Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Productivity of Procrastination...

You know how you know you really really REALLY need to do something but you just can't quite wrap your head around getting it done? That's how I feel I about my closet right now. It' s my major project to get done over the course of the Lenten shopping ban. But I just can't quite get there. (Kudos to Joyce for the fantastic job on her closet - see aptly titled post on The Deed Is Done. Can I borrow the "tell it like it is" 14-year-old?)

And it's way too pretty outside today to start. Temps in the 70's. No way am I tackling that job today.

So, what else have I been doing? Organizing the junk drawer in the kitchen, duh. Adding little bins to contain things. Tossing about 75% of what was crammed in there. And now we have....Tada!!! So so so so so pretty!

Ok, I swear I really am going to get to the closet. I have another appointment at the consignment shop to drop off this Friday, so I definitely have to do part of it by then. Maybe a weekday project while the kids are at school? Arrange my work schedule so I have a lighter day? Yep, that's the plan. Wish me luck!!


gigiofca said...

I love organizing closets. I put some money into containers last year and it made a world of difference.

HeidiG said...

I like my current system - but like any system, it definitely breaks down when not tended regularly. I may need to add some containers - esp for shoes - the old crummy shoe box thing is not working so well. I'll have to see what I have when it's all cleaned out. :)