Monday, April 13, 2009

Final Look at Lenten Shopping Ban, and a Look at the J Crew Short Sleeve Broadcloth Stretch Shirt

Well, as I said before, I just didn't do as well as I'd hoped to on my Lenten shopping ban. I was so good for so long. I think I could easily do a month again, but after that, it gets hard. I started down the slippery slope with the DC JCA outing. It was fab, but I did make a few decisions there that, at the time, in my gut, I knew were the wrong ones. I also should have actually made more of a list of what I was looking for, because that got me when I did returns/exchanges.

I went to JC last Friday - on Good Friday, no less - as I told you all. I did get the Cotton Cashmere Bouquet Cardigan (#12728, orig $78, curr $59.50 online, in store $49.99 + Mickey's 25% card) - which I am definitely keeping. Look for it here probably tomorrow. I got putty and I do love it. I have been loving my Library Shawl Cardi, and this is similar (knit & color), just more dressed up. (Back to Friday's Putty Question - what other colors do you like with putty, besides my usual white & navy?)

I returned the too-large Jackie cardi in misty lavender and they were out of M at the store. (See A Bigger Closet's post today - she is wearing this cardi with the shell and looks gorgeous!) And that sent me on a lavender hunt because I wanted that color. So then I ended up with the Short Sleeve Broadcloth Stretch shirt (#13326, $59.50), in sweet lavender, in a size 8, which is a size smaller than I usually take in shirts/jackets because of my broad shoulders. From the front it was ok. Then I went to take pics at home, and as you can see from the back, it's just not working. Those wrinkles are from me walking across the room from the camera after I hit the timer. Dina got it in the blue stripe at our DC JCA outing and is planning to wear as a little jacket. It looked fantastic on her I would like to wear it open or closed. And it's almost $60. Ok...$45 with the Mickey card. But considering how much I *HATE* to iron and given my usual style, I'm thinking this should really go back - and not just to exchange for a size 10.

In the end, I was able to order via red phone, with my 25% off, thank you very much since it was not in store, the Jackie cardi in M, so that should be on its way here shortly. I was just semi-flustered as I had the kiddies with me Friday, and I don't think I was making the best choice for me. What do you think about the lavender shirt? Especially since I was able to order the Jackie in my correct size and it shipped...

Of course, I wasn't done after the J Crew outing with the kids. As I posted about also on Friday, I had to go to Target to do Easter baskets and got sandals and a necklace, for a total of about $45 more, which is a bargain, but still...

And Sunday, I ordered from J Crew again. History - When I first started checking out the JCA blogs, I found Gigi's fabulous blog. And was so sad because she was on semi-hiatus when I found her. Thankfully for all of us, she came back after the holidays (collective cheer!!). Gigi is an encyclopedia of IRL pics of, well, everything. (and hilarious to boot!!) One of the sweaters that I always loved and coveted that she had tried on was the J Crew Chunky Star Cable Popover Sweater. As you are probably guessing, it popped up in the Sale section this weekend. I first saw it Saturday and tried to forget. Kept thinking about it. Checked size - L. Referred to Gigi's blog. She sized up, check. Told myself, as I was mulling it over in church on Easter, that if it was still around late in the afternoon, I would do it, and it would be a sign. (I'm very big on signs as you can probably tell - I've seen Sleepless in Seattle *way* too many times.) And did I mention it was $49.99, down from originally $128? Yep, I ordered it. Expect to see it here when it arrives. And if the order mysteriously cancels, and JC orders are wont to do? Yep, again, a sign, and I won't look for it again. (Update - as I was typing this, I got the email that it shipped. yes, a sign. and yes, I know I need to own my actions more - see note at bottom about extending my ban)

All of which brings me to....I am going to extend my shopping ban a little longer. I think I need to continue the re-focus a bit as I have clearly gotten off-track. Plus given the vet visit this week with Lucy, I'll be dropping enough money there. I do think this isn't a short trip. It's a journey towards a better understanding of self and habits.

Maybe I was a little nutty because the kids have been home for a week, but they do go back to school tomorrow. My eating habits haven't been so stellar this week either. Not too bad, but not where they should be. So I will continue to work towards my goal of a better and more balanced me. Thanks for joining me on the journey.

Don't forget, input requested on (1) colors to wear with the putty sweater and (2) thoughts on the shirt. Thanks!!


Patina Cabachon said...

I am glad you were able to get the jackie cardigan in lavender. The color looks beautiful on you. I was about to order it over the weekend because I see they are getting low on inventory, but my recent expenditures have left me feeling so guilty. Like you, I was doing well then fell off the wagon with the darn Mickey card. Now i can see why they call it JCRACK!!! I plan to start my ban again as of today...probably until June. I need to refocus and spend time doing other things besides shop. Not to mention, I have ENOUGH of EVERYTHING. Anywhooosss, I have gone off on my own mess and not commented on the rest of your post. I love putty, but like you will be looking for ideas. I wore mine with my Mehdi tee which had tones of browns and a lighter pink (warm blush). I am also going to wear it with my rosette tee like Slastena, however, my tee is pink.
Sorry, for the long comment,but I had to spill my guts to you. I know you were wondering what the heck i was doing on my blog with all of my shopping. lol. C'mon didn't you? :-)

KatyO. said...

Last week I wore my Putty Michelle with bright blue, and the week before that, I wore it with light pink (pics here and here!). I've also worn it with navy, tea rose, charcoal, avocado, purple... Seriously, it goes with *everything*. I'm going to buy the color in a few other items since I've decided I love it. :)

GingerSnap said...

I personally like to pair a neutral (like putty) with a bright color (bright pink, blue, or green) just makes the whole look POP and tends to negate the "washing out effect" that neutrals can have on the skin. As for the shirt, I think it should go back since you are not keen on the fit AND you just ordered the Jackie in the color (I have the jackie in this color and I can atest that it is gorgeous in person!) As always, love your blog!

Christina said...

Love the shirt! I just added one to my shopping cart. It will be great for me for work this spring summer.

Cari (isnotfashion) said...

I love the chunky pull over sweater. I bought it right after xmas on supersale in the store. It developed a rather huge hole on the top though.... I have to get it fixed.

ina said...

hi, i am new to your blog and enjoy it very much!
i think putty looks especially great with white in the summer. but ialso like it with black and slate.

HeidiG said...

Patina - I felt so guilty that Friday night, I had a dream about the previous Sunday (where I was the Narrator for the Passion Gospel on Palm Sunday), and for some reason, I was babbling, stuttering, forgetting it was my turn - it was a horrific mess. And it was all because of my guilt! Good for you on the refocus (and for not spending $800 on a freakin hat for tea). I did wonder what you were doing with your shopping. Email me at heidigblog at verizon dot net, if you like. We can be a support group.

HeidiG said...

KatyO- I will have to check back on your blog about your putty Michelle - you look so cute in everything.

GingerSnap - I think you are right, putty does go with everything. I am wondering if maybe I just really prefer it with the neutrals. On my skin, khaki pops on its own, and I always get compliments (usually accompanied with "I can't wear that color"). Thanks for the feedback on the shirt, too!

Christina - it is a cute shirt and will look fantastic on you. If I still worked in an office, I would definitely pick one up. But for me, for now, $60 is not the right price. Maybe on sale later, and now I know the right size!

Cari - I am so excited to get the chunky sweater. I'm going to have to try to fit it in with white jeans or something before it gets too warm. Oooh yeah, get that hole fixed!!

Ina - thank you and welcome! As I was just writing in response to GingerSnap, I do like the idea of brights, but I love the crispness of khaki with white. I haven't worn the library with anything other than jeans, but I am sure it will look fantastic with my black cropped pants. Thanks for the feedback!!

AppGal said...

I'm with KatyO and Gingersnap...I think the putty would look GREAT with a rich color. Bright blue or a forest green, or a rhubard-esque pink...white pants/skirt would also look great, perhaps with a colorful belt or scarf? gosh--your possibilities are endless, you lucky girl!

Also, ITA about the broadcloth shirt. It looks great from the front and is such a wonderful color on you, but the back...not so much! i think you'll get a lot more use out of the lavender jackie.

Patina Cabachon said...

Heidi I had nightmares the week I was on vacation when I went on a crazy shopping spree. I didn't even put the two together, but I think you may be on to something. Yes, let's support one another.