Sunday, March 8, 2009

J Crew Tissue Spring Flower Tee (me too, me three...)

The J Crew Tissue Spring Flower Tee (#13856, $32.50).... Dina bought, wore, and posted on Friday (so cute on her!) and Gigi posted a review earlier today. I've been meaning to post on it so, I figured I would go ahead and add my 2 cents now. I like it when I see multiple posts on the same item - it helps to get different perspectives and see them on different people.

The tee is very cute. It didn't jump into my bag and beg me to take it home, but I did like it. A nice long cut - which is what I like. But that's also the reason Gigi didn't like it - the design was too low on her. I love the design of the flowers - very cute, very summery, would love it on its own or peeking out under a jacket or cardi. Very soft and comfy.

The colors are light blade (which Dina purchased and I tried on), dark charcoal (Gigi tried on and I did as well, but did not post a pic of that one), and sweet orange. I actually liked the dark charcoal on me much better than the light blade, so not sure why I took a pic of this one. It was not the right or best green for me, I think. Plus, dark charcoal is one of my most favorite colors of theirs - it works with my weird olive-ish skin tone well. I don't remember seeing the sweet orange, but would love to try it on sometime.

The biggest issue to me was the sheerness of the design. The remainder of the tee was a great weight, but the flowers are really sheer - to the point that I sized up to a large and would probably only wear a cami (or some other knit tee) underneath. That's why it didn't jump into my bag right away - because yeah, that's not exactly where I really want something to be especially sheer. So let me relate a story I related on one of Gigi's posts - trust me, it will make all of you feel better. I was in a B&M a few weeks ago and a SA called over another SA who was wearing the gorgeous ringspun rosette tee to show a customer. The SA wearing the tee looked to be about 20 years old or so, with a fantastic figure - and even SHE had layered a favorite tank underneath because of the sheerness. Now I don't feel so bad about my layering...

Definitely check out Dina's and Gigi's posts on the tee, if you haven't already seen them.


dinagideon said...

HeidiG: I think you look cute and it is the right length. I guess my only advice would be to get the dark charcoal and in a smaller size (looks like you are swimming in it)! :)

KatyO. said...

The green looks great on you. I agree with Dina--smaller size! :)

And the sheerness isn't visible at all, at least in the picture. I've invested in so many "nude" camis though, just in case. ;)

HeidiG said...

Thanks for the feedback, ladies! I think my other issue is that yes, the L had some excess fabric, but I felt the M was too tight/sheer. Maybe I should try it again in the cami frame of mind.