Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wearing Today

Spring Break is slowly coming to a close. We have 2 more full days off until the kids go back to school on Tuesday. That morning is going to be harsh. Yes, I get up with the puppy early, but I get to just chill. We don't have to start moving early, you know?

Here's my Polyvore for today:

The day was gray and rainy to start, and, as usual, I was cold. So I decided to brighten up the day with the Tangelo Cambridge Cable Turtleneck. It needs to be laundered again after taking to the river, so I thought today was a good time to pull it out. But I spiced it up with the raspberry pink Pumas, which I think work really well since that have the same level of color saturation as the tangelo. Couldn't find the Pumas on Polyvore, but it was funny that I found a pair (what are they, F21?) that are the exact same color/texture.

Of course, I didn't get dressed until later in the day since my wonderful hubby let me go back to bed for an hour or so this morning. Ahhhh, bliss! But still managed to get the kids' rooms picked up (joint effort with them, of course) and the downstairs picked up, since we were having friends over for dinner. So by 6:00 pm, the house was looking pretty good.

Then to change for dinner... First of all, let me tell you about the dinner itself. Our friends came over and the 2 hubbies cooked and both of them are great cooks. They went with a tapas theme. It was all so yummy. And I had to do very little work, other than the clean up. But I felt like blogging instead of doing dishes, so here I am. Kept the tank, jeans, and earrings for dinner. Swapped out for a fun cardi (Gap Summer 2008) and the gray patent flats. It was a fun, but very late evening. I'm not worried about oversleeping for church, though, because I am sure I will be up with puppy early.

Hope you all have a joyous and blessed Easter!


dinagideon said...

Let me always look so pretty in orange. ;)

I hope you and your awesome family are having a fantastic Easter. Did you put bunny ears on the puppy? (I am a sucker for that...)

HeidiG said...

Darn it! I knew I had forgotten something. Lucy got an Easter basket, but no bunny ears. I promise pics next year!!