Friday, April 3, 2009

J Crew Canvas Atelier Jacket...yes, again.

First, let me add a dash of spring to your day. Here's a pic of some gorgeous daffodils & forsythia that my hubby brought back with him from his trip Mon/Tues. The client got them out of her own garden. I was thrilled because I just love both of those flowers. I have some daffodils in the yard, but clearly need to plant more bulbs in the spring so I can harvest at will. I also need to yank out some transplanted "builder" bushes and find a space for forsythia. (No, I will not take pics of me in the gardening overalls.) They have brought sunshine and such a beautiful scent into my whole downstairs. The sunshine is especially nice today since it is *pouring* outside.

Personal training at 12:30 today, so no nice outfit yet. Will post later today. I'm thinking it's a library shawl cardi kind of day. (see note on pouring rain above)

But here is yesterday's and yes, pulled out my new Atelier Jacket (that I yes, posted on and wore 2 days earlier). It was the perfect thing to top my (yes, again, tissue boyfriend vneck) tee and dark (again, Chicos) jeans since I had to go into the office for a quick meeting before meeting hubby for dinner. So the J Crew returns/exchanges have to wait a little longer, since I couldn't leave the puppy in the crate too long. (Per the puppy trainer, we want the puppies to succeed - excellent advice!)

Back to the topic at hand... I added my pop of yellow with last summer's Anthro limon*** necklace (I never remember the end if it's limoncello or limonade), but looking at the picture, the necklace doesn't show up at all on me with the vneck. That part did look better IRL, I promise. But I'm thinking crewneck next time with the necklace. And I did cuff up the sleeves of the Atelier and I love the pop of green that shows (thanks, Gigi).

And of course, because I was freezing by the afternoon, I swapped out the jacket for a big, comfy fleece sweatshirt for the bus stop and puppy playdate.
So yes, the jacket is emerging as the early favorite from the Dc JCA Private Shopping Event on Sunday.
Wearing Today 04/02/09
Wearing Today 04/02/09 by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew t-shirts


shopaholicdiva1027 said...

I saw the polyvore yesterday and i love the irl pics. thanks for the flowers...i need them. I have to remeber 'april showers bring may flowers' blah blah blah. Isn't it wonderful to find a favorite go to piece like your jacket that works with everything. It makes getting dressed so much less stressful.

GingerSnap said...

I love the jacket, who cares, wear it every day :)

Alexandra said...

Looking good! I love the jacket, it is very nice and it looks great on you!

Emily said...

I just love flowers, they always make everything so cheery! The Atelier looks great on you! I'm glad you found a jacket that you really love. I wear my travel trench almost everyday to work. I even wear it the office when I am cold. There is nothing wrong with wearing a jacket more then once in the same week!

Daisy said...

ooh I love forsythia and cherry blossom branches in the spring. Makes me happy!!
Love the jacket on you..looks effortless chic . The exposed lining adds an extra touch!
Have fun with the puppy, crate training is the best. I just finished fostering 3 lab cross puppies for the SPCA. Had them from 4 weeks till 13 weeks (when all shots done) now they are being adopted. I miss them but my dog is happy to be the center of attention again! Puppies are lots of work to train!!!

AppGal said...

thanks for the flowers! I needed that since it is so freakin' windy, rainy, and just plain GROSS here today! Love the jacket! You totally pull this look off.

[Oh, and I finally got my boyfriend tees! it is LOVE. not sure about the color though...i posted pics on my page for help]

gigiofca said...

Pretty flowers. The jacket is looking great!

HeidiG said...

ShopDiva - After today, i think we should be expecting LOTS of May flowers! Yes - very easy to feel put together now - will be wearing often!!

GingerSnap - well maybe not *every* day, but quite a lot!!

Alexandra - thank you!

Emily - glad you enjoyed the flowers. I am sure your travel trench is totally fab!!

Daisy - wow, I am impressed - that's hard work with puppies so young! You are a good soul. Lucy was 11 1/2 weeks when we got her, so at least she sleeps through the night, and she is a good puppy (easy to say as she's sleeping right now).

AppGal - thanks. Yep, rainy, windy, gross here, and then sun for about an hour or two mid-day, and back to clouds. And oooooh, will have to hop over to your blog to check out the pics. (yes, it is love, isn't it?)

Gigi - thanks!

3-Penny Princess said...

This jacket was made for you! I love how you wear it with the long tee underneath. The flowers are so pretty -- lucky you!

HeidiG said...

3-PP - thank you! This is definitely becoming my fave purchase from our private shopping event - which was so fab, thanks again for arranging!!