Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Instant Beauty Gratification - Bobbi Brown on Sale!!!

Since I started this blog at the end of February, I did wade in with the nail polish info. Beauty-wise, that is my particular passion. But I do love all other makeup. And I haven't even started on all that here.

Let's start now with - I love Bobbi Brown. (Remember that great quote by her on 1 hour of exercise doing more for your skin than an hour at the dermatologist? Yeah, I need to get back on that - haven't done a thing since we got the puppy.) Her colors are genius. They always work on my weird yellow/olive-ish skin. Her new Skin Foundation is fantastic. She has some new blush sticks coming out in April (different than the current cream blush stick) that I am very excited for - similar to NARS' Multiple.

So anyway...the big news is that March 17-19, you can "Get Instant Beauty Gratification" - all Bobbi Brown is 25% off on the website. And if you use the offer code INSTANT, you will get free standard shipping (for those who are not already "members" and get the free shipping anyway). Great time to stock up on your BB products that are running low. As for me, I'm good - waiting for the new blush sticks. And I don't need anything right now.

What do you think of Bobbi? Will you be ordering anything? Are there any products that are particular favorites?


Lissa said...

I love Bobbi Brown makeup! Its pretty much all I use. I've tried other makeup but it doesn't give that natural look that I love from Bobbi. Unfortunately, I just bought the stuff I was out of last week. (full price) :( Oh darn!

HeidiG said...

Bobbi is my staple for everything but eye pencil (brow-YSL, liner-Chanel) and mascara (YSL and Clinique). I have other products, but always come back to Bobbi.

Christina said...

Love her lip glosses and cream shadows. I do need to stock up and this definitely falls under my rule of not paying for anything full price!!!

HeidiG said...

Good for you, Christina! I am still on the fence - I've been thinking about some more cream eyeshadow or some gel liner, but just am trying to be good.