Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just a little fun accessorizing at Target

I know the famed Target pearl cluster necklace set off a frenzy of JCA Target activity. I was never lucky enough to acquire one pre-shopping ban. (Does it count if I was trying to get it before Lent and now suddenly it's available? I don't think so.) Anyway... on one of my Target forays, I stopped to really check out the jewelry.

And I found this... $16.99 for Merona's Ribbon Bead Necklace. There's was only one left, so I snagged it. By the time I got it, I couldn't find it online. The first time I wore it out, I had 3 SA's at JC and BR asking me where on earth I got it. My favorite JC SA, Jill, was able to find one a few Targets up the road.

The ribbon is black satin and it ties in the back. I just did a simple know because I wanted the length. The beads are kind of like dark grayish metallic pearls. (I don't know if this picture gives you any better idea of what the beads look like because it's really a pretty lousy closeup.) It looks so great with anything I've put it with. I love it with the sweater as shown above (J Crew Dream something or other, last winter). Also, lots of visual impact without too much weight, because some of these necklaces do get heavy.

So if you missed out on the Target pearl cluster necklace, there's still reason to check them out.


FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Good Morning! Yes, I've seen this at Target...very pretty! Lanvin makes a similar piece with pearls and ribbon that costs a LOT more than this one, too! Congrats on your purchase! I'm sure I'll probably get one eventually, too:)

Slastena said...

Heidi, hi!
I 've seen the necklace before and admired it . Great buy! Great color on the nails ( I looked closely:)))- you are right, reminds of Mini Shorts.

HeidiG said...

FFM - yes, it totally reminds me of the Lanvin piece - I remember now seeing that one, was it this fall?

Slastena - thanks. Yes, my not-exactly-mini-shorts Essie nail color. Have you put yours on yet?

Slastena said...

I have it on my toes , love it!:)