...

Stunning pic's.......would love to be there right now...enjoy!!

gigiofca said...

I love your personal boardwalk. Great pics. Thanks for relaxing me a bit. :-)

HeidiG said...

Thanks, ladies! I am enjoying looking back at the pics as well.

Andrea said...

Wow, how beautiful and peaceful is that place!
That's a great place to spend any time off is possible with the kids and family :) Luck you!
Love your outfit;)

HeidiG said...

Andrea - it is a wonderful place to have available to us. Thanks for visiting!