Monday, March 16, 2009

Wardrobe Challenge for the Week

So here's the wardrobe challenge for the week: We have the new, adorable, fabulous puppy, Lucy, in our lives. She turns 12 weeks old tomorrow. So it is definite, major puppy training for the next few days, weeks, months? New challenge is... how to dress appropriately for the occasion - i.e., I'm going to be outside a lot - without sinking to Slumpadinka levels for the next month. (See ShopaholicDiva's explanation of term, love it!)

Let's see, today it is not freezing cold, but chilly and damp, so it feels a lot colder than it is. What to do? Well, I just went through the "clothes" portion of the closet. Reminded myself about all these great, cozy winter sweaters that I have, so BINGO! I think we have a winner. They all need to be washed anyway for the (hopefully) end of the season, so I may as well get another good wearing out of them first.

Today - the Banana Republic wool turtleneck, Holiday 2006. I love this sweater. It is so yummy and cozy. I am still wearing it now, as I type in my sweatpants. The color is a dark olive-y heathered green. it would be a great St Patrick's Day sweater, but I have a different JC green sweater in mind for that, and I need the warmth today. The wool is so soft, you don't even have to layer underneath (but I did, for warmth). I love the cut, it's body skimming, but doesn't cling at all. The turtleneck itself is not tight or gagging, either.

The sad aspect of this sweater is that BR came out with a very similar style last holiday season (08), and I eagerly snatched one up. But it was just not nearly as well made, not as soft, didn't wash as well - a total and utter disappointment. Sigh... So for now, I am still loving my BR olive turtle. And it will go in the wash pile tonight. Hopefully I can do whole slew of sweaters at once.

And I even have some fun shoes on - Pumas from Fall 07. Comfy, cover the foot well enough to walk around in wet grass, since that's what I'm doing a lot of. A fun punch of color to the dark green sweater and dark jeans.

But I promise, no matter how bad it gets, I will not resort to wearing these.... The reason I would never, ever go on What Not To Wear. Stacy and Clinton would make me throw them away. Behold the fantabulous khaki overalls from the Gap, circa Fall/Winter 2000. Oh, I made quite the fashion statement back in the day. All the other moms had their denim overalls. Mine were khaki. Everyone wanted to know where on earth I had found the khaki ones. I was probably wearing Keds with them, too. Ahhhhh, memories.

Now they are the perfect gardening overalls (note the mud stains on knees). Seriously. You can stretch, bend over or whatever you need to do, and your shirt stays tucked in, you aren't flashing anyone. Totally practical. Worn with a tank top in the summer. With a tee and sweatshirt in chillier temps. Dirt, leaves, etc don't stick to the woven material as they would something knit (like sweatpants or yoga pants). I dread the day they fall apart (it's coming) because then I will actually have to pay money for a replacement pair. Best gardening togs ever!!!


shopaholicdiva1027 said...

I cracked up when I saw those overalls. LOL. you are so funny. I love your outfit and those pumas are so cute. OMG you look beautiful. not like you are on puppy duty at all. you look divine.

HeidiG said...

ShopDiva - Thank you. I love those overalls; their functionality is irreplacable. Sadly enough, I would give up quite a few other pieces in my closet before I would give those up.

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

You look adorable, and I also think the Pumas are VERY cute!

purplesweettarts said...

Cute outfit and I love those shoes! Much better than the overalls! LOL! Good luck with Lucy!

GingerSnap said...

I love the outfit..not slumpadinka at all! I do have to laugh a little at the overalls though! How funny...I think we all had a pair. I am definitely guilty of it...I even had the "short-alls"...oh man. P.S. I am a total fan of What Not to Wear too!

HeidiG said...

FFM - thanks - the Pumas are way comfy, too - a "re-find" in my closet.

PurpleSweetTarts - thank you - yes, anything is better than the overalls.

GingerSnap - I don't think I ever had the shortalls, but I did have the overall jumper - great in mid-pregnancy.

So now everyone knows the dark secret in my closet - but you can pretty much trust you will never see the IRL pics. :)

gigiofca said...

The overalls. Wow. *lol* Think khakis rolled & unrolled for puppy training. They can be washed so easily and will go w/the pumas, too. Tops....that's a job for Old Navy!! Wash and dry w/out a care.

HeidiG said...

Gigi - yep, love those overalls!! I thought everyone would get a huge kick out of them. Yes, I think khakis & tees will be in order when it warms up for puppy training - it's just getting through the chillier weather now. But we are *supposed* to get to 70 today - we'll see.