Thursday, April 16, 2009

J Crew Cotton-Cashmere Bouquet Cardigan

The sun finally arrived back in town today. Welcome, stranger! April showers your sweater? Clearly in my world, anything is possible. Anyway, thought I would pull out the J Crew Cotton-Cashmere Bouquet Cardigan that I got last Friday. (#12728, orig $78, curr $59.50 online, in store $49.99 + Mickey's 25% card)

So my original idea was to copy the look above, with my yellow Anthro limon necklace, lighter jeans, and well, add a tank because, um, yeah, you all don't want me flashing belly. So I went with that. But I'll be honest, partway through the day, I swapped out the necklace for my twisted crystal necklace doubled with my Anthro typeset initial necklace and put my hair up in a ponytail. I don't think my yellow worked as well with the putty cardi as the sour lemon color of the necklace in the catalog pic. Plus, this is so much better with hair up if you have longer hair to really show off the pretty pretty bouquet. (and I don't have the fab wavy beachy hair of the model) But...I did try. And I love the cardi. So happy. Perfect weight for a day like today.

First try (that yellow necklace just does not photograph well against my skin) and trying to make sure the hair does not cover the bouquet:

And adjusted:

Polyvore Set of all the day's variations:

In other news, here's a peek at the J Crew Chunky Star Cable Popover sweater. I am so going to love this in colder weather. Although, honestly, I almost could have worn it this morning when it was on the chilly side. It is so not itchy at all. Just completely, totally soft. Love love love. And did you notice the cutie kangaroo pocket?

And since Lucy was being a pain while I was doing pics, I grabbed her for a quick shot. Look how she's grown!


sparrowsandsparkles said...

Oh I LOVE that star cable popover! That is just my style... how did I miss that one??? And I love the outfit you put together. I think it looks great with the necklace. Super cute. And super cute puppy!

KatyO. said...

I tried the cardi on today and it just looks so much better on you! And don't you just love the color?! It really is SO versatile. :)

GingerSnap said...

I love today's look so cute and I think the puppy is the perfect accessory!!

GingerSnap said...

Oh, P.S. I posted the "coo-ing" video of my pup per your request :)

LizPoms said...


I love your blog, and have loved reading your comments on my blog. I just was going back through your posts through the pages and I see that you went to William and Mary! I did too! When did you graduate? I was Class of 2002. I have SUCH fond memories of the school.

Also love the outfits in this post!

Drop me a line on my blog so we can compare Burg stories and wishes for a stop at the Cheese Shop or the Greene Leafe!


Patina Cabachon said...

I love the color of the bouquet cardigan on you. I agree with Katyo...the color looks so beautiful on you!!!!! It looks better on you than the jcrew model who is wearing it! Needless to say Lucy is adorable

Posey Ford said...

Soo jealous!! The bouquet cardi looks perfect on you! I looked like a gangling mess with it on. And your cute wittle puppy is adorable!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

You look so pretty, Heid! I love both sweaters on you, and Lucy looks adorable! :)

HeidiG said...

sparrows&sparkles - thank you! And I would have missed the star cable popover, but Gigi's blog sparked my interest. Hopefully they'll have something similar next year?

KatyO - thank you! I do love the color!

GingerSnap - thanks! yes, aren't puppies always perfect? (Or in Dina's case, CW?) I have hardly been online since early yesterday evening, so I can't wait to see Charlotte coo-ing. But that will unfortunately have to wait until later this afternoon. But so excited! thanks!!!!

LizPoms - Go Tribe!! But wow I feel old - I was Class of 1993. 300th class, thank you :) When I get back online later today, I will definitely drop you a line.

Patina - you are so sweet - that just made my day!!

PoseyFord - ummm, I would feel bad, but you look so gorgeous in *everything*, the pity is just not coming, sorry. :) thank you!

FFM - thank you!!

A Bigger Closet said...

You look adorbs in both sweaters! :) I didn't pay attention to the star sweater before, but it's gorgeous now that I see it on you IRL.

Lucy is SO cute! :)

Emily said...

Okay 1st I want to say that I am jealous that you got the initial necklace from Anthro. I wanted one and missed it! Oh well. Bouquet cardi looks sweet on you and I like that you layered the necklaces. The popover looks so comfy, probably perfect for up North. Lucy is precious:)

Paper Bag Princess said...

I love the bouquet cardi too! It looks so pretty on you. That is just the colour I would get - if I let myself! Love the popover too!! It is so cute on you!!! What a great colour.

HeidiG said...

Bigger Closet - thank you! for some reason, that popover really caught my eye on Gigi's blog a while back and just stuck in the brain.

Emily - bummer that you didn't get one of the initial necklaces. they had so many styles. wouldn't be surprised if they do something similar again soon, it's so Anthro, you know. (and yeah, don't think you'd get much use out of the popover unless you were on a ski vaca!)

PBP - thank you! Well, now's the time to get it - it's 49.99 in store, and if you have the red card, you can get the extra 25% off. just saying... :)

Anonymous said...

Luvvv your dog! Sooo cute!

Petunia said...

Both of those sweaters look totally cute on you!!

HeidiG said...

luvallthingsjcrew - thank you, she is a cutie!

Petunia - thank you!!