Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wearing Today (including new F21 ring)

Productive day - finished most of the mulching. 3 bags left for veggie/herb garden (not planted yet, although I did get it cleaned out, for some bizarre reason, started working on it when I went out with Lucy at 6:30 am). And still have 1 1/2 bags sitting on the side bed where I may or may not be replacing shrubs. Otherwise, 20+ bags laid yesterday and today. Yay me!

Once the mulching was over (for now), time to shower, change and get dressed. And a chance to pop on the new F21 ring that I just posted about. I love how it shows up even on the full-length pic. Such a fun piece.

The shoes on the other hand... not sure I lovey. I really wanted to wear sandals, but gardening is hard on the toes as well as the hands, believe it or not. So I went with the red patent peep toe flats. I think the color is ok, but would have liked a loafer better. The twisted crystal necklace is ok too, but I think some chunkier pearls would have worked better. Well, I only hit the park with the kiddies and the pup, and tomorrow is another day.

It's funny, the most boring part of my outfit - gray J Crew tissue boyfriend vneck tee and Ann Taylor khakis is actually the part I was happiest with - outside of the cool new ring. Yep - chunkier pearls, sandals, and maybe some bigger earrings and this would have been much better. Will have to re-try next week.

Here's the Polyvore set (earrings are actually Swarovski crystal, but look exactly like the Cartier ones in the Polyvore)

Wearing Today-04/19/09
Wearing Today-04/19/09 by HeidiGblog featuring Forever21 flat shoes


Lula Mae said...

Cute outfit! Looks comfy too!

Alexandra said...

love the ring! Super cute and comfy outfit!
Thx for sharing. Have a great night!

Patina Cabachon said...

Heidi girl, I am loving the JEWAHLS (new york accent) lol. You look great. BTW, please check out Jeffrey Campbell. I love his flats. they're super cute, fit snug and don't gap!!! It's a sign (smile)

gigiofca said...

Cute outfit. I love how the ring photographs. :-)

KatyO. said...

After a long day of mulching, I'm surprised you even had the energy to look this good. :)

GingerSnap said...

Cute outfit, and I love your new ring :)

HeidiG said...

Lula Mae - thank you! And thanks for visiting!!

Alexandra - thank you! I was comfy - of course, always am in the bftt's. :)

Patina - Yes, I have other JC on my list for the next mall outing. Initials are JC and they don't "gap". Clearly it *is* a sign. :)

Gigi - thank you, yes, I was impressed with how it photographs.

KatyO - thank you! Well, it helps to split the mulch between 2 days, and it's amazing what a shower can do. Saturday, on the other had, I was wiped.

GingerSnap - thank you!

Anonymous said...

BIG--I mean WHOMPING BIG--flower rings are "in"--Kenneth Jay Lane has some gorgeous ones on E-Bay!
Luvv yours and you look cute! I really like the shoes!

HeidiG said...

luvallthingsjcrew - yep, this ring definitely fits that description. It is whomping big. Wore it again today, too!! I am now down to $3 per wear.