Monday, April 6, 2009

J Crew Silk-Linen Vneck Sweater and Linen-Cotton Seaside Pants

Presenting 2 of my "updated" DC JCA Private Shopping Purchases. The Silk-Linen Vneck Sweater (#12961, orig $59.50, curr $49.50) and the Linen-Cotton Seaside Pants (#13053, $69.50) And again, thank you, Mickey, for the 25% red card!

If you remember, I originally got the sweater in sweet cantaloupe, which just wasn't the color for me. Although if I ever get called in somewhere for a photo shoot, I'll remember it because the color was so much better in photos than I felt like it was IRL. I really loved this sweater with the gateau skirt, so I definitely wanted to exchange it and get another color. And I successfully resisted the urge to get it in the slate which I did like. So - sun yellow it is. And what a great sweater for a day like today - it was sunny, rainy, cloudy, thundering on and off all day long. Happy Spring Break!

If you are looking for a summer sweater, I highly recommend this one. The fit is great. I got a M and it fits close to the body without being skintight or bulgy. Definitely needs a cami or tank underneath as it does run a bit sheer. I like the length on this one - it's not as long as a lot of their sweaters and other tops. While I do love long, as you have no doubt noticed from past postings, it is nice to have a not-quite-as-long length, which is why it works so well with the skirt (probably my Easter Sunday outfit). It says Dry Clean, but I will plan to hand wash this one, as I do with just about everything else.

Let me tell you about the Linen-Cotton Seaside pants. I tried these on that Sunday but did not get because I was too into the cocktail capris. But when I tried the cocktail capris on again at home, I just didn't love them. The waist felt a bit big, and I was concerned about how they would work if I lost a little more weight. So I decided to return them. I may try them again another time, who knows...

But when I returned the capris, I tried on the Seaside pants again, in Stone. These are such a me-in-the-spring-summer pant. Bad news first, they have a 32" inseam - so I just rolled the cuffs up twice and I really like them like that. In fact, after I wash them the first time, I am going to tack the cuff into place. Makes it feel beachier, more casual - more like my daily lifestyle. They definitely require a fitted top, or a fitted underlayer tucked in. But they will be so fab for the rest of spring and through the summer. I am already envisioning them with my Bon Voyage tee and the short sleeve cardi in navy on the next warm day...

Nice, light linen/cotton blend, so they aren't too insane with the wrinkles. Machine washable - love that! Fit wise, I would suggest your normal size or sizing down. They loosened up a bit during the day. But a belt would take care of that - and I never felt like they were sliding down - they were just way comfy.

Spring Break, Day 1 - 04/06/09
Spring Break, Day 1 - 04/06/09 by HeidiGblog featuring Forever21 necklaces
The accessories are all subs, I need to take an IRL pic of the green bag.

And as far as other activities on Saturday's "Adjustment" Day:

I returned the ON sweater jacket of Sadness.
At JC, I returned the

-Ruffled Tank (just wouldn't lay right under my personal stash of sweaters)
-Cocktail Capris (see reasons above, plus ice cream cone effect in original pics with metallic shirt)
-Sweet Cantaloupe Silk-Linen Vneck Sweater (exchanged for less vomitous-on-me color)
-Gray Bangle (hadn't worn it yet, which was a bad sign, so bye-bye)

And it (mostly) balanced out at JC with:

-Nicky skirt ($15 after red card!! plus it looked good as opposed to when I tried it on 10 lbs ago)
-Jackie cardi in Misty Lavender (need one of these, esp since returning the ON sweater jacket)
-Linen-Cotton Seaside Pants
-Silk-Linen Sweater in Sun Yellow

The other big news was that I finally saw the Cricket Cardigan that I have been coveting in person! There was one on hold behind that counter that had been a return. And you know what? I didn't totally love it. It was the navy, and I think I would actually like the natural/golden olive one more - but I already have a natural sweater jacket from BR last year, so that would be too similar. So I am actually happy that I never got it. (yay!)

So here's the final tally from the DC JCA Private Shopping Event (with next Saturday's adjustments)

-Cotton Atelier Jacket in Navy
-Molten Metallic Perfect Shirt in Metallic Khaki
-Silk-Linen Vneck Sweater in Sun Yellow
-Jackie Cardigan in Misty Lavender
-Cotton Scoopneck Ruffle Tee in Navy
-Cotton Sateen Gateau Skirt in Light Pewter
-Linen-Cotton Seaside Pants in Stone
-Nicky Skirt in Navy

Final Purchases Out of the DC JCA Private Shopping Event
Final Purchases Out of the DC JCA Private Shopping Event by HeidiGblog featuring J Crew jackets

Lots of great basics that I need, plus some fun pieces to spice it up. Thoughts?

Have you tried the silk-linen vneck sweater or the seaside pants?


GingerSnap said...

I am totally jealous you got the Jackie cardi in lavender...I have been wanting that one soooo bad :) I also love those beach pants (although they don't come in petite so I'm forgetting about I also really like the yellow sweater you got, it is a very flattering color on you. Cute loot!

Slastena said...

Yellow and white together are my all time favorites. You look just darling in that outfit, pefection head to toe.:)
The items you chose to keep are wonderful basics. I feel same way as you are, if I don't wear something right away, it means it was an impulse buy and back it goes!

gigiofca said...

You look really good in the yellow. That is a fab color for you. I'm proud of you for adding brights. ;-)

Great items. I am *so* realizing how much an item is not meant to be if I don't wear it right away. I cannot repeat this enough. I think it will save me lots of trouble in the future. Just take it back.

Yay on the Nicky, too. That's a great skirt.

KatyO. said...

The yellow was a much better choice! :) So jealous that you and Dina can pull off yellow! ;)

Alexandra said...

Yellow is a great color on you! I am not sure about that color on me but I think I will try it.

AppGal said...

these are awesome choices! I will echo the sentiments of the others...yellow looks great on you! not too many people can pull that off :) love the seaside pants too--they seem like the perfect warm weather pant!

dinagideon said...

OMG! I am so glad you bought the sweater in yellow. LOVELY. Your face lights up with its sunshiney color!!!

:) I love that you were able to return things you don't love and get things that make you happier...always such a relief to know you will actually use the things you buy...good job, Heidi!!!

HeidiG said...

GingerSnap - thank you! the only thing I would suggest abou thte beach pants would be getting them and seeing if they work on you rolled - you could have the cuffs sew permanently. I am doing it b/c they are too short otherwise, and they work well as cropped pants. It may put them at the right length for regular or cropped pants for you. Just a thought! :)

Slastena - thank you! I am really trying to be better about making sure I wear something right away or return. Still haven't worn my beaded shore tunic as it just hasn't been warm enough, but I have plans to do so after we get back from our mini-trip to the river.

Gigi - brights, yay! And I was very excited about the Nicky skirt - $15!

KatyO - thanks, I thought the yellow was so much better, too! And I love it with navy and gray (my 2 favorite neutrals).

Alexandra - Sometimes it's just about being comfortable in the color and you can wear just about anything. Or put a different color right by your face through underlayer, big necklace/pin, scarf, etc.

HeidiG said...

Wow that last comment was getting long - i have no self-edit button.

AppGal - thank you! I am loving the yellow and loving the seaside pants. I am actually considering them in another color post-Lent when my shopping ban is over (while I still have my red card). But maybe the rip stop cargos instead. We'll see...

Dina - thank you! We can be twins in our yellow sweaters - we'll have to get pics at the next DC JCA outing, lol! This was my attempt at warm weather, spring-y attire, since I'm not vacationing in FL right now like *some* people. ;) I'm glad I had a chance to - and made myself - really look at what I had bought and how it all worked in the grand scheme. That's part of what the shopping ban has been all about to me.

Patina Cabachon said...

Actually, i think I like your newer choices better. I love the jackie cardigan in lavendar. As a matter of fact, i love all the jackie cardigans. You look lovely in yellow and white and you know I love your pearls. Even though you didn't like the cantelope, i think you can basically wear any color and it looks great on you.

purplesweettarts said...

Wow, that sunny yellow looks great on you. It makes your face just light up, good choice! I can't wait to see your outfit with the Jackie cardi in lavender, I think that will look great on you too. Purples and lavender seem to be everywhere now and they are such pretty colors, we should see more of them! Enjoy all your new items!

Cari said...

Love the yellow on you! LOL at webkinz. My cousins love them!!

Emily said...

You look great in yellow. I have been wanting to try the linen v- neck so I am glad to see that it worked well for you. Yay for the $15 Nicky!

You are not missing out on the cricket cardi. As you know I ordered it and I love the design but my buttons holes stretched out after one wearing and now the cardi looks terrible if I wear it open. I am so disappointed. Save your money for something else.

AppGal said...

oh-I have a question! in the picture of you wearing the l/c seaside pants, had you taken the belt off? Pants that have that fabric belt usually scare me away because it always adds a lump if your shirt goes over it.

HeidiG said...

PatCab - thanks, I think the newer set works much better than the original choices, too!

PST - thank you (and interestingly enough, when I took the "aura" quiz on Facebook, my aura was yellow). No pics yet of the lavender Jackie b/c got wrong size and need to exchange - which is Friday's errand, when we get home. I'm sure I'll be wearing it within days of that, though!!

Cari - I totally forgot to include the part about the Webkinz - the website membership only lasts a year, from the last purchase, and I forgot to re-subscribe them in time, so I had to pony up for 2 new Webkinz.

Emily - thank you! I think you will love the sweater - and it's on sale now, yay! Glad to know I wasn't the only one disappointed by the Cricket. Sorry it didn't work out for you!!

AppGal - yes, I took off the belt - it would have been *way* too bulby otherwise. It just slips out, so it's easy. And the belt wasn't 100% necessary for me.

HeidiG said...

AppGal - I meant "bulgy" not "bulby" - not that either one of those is a good thing, lol?

A Bigger Closet said...

Wow, you did the right thing to exchange the melon sweater for this color. Not everyone can wear a bright yellow, but it looks GORGEOUS on you Heidi! Love the pants too. :)

HeidiG said...

BiggerCloset - thank you! I am so loving the yellow! It was the right decision for me.

Daisy said...

You look great!
I love those pants but 32" wouldn't work for me either.Would you look at the hem for me ? could they be let down?...and how much???
Thanks and enjoy your spring break!!!

HeidiG said...

Daisy - such a bummer, I so wish these came in tall - I would probably buy 1 in each color. The hem is a solid 2", with about 1/4" folded inside that. HTH. Anyway, that's why I'm wearing mine rolled...