Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shopping Ban Update and Success at Target

It's Thursday, so what am I up to...Day 9 of no shopping? I started by shopping my closet and pulled out one of my favorite combos from last spring. The navy striped shirt is from AT Loft (spring 07) and the cardi/jacket is from BR (last winter). This outfit always reminds me of spring.

Today was a definite test as I went to Target with my list in hand. And I only bought what was on the list - lotion (all gone, not just trying out something new), body wash (again - all gone, not just wasting current and trying something new), fruit snacks for M, tin of Altoids, Clorox Greenworks spray.

To be honest, I also got a pair of slipper socks but I had to toss my stinky slippers, so I figured an extra pair of slipper socks would get me through until next fall when I will get a decent pair. And since I hardly ever wear socks, other than with sneakers or boots, I figured this would be acceptable, as I don't currently have a huge stash of socks. They were only $3.99 after all.

So far the Lenten shopping ban has been going pretty well. But then I start to see the new J Crew catalog, the new merchandise online, the blogs with pretty pictures... Cotton cricket cardigan - you are calling my name. And even though my "Keeping a Holy Lent" info from church says that "Sundays are celebrations of Jesus' resurrection and are always an appropriate day to lessen the restrictions of Lent", I'm not quite there yet. I still need more time for reflection and consideration. I haven't broken the cycle yet. Plus I still need to clean out that closet - the shirts, the sweaters, the pants, the shoes...

Speaking of shoes... we still have snow on the ground. I wanted to wear the shoes on the left. But I thought closed toes was more acceptable, so I wore the shoes on the right. But we're supposed to get to the 70's this weekend - yay Spring!


emily said...

Such a cute outfit! BTW I read your profile description and I must say that I would have never guessed that you are 37. You look 27!

HeidiG said...

Emily - thank so much, how kind of you! Yep, 37. I have sunscreen, hats, and bangs to thank for that!! Bangs - poor woman's Botox.