Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wearing Today with IRL pics of Havaianas Thong Sandals

Quick post today.... Everyone up visiting. Puppies having a blast. Kids loving the puppies! Beautiful day outside.

Something fun - I am wearing my new-to-me French Market tee, thanks to MMM. It's so darn cute, love the cow, love the gray/navy/white/gold design, love the fit (my sister is probably proud that I am wearing a fitted shirt). And I figure it does take confidence to actually wear a cow on your chest... All good!!

And I finally pulled out the Havaianas thong sandals that I posted about way back in February when I first started. They are so comfy and the strap on the back keeps them on - so not as much strain on your foot muscles (wow, I sound like such an old man). And my mom got a pair of those also yesterday, so I will have to come up with another idea for Mother's Day.

Perfect day to pull out the J Crew Seaside Pants, too. They are so light and cool - and comfy. Again, I highly recommend..

And I also have on my gold hoops (you know, the one that dinagideon found and sent to me after I lost it in her car between shopping & brunch at the DC JCA event), which will now be known as the Dina hoops for 2 reasons:
1 - It illustrates what a lovely, kind, and resourceful person Dina is.
2 - It illustrates what a bumbling clutz I am. Seriously, who yanks out an earring putting her hair in a ponytail?

Polyvore for today:

And, of course, as promised, puppy pics to share. Lucy & Chase had an absolute blast and are expected to sleep very, very, very well tonight. Enjoy!!

Lucy looks twice as large as Chase in that pic above, but it cracks me up how they each have the other's paw in their mouth.


Alexandra said...

Looking good as always!
The puppies are so adorable...
Enjoy the family and the beautiful weather!

dinagideon said...

I love it...the tee is awesome...those french market J. Crew tops are the best!

Isn't it so pretty out today? We went for a walk to our local shopping much fun! Tomorrow we are going swimming...yay...

I love that you named those hoops after funny! I think I need to name that tiered skirt after you because you convinced me to buy it...the Heidi skirt! Awesome...

A Bigger Closet said...

Oh, that's such a cute outfit and I love the puppy pictures! :)

BTW, I managed to get a star cable sweater this week too online in the dark grey color. Thanks for the inspiration for it Heidi! Keeping my fingers crossed that it works for me too. I'll post a picture of when it arrives. :)

Have a great weekend!

Petunia said...

Great outfit on you!
Your puppies are so cute!! What breed are they?

HeidiG said...

Alexandra - thank you! The puppies are so much fun to watch!

Dina - so glad I have a FM tee now! Sounds like you all had a fab day, too. So looking forward to seeing pics of you in that tiered skirt - it was so great on you. but it's not Alpine enough to be called the Heidi skirt. :)

ABiggerCloset - didn't realize in came in gray - I bet that's so pretty! Fingers crossed, can't wait to see pics, but assume it may be next fall until we see a full outfit?

Petunia - Thanks. Lucy (black) is a Labradoodle. My sister's puppy, Chase (black & white), is a Springer Spaniel.

CECE said...

awww too cute!!! I also love the havianas! they look different and seems like it would work with many outfits! Keep the pictures coming! I really enjoy them =)

Lissa said...

Now see... I love this outfit! (are you surprised? :)

mrs.anketell said...

Such a cute outfit!! Cute puppies!! Thanks for sharing!!

HeidiG said...

CECE - thank you. I think I will be Havaiana-ing a lot this summer.

Lissa - haha, wait till you seeed today - even less color, if that's possible.

mrs.anketell - thank you!

gigiofca said...

I have that tee, but haven't paired it with chinos. Looks cute together.

Dina hoops. I love it.

Anonymous said...

The sandals are cute the puppies are adorable. The cow tee shirt...hmmm. Why would you wear a cow on a shirt??? Don't get it. Sorry. If possible, return ASAP.

HeidiG said...

Gigi - thank you - what do you wear yours with?

Anon@4:30 - thanks on the puppies & shoes. About the tee - I wouldn't just randomly get a cow tee to wear. But the JC French Market tee - I liked it, I love anything French/Parisian - liked the colors, the cow kinda amused me, love the script. But clearly it's not your thing. No worries.