Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wearing Today, plus a *New* J Crew Tissue Boyfriend V-neck Tee

Whew...what a day, or rather a busy couple of days. So I am totally delinquent in responding to comments (sorry). And thank you, God, for the simply glorious weather we are having. I will try really hard not to complain when it gets cold and rainy on Tuesday.

So today we had an AM soccer game, then birthday party, and then...dun-dun-dun...the arrival of our 25 bags of mulch. (Very cool fundraiser that the local high school Booster Club does. 3 cu ft/bag. If you get 12+ bags, they deliver. Such a fantastic idea. Great cause and *home* delivery!)

So I pulled out a new Tissue Boyfriend V-neck Tee (#11657, $29.50, but curr $24.50 in store, I believe and I'm too lazy to get up and look at my receipts. Please don't be rude, see note above about 25 bags of mulch. Seriously, I'm impressed I haven't passed out yet.) Anyway... I was at J Crew to do some returns so I had a chance to check out the new colors for the tissue bf vneck tee. If you've read my blog more than once or twice, you know I am a big fan of these tees. Big. Large. Huge. (sorry, quoting Pretty Woman)

They had quite a few new colors out that aren't online - papaya, dark persimmon, breeze, dark mushroom (although, honestly, when I saw "DMU" on the tag, my first thought was "Dark Mud"), and flamingo. I got flamingo, since I was in a pink-ish mood, and you know I'm just not a tea rose girl for some weird reason. I also got parsley, which was on sale since it's an older color for the tee. I tried breeze and considered it but I could only justify so many tees...maybe later. (plus I actually got a pair of Joley flats, but that's for another post, along with the F21 finds)

So... flamingo tissue bf vneck tee, white cami underneath, short sleeve navy cardi, jeans, and navy polka dot slip-ons. Lovely, lovely day! (and forgive the cut off head - didn't set camera correctly and didn't have time to re-do)

And then swapped out for a pink tank and the infamous gardening overalls which I hope you never have to see. (Seriously, though, in 2000, they were *so* hip! hehehehehe) I got through half of the mulching. And of course, did some weeding, trimming, etc along the way. I felt so productive, but I am so sore, achy, tired right now. And plan to get to it tomorrow first thing before the afternoon rain starts. And hubby made dinner (grilled everything - chicken, bread, tomato, artichoke - so yummy). It's such a nice treat that he does most of the weekend cooking but it was especially appreciated today!!

Polyvore for today's activities:

Wearing Today-04/18/09
Wearing Today-04/18/09 by HeidiGblog featuring Old Navy tank tops

So again forgive me if I'm a bit delinquent in responding this evening and tomorrow - I'm off to a hot bath, if I can muster the energy, and then bed. This is what I wish I were doing right now:


GingerSnap said...

Sounds like you got a lot done and even snuck some shopping in :) Also, I just love the photos you post of the pup!

gigiofca said...

DH sounds like a great cook. I'm impressed w/your yard work. I bought a bag of soil and a 4" plant and it's still on the porch. *lol*

Looking forward to your F21 finds. ;-)

KatyO. said...

Love this outfit! And the puppy is SOOOO cute!

sparrowsandsparkles said...

Very cute! I'm impressed with your gardening! I have no talent in that area whatsoever!!

Anonymous said...

YOU are so CUTE there with your barefeet! Luvv it! smile
They do have different colors in the store sometimes than online...they keep it exciting, huh?!!!

mrs.anketell said...

Lovely posting!! I am a BIG fan of the jcrew tissue tees, as well!! Ill have to relook for more colors!!

HeidiG said...

GingerSnap - yes, a lot done, and so glad - I just feel so productive!

Gigi - DH is fab cook! Laughing at your plant. One of my best friends just doesn't do dirt. Her gardening is the front pots. I was impressed when she expanded to 4 pots, instead of 2. :) And just posted F21 finds.

KatyO- thank you!

sparrows&sparkles-thank you! My mother is a master gardener (literally, she took the classes, etc.) and so I have always been around it. It's very soul-soothing to me.

luvallthingsjcrew - oh yeah, got mud on shoes - they were drying on the front porch when I did the pic. forgot to mention that! I know the store vs online - yeesh. Makes it a pain to Polyvore, though, you know? My PV set has the tea rose tee, which I would love to swap out for the actual Flamingo. Not that they are *that* different...

mrs.anketell - yay for the tissue tees! I don't know if I listed all the new colors, but there were quite a few. and the older ones are on sale. i was a bit bummed b/c they had oasis green, but only in L and XL, no M's for me...

Anonymous said...

which B&M do you shop at? mine does not have shoes :0(

HeidiG said...

anon@5:38 - I usually go to the B&M at Montgomery Mall. (assume you're DC area since you're asking?)