Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today's Outfit and the First Set of JCA Outing Purchase Reviews

What a pretty day we had here. Sunny and 60 degrees. Ok, I spent part of the morning in sweats after taking Lucy for a seriously long walk after the bus stop and then had to get some work done. But when I finally did get officially dressed for the day, she passed out on the bathroom floor (for any new readers - this is my 3-month-old Labradoodle puppy, so it's ok), so I had a little time to do some quick try-ons of my DC JCA Shopping event purchases.

First of all - the outfit for the day. I was dying to try out my new Canvas Atelier Jacket (#13105, orig $148, curr $89.99). Remember I had my 25% crewpon (thank you, Gigi for the terminology), plus I got a J Crew card, so I got an additional 10% off - which together worked out to be about 33% off. End price $$60.76. Yippeeee! I really needed a nice spring/summer jacket. I anticipate wearing this one a lot. I added some turquoise beads for color (they were my grandmother's) along with my basic white tee and jeans. But the beauty of the outfit is how quickly I was able to swap jacket & shoes for hoodie and crocs for E's soccer practice - bringing Lucy and tramping about in the woods next to the park.

Here is my Polyvore: (Fun stuff! Love Polyvore.)
3/31/09-Out and At Soccer
3/31/09-Out and At Soccer by HeidiGblog featuring Crocs flat shoes

And on to the other items...

Don't have a heart attack. This might be a little too exciting for you... Ok, I know, so boring, but so basic, and necessary. (basically awesome, I say) I went ahead and got a Boyfriend Tissue V-neck Tee in white (#11657, $29.50 online, but $19.50 in store). I know it's sheer, but I'll be wearing a cami or tank underneath anyway. Have I mentioned in the last 5 posts how soft these are? Well, I'll say it again. Love.... Anyway, I will probably wear this as much as anything else. And promise I'll accessorize it to within an inch of its life. Is that ok? And see, left on the turquoise beads that I wore today. So there's a little color.... Yeah, I know, lame. But me likey.

Next up - the ruffle favorite tank (not online anymore) in navy. I think this will be a really great layering piece. I like the ruffle - it adds detail, but not too much so that it misbehaves under other tops (bunching, etc.). End price $13.16. What do you think? Worth it? I think I will regret taking this one back. 3-Penny Princess had one on in putty at Sunday's event and it was way cute. It will definitely add a little something instead of the usual tank or cami. So I am thinking I will probably keep it. Will try on with some other tops to make a final decision.

The last item in this batch... we have the silk-linen v-neck sweater (#12961, orig $59.50, curr $49.50 online FS). End price was $40.16 on this sweater. I was and am still very iffy on this one. I love the fit. It's nice to have a not-long sweater for a change. I really loved the fit - in M. What don't I like? 2 things - (1) dry clean only (machine washable is the main reason I tried the gateau skirt - to be reviewed later this week) even though I know I could hand wash, and (2) the color. I'll be honest, I love orange. But this sweet cantaloupe just isn't it. The color is too faded/muted. My IRL picture actually makes it look more vibrant than it is. Here is a better pic of what it really looks like. And um, I hate to say it, but I have thrown up and had it be this color, and unfortunately, that's what it makes me think of, which is a pity. Plus, hello - more on sale now than 2 days ago. I wonder if it is also marked down in store. I am thinking I will take it back and see if I can get another color, especially on sale. (Sorry, Dina, but I promise I'll get a bright.)

More pics to come over the week. I'm cooking up a fun outfit for Girls' Night tomorrow.

What do you think so far? I am totally open to feedback, except negative feedback on the Atelier jacket since I already cut the tags and wore it. If you hate it, be honest, but realize I can't do anything.


shopaholicdiva1027 said...

Heidi, you look wonderful in all of your sets. I loved how you let the tee hang below the jacket. You're such a fashionista! It's a shame that you don't like the sweater in cantelope because it looks really good on you. I haven't gotten the tissue tees although everyone raves about them. How do you think they will hold up to washing?

KatyO. said...

Heidi--I'm going to echo Ms. Diva and say you look wonderful in everything! And by the way, you have great arms (tank picture!)! I also like the cantaloupe on you as well, bright or not. But if you have a psychosomatic aversion, then far be it from me to tell you to keep wearing it (I couldn't wear avocado green for about 6 years!).

mrs.anketell said...

Love the boyfriend tissue tees!!!! I bought one in gray and one in natural. They are SO soft and comfy, and i love the longer length. Beautiful outfits!! Keep all!!

AppGal said...

ok, you have finally convinced me to buy some boyfriend tees. Not that I wasn't convinced before...I'm a sucker for texture and softness, and I love the basic tee for simplifying an outfit. My only conundrum is...which color(s)? Which do you like the best?

dinagideon said...

I knew people would jump in and say they loved the sweater on you. :)

But, yeah, I get why you don't like the color. I had a BAD experience with Southern Comfort and cannot even look at a bottle now!!!

I am e-mailing you today. As you can tell from my post yesterday I was a little busy at school. Sigh! ;)

AppGal said...

Oh and the other pieces are great too! Jacket, tank, tee, sweater...all are keepers! nice choices :)

HeidiG said...

ShopDiva - Thank you! I haven't had any problem with washing them. They are soft, but don't seem quite as "delicate" as some other tees. All I can say is get one and try it. My new laundry trick is remembering to zip everything up (pants, sweatshirts, etc) before they go in the wash so the zippers don't catch on anything - because, yes, I am too lazy to do that much sorting. Should have figured that out years ago!

KatyO - thank you! I attribute the arms to training with my friend, Mary Beth, and dropping 10 pounds. They look much better than they did a couple of months ago - so it's a very nice compliment to hear, indeed! And thanks for the moral support on the color thing, too.

mrs.anketell - I know, so soft + longer length = winner for me!

AppGal - Hard to say which colors I like best. I have navy, gray, shell, and white. I think shell is great because it's really a neutral and works with anything. If you like color, the tea rose and aqua are really pretty, they're just not great on me. The only one I found that had sheerness issues is the white, but I have it on today layered with a thin white long cami and it's just fine. HTH.

Dina - yeah, yeah, yeah, you told me so. :) I did just post asking for suggestions because I am looking at 2 possible replacements that are FS, that I would want to get at 30%, so let me know what you think! Will be looking for email later, thanks. (no rush)

Daisy said...

Love all your goodies. You look great in the canvas jacket. I love the sleeve length.. wasn't sure where it would be on a tall girl. I thought someone said it was elbow length , but looks a bit longer than that on you. I'm tall and 10/12 on jackets with broad shoulders.... should I size up or down on jacket??

gigiofca said...

Too bad that cantaloupe isn't as vibrant as it appears. It's nice on you.

The Atelier is nice! Maybe scrunch them up *just* a little bit? Unless it's cold. I think a scrunched sleeve puts focus back on the 3/4 sleeve and makes it look less like the arms shrunk. That's how I feel when I wear 3/4 sleeve jackets unless I roll the longer sleeve up a little.

Keep the tank. Have some flair on that basic. I like it.

HeidiG said...

Daisy - I'm 5'10" and a size 10. I have very broad shoulders and there was plenty of room with this one for me. In the catalog, they have it as elbow lenght on Lauren and Liya - so they must have done some tucking to get it that way.

Gigi - thanks for all the input and the suggestion about the sleeves. I was actually thinking about trying to fold them up because the lining is the sleeves is this gorgeous lime-avocado (sorry KatyO) green. I will try scrunching next time.

G said...

FYI I picked up the jacket for $29.99 plus the 25% off at Reston last Monday - down to $22.49 - incredible! Not sure the prices at other stores, but wanted to let you know in case you want to buy/return!

HeidiG said...

G - thanks! When we get back to town Fri, I will see if Montgomery has it so I can purchase and then return (since I've already worn). Or maybe get a price adjustment. That would make it worth a trip out with the kiddies to see.