Monday, April 27, 2009

Wearing Today, Yesterday, Catching Up - Heat Wave

The big news is the weather. Yes, we're having a heat wave. Have you ever seen "There's No Business Like Show Business"? I love old movies.

First of all, I am totally delinquent on my blog reading, so I'll be catching up on that later this evening. Can't wait to see what everyone has been up to. I never even posted yesterday because I was just wiped out after all the family (including their puppy) left. It was so much fun. Kids had a ball, puppies had a ball, my mom loved seeing all the kids together, my dad loved seeing the 2 puppies together. I enjoyed visiting without having to leave home. cream cake Saturday night for my nephew's bday - yum!

So yesterday was hot...again. Ooooh, I think it might be summer! And what's better on a hot summer day than a soft, cool the J Crew boyfriend tissue vneck tee? And it was so hot, I bypassed brights and went right to cool neutrals. Gray and white. Visually it helped me cool down. The skirt IRL is from Target last summer - so comfy, so lightweight, so perfect with any tee. It's a standard travel piece, great for wearing while driving since it's already gauzy so wrinkles don't show, and it covers a hot car seat if the car has been sitting in the sun. And ahhhh, the beloved Liz gladiator sandals from Isaac Mizrahi at Target last summer. Seriously, he had to know when he named these, doncha think? I should hunt these on eBay, I love them so much. I lived in the bronze and black ones last summer. But you've heard about that before. (BTW - my hair only lasted about 45 minutes before it was up in a ponytail. Why wasn't I smart enough to start out that way?)

Polyvore for Sunday:

Wearing Today - 04/26/09
Wearing Today - 04/26/09 by HeidiGblog featuring Old Navy tank tops

And then today, sadly, we had to go to a funeral this morning. The father of a childhood friend of hubby's passed away last week. Makes you think...a lot. Hug your parents, hug your kids, hug your friends. We only have so long with each other, you know?

Back to the superficial since that's where I specialize, J Crew Cotton-cashmere bouquet cardi - perfect for bare arms inside a church in summer. The dress is from Ann Taylor Loft, fall 2007. It always makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn. It's knit, so it's insanely comfy, and I actually kept it on most of the day because a sleeveless knit dress seemed like the right choice....right up until soccer practice.

Wearing Today - 04/27/09
Wearing Today - 04/27/09 by HeidiGblog on

And then for soccer at 5:30 and boot camp at 7:00 we have the "wearing later today" Polyvore. I love these skorts from Target. They are the best for walking - totally comfy, and look better on me than any athletic shorts I have found. I just wish I could find a bottle of water that large, because I would all over it today. No IRL pics because I just changed, and it's really not *that* interesting.

Wearing Later Today - 04/27/09
Wearing Later Today - 04/27/09 by HeidiGblog featuring Old Navy sleeveless tops

See you all out on the blogosphere!!! Last week for the Mickey card...who's headed to JC?


ashley said...

good to see you're back! your hair looks so pretty down! btw, i love those sandals in both your polyvores. i must have them!! :)

and i'm gonna try to get to jcrew too before the mickey card ends!

Patina Cabachon said...

Even though it was blazing hot over the weekend, you look cool and pulled together. You look amazing in both pics. I am sorry for your loss and you are totally correct...everyday is precious and we need to value those we love.
I think i am in mourning over losing mickey. Trevi was his last gift to me.

Summerilla said...

Looks like we were thinking alike yesterday, I also pulled out the tissue boyfriend tee. It is just so hot here!! What happened to Spring time?

I am also going to try to get to a J.Crew before the card expires. I don't want it to end.

dinagideon said...

You look so pretty in all the outfits, Heidi!

I love the shoes, especially, in the first outfit! CUTE!!!

Today was was so hot! I nearly collapsed from heat classroom is quite possibly the warmest place on earth...outside of some remote Amazonian jungle hut. Ugh!

I love it when I am outside, though. Love the feeling of sun kissing my cheek!

KatyO. said...

you go, girl, with all of your outfitting and polyvore-ing. ;)

Molly said...

First outfit is SUPER cute and so appropriate for summery weather! You look great in grey.

GingerSnap said...

Glad you're back, and I know what you mean about having to "catch up" on blog reading :) You look darling and I love the white/gray combo!

HeidiG said...

Ashley - thank you! yes, I am so bummed that they don't have those sandals anymore!

Patina - thank you! You are so right about treasuring every day. And also so right about mourning the loss of Mickey. But I think it's time - it's been WAY to easy to use that for justification, you know... Can't wait to see the Trevi IRL - it looks so fab!!

Summerilla - I know - where is spring??? I think we might get some spring weather around Wed before we go back to the 80's this weekend.

Dina - thank you! You poor thing - that classroom sounds so uncomfortable!! But I totally agree about the kiss of the sun - I love that feeling!!

KatyO - thank you! I think I'm caught up now - with my blogging. Now onto everyone else's...

Molly - thank you! and thanks for visiting!!

GingerSnap - thanks! And on to the reading, now that I'm done responding... :)

Alexandra said...

That black dress looks great on you!

CECE said...

Hi HeidiG! I love the outfits! The black dress looks great! Sorry to hear about your friend's father in law.

the first outfit just looks so fresh, comfy and breezy! I love the hair down! Just like you though, I spend time blowing my hair dry and trying to let my hair down, then I just end up getting a ponytail coz its the most comfortable hairstyle for me. hahaha So now, I dont even bother, I just get an elastic and up it goes! Less than 5 min to get ready all the time, thats already hair and makeup! I love it! Well, maybe thats why Im still single...i need to spend more time to fix myself LOL

HeidiG said...

Alexandra - thank you!

CECE - thank you, and you crack me up. I don't usually spend much time "styling" my hair - just blow dry overall, round brush with bangs, and maybe, if I'm feeling energetice, a few swipes on the top layer all around with the round brush. Wish I put more time into it - maybe that's why it goes up in a ponytail so often!!

gigiofca said...

Look at you in a skirt. And a dress. So cute! Sorry to hear your sad news. It is good, as you said, to take a minute to reflect and give thanks for what we have.

I will definitely be off to JC once more before the crewpon ends.

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

You look so great, Heidi! :)

I know exactly what you mean about catching up on blog reading...I am there with you! At least you are successful in continuing to has been so busy and hectic for me that I haven't had much time for anything relating to the blogs, especially mine. :O

I do plan to head to J.Crew one day this week, and hope to be able to use the red card one last time.

A "cheery" disposition said...

Love the second outfit! And old movies are the best.

Zoë Moët said...

I definitely think that a glass of iced tea with lemon is a fashion staple for the spring-summer weather we've been having ;)

gigiofca said...

I forgot to say that movie is sitting right next to my TV. It's my most recent DVD from Netflix. I watched How To Marry A Millionaire last week. Marilyn was pretty good.

Why is my word verif retardid?

A Bigger Closet said...

I love all your hot weather outfits! Thankfully the temps are warming up slower in Vancouver at the moment.
So sorry to hear about your loss - you're so right about cherishing every day with our loved ones. :)

Anonymous said...

off the beaten path...but I wanted to note that I LOVE your header on your blog of the ballet shoes...the colors are mouth watering!

HeidiG said...

Gigi - thank you - I made my my last trip with the crewpon today. But since there are 2 days left, I'm thinking I should actually shred it. :) I love HTMAM too - so much fun!!

FFM - thank you! Can't wait to see what you find on your last outing. About the catching up - I think it's quicker for me to do 1 post then read/comment on all the blogs - it took me so long to catch up on the reading last night. But I hate to miss it because it's all so much fun - except for the times when our fellow JCAs need someone, and that's even more important!

"cheery" disposition - thanks, and I agree!

Zoe Moet - Absolutely! I am all about the iced tea!!

Bigger Closet - I bet it feels really nice in Vancouver now. We have July here.

luvallthingsjcrew - thank you! I've been enjoying watching everyone swap out for new headers with the new releases, but I'm sticking with this one for now - I love those colors, too. Plus they are my shoe of choice when I can't wear sandals.

snaphappy said...

You were very Hepburn-esque in that dress!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Hey Heidi...I did get a post up today afterall. :)

HeidiG said...

snaphappy - Thank you!!

HeidiG said...

FFM - yay! Catching up on my reading now... :)