Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Nail Files, Part 3-b

Oops. There was one important thing I forgot last night in the Part 3 post on polish application. This is important enough to give it its own post instead of just adding.

Like I said in yesterday's post, I usually do my nails at night after the kids go to bed (true about 99% of the time). It doesn't matter if I do my nails totally perfect, because the next morning, when I shower, I can scrape the excess polish off my cuticles, and it's pretty darn close to salon quality. This is especially important when I do my toes because it's almost always a dark color for 4 1/2 years now (long story for another time involving a plastic high heel and an injury to my toe).

Once you've been in a nice warm, steamy polish, the excess comes off really easily. It's amazing how well this works. And that is why I almost never do my nails during the day - and certainly don't do my toes during the day.

And the big reason I love Seche Vite's Top Coat so much is that a nighttime mani/pedi does not mean staying up for the next 2 hours for it to dry well. So you aren't doomed to sleepless night vs. sheet marks on your nails. And us ladies are busy enough, right?
Nails of the day (that I did last night after posting). China Glaze's Princess Grace. It's a very pale not-quite-white-almost-lavender-ish polish, with a metallic sheen. Very pretty. And how could you not love the name?

Another nail - and beauty in general - resource - Makeup Alley. Great place to look up reviews of all kinds of beauty products. I love this website. Very informative, very honest. You have to sign up to get to the individual reviews, but it's free, and totally worth it. Check it out!!

In other news... we got a puppy today. Her name is Lucy. She is an 11-week-old Labradoodle. The family is thrilled. But the posting may be a little light for the next few days as we work everything out, routines and all that stuff. But I'll be back, I promise.


3-Penny Princess said...

This is so helpful and informative! As someone who runs to the nail salon (and hair salon) before any important meeting, it's rare for me to attempt to do my own nails. Thanks for all the tips! I actually am trying to save money so I unearthed my manicure set the other day to do my own nails. It looked okay I guess, but it lasted like 3 days tops, vs. the 6-7 days I get from the salon. I'm going to try your products and methods and see how it works for me.

Also, Makeup Alley is key! I've been reading it for years and won't buy a single product without consulting the reviews.

Your labradoodle puppy is adorable-- good luck with the new addition!

See you in 2 weeks!

HeidiG said...

Good luck with your nails, 3-PP. Isn't Makeup Alley great?

Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2 weeks!!