Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shopping Ban Update and True Confessions (I'm Smitten, finally)

How was the Lenten shopping ban been going? Really, really well. I have to thank this amazing online community. It has been so wonderful to have this level of support, while knowing that I would make myself accountable. It has been 3 1/2 weeks. And it has truly been illuminating. I think for me, shopping was equating to gluttony at times.

So this Lenten ban has extended that to a look at gluttony and its place in my life. I can tell you that I have actually lost 8 pounds over the last few weeks because I have finally put my relationship with food in its proper place. I inherited half of a kick-ass metabolism so my weight usual habits. I am one of those people who are much less in shape than they appear to be and I am trying to change that.

I have started exercising regularly. More free time when you aren't shopping or plotting how you are going to shop. And I feel so much better about myself. Not much exercise this week with the new puppy, except for PT, but considering the mostly self-inflicted lack of sleep at the beginning of the week, I am proud that I lost 2 pounds this week, got my puppy walking, and didn't descend into a vortex of bad eating.

Have I been perfect? Heck no! So here are my confessions, but I thing my indiscretions have been small and offset by additional clothes-related in-flow.

First of all, I finally caved and purchased Rescue Beauty Lounge's Smitten. By the way, their packaging is fantastic. I have been wanting the perfect pink. Medium pink, not to coral/orange, not too brown, with just a touch of lavender (since that works on my weird yellow-y skin tone), and this is it. Per RBL's description:
Angora, princess phones, Molly Ringwald movies. This is the light lilac pink that would have won Andrew McCarthy's heart.
Ok, I was always more a Judd Nelson girl, but whatever. Coming of age with the Brat Pack, how can I resist? So that was more than I usually spend, unless I buying Chanel, but it is worth it. (about $25, including S&H) But don't you love it? It screams spring to me, and I can't wait to wear it in the summer, too.

Old Navy purchases on F&F sale - 30% off, plus tax and S&H allocated to each item.
  • The Old Navy Sweater Coat (#632592, orig. $39.50, curr $23.99 online), Gigi and Sparrow& Sparkle both did great reviews, check them out if you haven't already. I have wanted this since before my shopping ban and looked for it on my Mardi Gras shopping outing, but my ON did not have it. I ordered both the M and L just to be sure of fit (same shipping anyway, did you hear that J Crew?). Will return at least 1 of them. Allocated out, $20.18 each.

  • 3 camis. I live in ON's shelf bra camis (because they are long enough in regular - you can see in the online pic next to the "basic camis" - shelf bra ones are longer). These are one of my year-round staples, along with their tanks. I need a fresh stock of white ones every 3-6 months. In the summer, they usually replace bras (ok, so there are some advantages to a lack of curves). I ordered 2 in white, and 1 in pink pony (as opposed to a pink goat, I suppose). I always need white and I don't have a pink right now. Allocated out, $7.57 for each. These I can actually excuse as necessities.
To balance this out, I got a $35 check from the consignment shop for stuff from last summer. I have $20 of returns at Nordstrom Rack (some ill-advised tights). Let's do the math (I was a math major, you know)

($20 for the sweater) + ($25 for the polish) < ($55 in clothing income)

Ok, I'm good. Plus I did purchase on a Sunday. So well within my rules.

So what did I resist? And where did I almost fail?

  1. Latest J Crew 20% off, especially when I realized the navy chiffon ruffle cardi was there in my size, waiting. Still have designs on this one at some future point in time, possibly.

  2. Bobbi Brown 20% sale this week. Oh, I was close, so close. I had a cart and everything filled Thursday night. Then I remembered that I had just come back from puppy class ($160), had a vet visit the previous day ($200-ish, thanks to all the shots), spent about $150 at the store on dog stuff. So a lot in 1 week. That made me stop. I don't need that much right now. What I have can get me through - at least until they release their new blush sticks, at which point I will take a look. But cautiously.
  3. But what really, really, really almost did me in - Chanel's email announcing their Deja Vu collection - "you loved it then, now love it again". Discontinued favorites can be found again. I thought, oh that's nice, no way they actually have their Rouge Noir Le Vernis Nail Colour. (For you polish neophytes, this is actually the original shade of Chanel's Vamp - as in Pulp Fiction, Uma Thurman, total fabulosity. The Vamp sold today is a different shade. And I am a huge fan of dark polish, ever since a tragic accident with my big toe and E's plastic high heel dress up shoes 4 1/2 years ago. And I love how it offsets my usual classic, preppy clothes with a teeny bit of edge.) Oh yes, they did. For $23, plus S&H of course, Rouge Noir could be all mine. And I was like, arghhhh, I just bought a new polish, and it wasn't cheap. So here I sit coveting the Rouge Noir polish. Knowing I shouldn't buy it. But it's still there, tempting me. This actually could be my undoing.
Right now the only thing keeping me honest is the DC JCA gathering next Sunday, 3/29. I said in the beginning, if I'm really good, then I can shop. If not, no way. So I am trying, trying so hard. But that Rouge Noir and its luscious vampiness is calling me. (this is my call for reinforcement, ladies) Fortunately, that puppy is keeping me pretty busy. Plus I still have 2 tops from Pre-Lent shopping that I haven't worn - yes, both are summer tops, 1 sleeveless, 1 tunic, but still...
Ok, staying strong, staying strong. See you all at DC JCA nest Sunday!


shopaholicdiva1027 said...

Heidi stay strong. You have done so well. I am proud of so keep your eyes on the prize...JCA get together is next weekend. You're almost at the finish line!!!! Yay!!!!!!! Congratulations on your weight loss. That's my goal now since I am feeling somewhat in control with my shopping. I too was temped when I saw that ruffle cami and almost gave in but I too resisted. stay strong

gigiofca said...

I'm impressed! Great job. I will have to check out the Chanel polish. Just to look. I really loved Vamp.

dinagideon said...

Well, yay!!! I am excited that you have kept up your end of your bargain with yourself. AND you lost 8 pounds, too! And, sister, you know I know where you have been. Losing weight, even one pound, feels so darn good.

Keep strong...won't it be great to try on clothes together and realize we both may need a size smaller? ;)

HeidiG said...

ShopDiva - thank you! So close, I know. Of course, after DC JCA, I'll still have to be on the wagon 2 more weeks until Easter, but if I make it that far, I think I'm ok

Gigi - let me know if you get it and if it is too die for.

Dina - thanks! Yes, every single pound is hard. Bonus is that I put on a pair of black pants tonight that were a bit tight when I cleaned out the closet 2 weeks ago and they fit. Loved it! (need to go to bed now so posting outfits tomorrow - but will have 2 - puppy day, and out to dinner) My goal next weekend is actually finding pants that work, regardless of size. Also - I saw your note about Richmond, so I'll look back at your blog to check it out. Thanks!

sparrowsandsparkles said...

You are doing really great! Glad the striped ON sweater coat could work! The navy is so spring-y - you'll get lots of use out of it I bet. And that polish color is lovely. You are really encouraging me to think about my nails a bit more... which I really need to - they are in sad shape!

HeidiG said...

S&S - thanks, hope I love the ON sweater coat IRL as much as you did! The only thing I can say about the nails is that the more you do it, the easier it becomes, like anything else - trite but true.

KatyO. said...

I'm totally impressed with your willpower! And congrats also on your weight loss! :D

HeidiG said...

Thanks, KatyO, it's a journey and I'm working on it still...

3-Penny Princess said...

HeidiG - You're doing fabulously! I too fell victim to the last J.Crew 20% code. We can't do it all... But please feel good about yourself and remember, we're almost in the Promised Land:). Just 6 more days...

HeidiG said...

3-PP - yep, 6 more days. We are almost there!! Can't wait!!