Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wardrobe Challenge, Day #2

Happy St Patrick's Day to all! It did feel a bit Ireland-ish this morning with the gray dampness in the air. The Irish Beef Stew is in the crockpot bubbling away.

And continuing with the theme of cozy, green sweaters that are semi-puppy-friendly - today saw the appearance of another favorite - J Crew's Dream Hoodie (Fall 2007). I love the green in this sweater - it's a heathered blend, with yellow-greens and blue-greens, a little olive, a lot of kelly. Just a total green-o-rama. Warm enough to take the puppy outside without a jacket for a few minutes - but hopefully it's getting a bit sunnier this afternoon.

I love the cut - it's close enough to the body, but not too tight. I like the neckline, but it does sometimes require a scarf mid-winter to stay warm. Of course, I am always cold.

Sweater, tank, Chicos jeans, pink Pumas (yes, they have become a new favorite since I re-found them during closet cleanout), and then a fun string of turquoise beads for some more color. The beads were my grandmother's. And of course, the snake ring my grandparents got for me in South America many years ago. Appropriate for St. Patrick's, no?


GingerSnap said...

Good job making green for St. Patty's look cute...I totally forgot today, and now I will suffer the consequences. *pinch* *pinch* Damn.

emily said...

You look so cute in your green! I wore my avacodo melanie which is sort of green but not really. It was as close as I could get! Hope you enjoy your St. Patty's.

dinagideon said...

Adorable, you look so nice in J. Crew sweaters.

It was sort of foggy and damp this morning. I love that weather, though. I especially love it when walking to school...it gives me an extra lift or something (sounds weird, but it does)!

shopaholicdiva1027 said...

ohhhhhhhh, you did such a great job. I love your term "re-found" lol. It's amazing what new treasures await us in our very own clostes and dressers. Love the necklace.

HeidiG said...

Thanks, ladies!!

GingerSnap- I love green, so any excuse to wear it, even though I'm not Irish.

Emily - hey, any green counts!!

Dina - I do enjoy those mornings sometimes too - it gives me a good excuse to dress cozy. I bet it was a great morning to walk to work!

ShopDiva-yes, re-found it is. Ugh, did you mention dresser? I only use a lingerie chest because all the clothes are in the closet, but I really need to go through that, too!

Anonymous said...

Are you for real?? I train dogs for a living and believe me, I never look as good as you!!
Well, I am inspired to look better while training.
Keep the good work on the looks and good luck with the pup.

HeidiG said...

Anon @6:28 - Thank you, but I think the appropriate comparison here is that this is my "hobby" - if I were doing this full-time, I would have to go a little more hard-core clothes-wise, so I admire you!! This is really me trying to make the effort not to wear sweats all week (that's my early morning puppy potty run gear)

Thanks for stopping by!