Friday, April 3, 2009

Today's Outfit and Some Bummerocity with the J Crew Ruffle Favorite Tank

I was Superwoman today. No really, it was pretty cool. Nice, chill morning working at home. Not much in the way of walks with Lucy since it was *pouring* outside - I mean buckets, people. But she was a good puppy while I did all that. We played, we snuggled, she went outside when nature called, and she slept while I worked. Then my last personal training session with Laura & Mary Beth, sniff! (Not to worry, 2-night boot camp starts after Spring Break!) And the skies were blue and it was brilliantly sunny by the time we were done.

Then I had 1 hour to: get home, let Lucy out of her crate, take her upstairs and shut her in the bathroom with me while I shower, do the makeup/hair thing, get partially dressed, realize that the ruffle tank was bad (see below), partially re-dress, let Lucy out again, finish getting dressed, get the chopped lettuce out of the fridge, put together my stuff, take Lucy for a quick walk, put her in the crate, and get to school for the Salad Party in M's class. Whew! Fortunately school is about a mile or two away - and I strolled into M's class at the stroke of 2:30. Yay, me!

Let me tell you about the Salad Party - they are studying liquids in Science, so they made dressing this morning (that was actually really yummy) and then they made salad in the afternoon. Hence, the Salad Party. Fun time!

So I picked the Library Shawl Cardi to wear today - since it's just a great Spring sweater - cozy but not too heavy. And I was so set to wear my new Ruffle Favorite Tank that I got Sunday. But guess what? That ruffly goodness did NOT lay flat under the sweater - I guess because it was not thick enough to disguise the lumpage. Before I head to JC tomorrow to do returns/exchanges, I think I need to do some more trying on. Even though it was a bargain at $13, if it doesn't work under most sweaters, I'm not actually going to wear it. Total bummer!! IRL pic at right. And yes, Target pearl cluster again - love!! Polyvore below.
Wearing Today-04/03/09
Wearing Today-04/03/09 by HeidiGblog featuring Old Navy tank tops

And here's a new Lucy pic for you - her new hangout downstairs is under the drop leaf table behind the sofa. I like to think of it as her downstairs den.


Patina Cabachon said...

I am tired just reading you blog (smile) Isn't this a wonderful cardi! It blankets you in warmth without being too heavy and cumbersome.Oh and the pearls add just the right amount of elegance. It's a dress up or down cardigan. Love the lucy adorable.

GingerSnap said...

Salad party? That sounds fun :) Plus, you look extra cute today...sorry the ruffle cami might not work (I hate when that happens)

Anonymous said...

Hi Hiedi,

Cute puppy! That sweater looks so fitted on the other bloggers, but yours looks so generous and loose. I'm so confused. It's on final sale now. What size did get? TIA!

Slastena said...

Ohh, Lucy is one adorable puppy! You look super lovely in your cardi ( my current fave, along with RTF cardis). Bummer about ruffled tank. I remember seeing it on 3-PP last times we met, she managed to get the ruffle to lie down under her cardi. May be she knows a trick?:)

gigiofca said...

Puppy Luce is so cute.

I am copying your outfit today. Straight up. It will be w/the rumpeld cardi since the library didn't work for me.

Anon@11:16am - I'm pretty sure Heidi has on the library shawl cardi. The rumpled terry cardi has a tighter fit, imo.

gigiofca said...

Oh-- I think you should keep the tank. Wouldn't you wear it on it's own? You still have your ON tanks for underneath cardis. I think the blue color is great for you.

Paper Bag Princess said...

The cardi is fab on you! Perfect salad party outfit!!

freeTEYme said...

yay for 30 something bloggers! love you look and your blog! would you like to exchange links?

HeidiG said...

PC - Love this cardi, love the pearls too!

GingerSnap - Salad party was lots of fun - I was impressed because almost all of the kids ate their salad. The dressing was fantastic, too.

Anon@11:16 - I wear an M or L in JC tops. I got the L in this because I wanted to be generous (nice euphemism for baggy, hehe) I tried the M but the buttons gaped a bit from pulling when it was close, and I knew I would wear it closed most of the time, so I went with the L, figuring that it could shrink a bit in the wash and I would be fine. Incidentally, that's why I never got the Rumpled French Terry Cardi - because the L felt too bulky and the buttons pulled on the M (which I re-verified at JC this AM). HTH!

Slastena - I think 3-PP had something heavier than the library because hers looked great. I even checked my cardis and nothing worked.

Gigi - enjoy your copycat outfit. I do that all the time. I have a copycat on right now of Elegant Mom's long sleeve white tee and short sleeve navy v-neck cardi with jeans and converse. And no, right now I wouldn't wear the tank on its own because of the tummy-lumps. Not enough reason to keep it right now - but I do still have the ruffled scoopneck navy tee, so I do have some navy ruffles!

PBP - thank you!

HeidiG said...

freeTEYme- thanks for visiting! And sure!

Cari said...

you've been tagged. Check my blog for the rules.

Anonymous said...


Thanks! It helps to see these FS items on a lot of people before buying, and I appreciate it.

Anon @ 11:16

Summerilla said...

Hi HiediG-
How do you get information on becoming a DC JCA? I live in the metropolitan area and would love to get involved with this. It sounds like so much fun. Thanks.
Love your blog.

HeidiG said...

Cari - will do, thanks!

Anon@11:16/10:20 - I completely agree - I'm always scoping out everyone's comments on sizing and such. It's all so helpful!

Summerilla - thank for stopping by! Since I had subscribed to 3-PP's post on the DC JCA tea, I see that you already contacted her - that's the way to do it since she is the grand poobah/fab organizer. But contacting any DC JCA works, they call all point in the right direction! Hope to meet you at the next outing!!

3-Penny Princess said...

The salad party made me laugh! Anything for learning, right? Puppy is adorable!

About the tank -- is this the one that came out last fall/winter? If so, I have 4 of them and I positively live in them! I wore one to our brunch, another one to our February movie night (if you want to see photos), and I just renewed my passport photo in one. Yes, they are that fabulous! I have gotten to like how the ruffles all stick up because I usually wear a shawl-collar cardigan or sweater over it. Give it another shot!

HeidiG said...

3-PP - yep, anything for education! My problem was that the tank looked so lumpy under the cardi. I don't know. I loved it on you, but it just did not work with my sweaters. Maybe the spiral tank is a better option...